33 Fun & Easy Halloween Party Games

Awesome Halloween Games for a Perfect Party

Halloween is the PERFECT time of year to throw parties! I LOVE Halloween parties!  But what totally MAKES the party is the GAMES!  Woot, woot!  I can’t even tell you how much I love a good game, and even more I love attending a party that has GREAT games! {WINK}

33 fun and easy halloween party games

If you are planning a Halloween party, and are wondering what games to plan – then look no further… Here you will find 33 awesome Halloween games that will make your party the best ever!  I even categorized them to make it easier to find the perfect games for your Halloween party!  Below you will find…

  • 14 Fun & Silly Games
  • 9 Brain Teaser Games
  • 7 Fun, Thriller Games
  • 3 BONUS Miscellaneous Games


 Fun & Silly Games

It’s not a true PAR-TAY until you illicit some laughter…and these 14 games are guaranteed to make your guests laugh!

14 fun and silly halloween games

fun and silly halloween games 1-8

1- Relay Race by Hip Hip Halloween: Set up a fun and adventurous relay race to get your Halloween party moving!

2- Halloween Scavenger Hunt by Party Games Plus: A scavenger hunt is always fun, but a Halloween scavenger hunt is even better!

3- Biting at Donuts by eHow: Typically this game would be fun at a kid’s party, but I say, why not use it at your adult Halloween party?  I can just imagine my guests trying to bite these donuts.  Hilarious!

4- Halloween Charades by HubPages: Charades is always a crowd pleaser, but this Halloween twist will make it extra special for your creative party.

5-  Battle of the Balloons by Buzzle: In this game you have to try to pop each other’s balloons by stomping on them, but the trick is not getting your balloon popped at the same time!  I dare you to not laugh while playing this Halloween game!

6- Bite the Bag by Party Games Plus: Oh my goodness!  This game is just to die for.  It’s hilarious.  It encompasses balance, stability, and concentration – all while everyone else is trying to get you to fall.  What a blast!

7- Rubber Chicken by Party Games Plus:  In this game you take a rubber chicken and do anything you want with it – tell jokes, use it like a dance partner, etc. – to get the others in the group to laugh.  The first person to laugh is the next one up!

8- Tag n’ Bag by Party Games Plus: In this fun Halloween game, a clothespin is used to discreetly ‘tag’ another guest without them knowing, then yell tag ’em and bag ’em, then everyone has to search for the clothespin while counting down from 5.  If the person that is tagged doesn’t find the clothespin, they have to reach in the bag of fate!

fun and silly halloween games 9-14

9- The Cherry Pie Game by Party Games Plus: This awesome eating contest will leave some guests messy and all the rest laughing their heads off!

10- Tissue Box Bop by Party Games Plus: If you like to shake your booty then this game is for you!  In this ‘minute to win it’ styled game, shake your booty until all the tissues are out of the box.  I promise it will be entertaining for everyone!

11- Candy Corn Relay Race by Step by Step: Split your group into teams and race to see who can fill up a container fastest, using a spoon, speed, and candy corn.  Ready, set, go!

12- Halloween Jinx by Step by Step: Select words that you and your guests can’t say and then be all ears and listen for others to say the selected words.  If they do, they will be ‘penalized’. Lol!

13- Pumpkin Bowling by Be Different Act Normal:  Who doesn’t love bowling?  Come’on…everyone does!  Pumpkin bowling is just as fun and will be a perfect game for your Halloween guests!

14-  Pumpkin Race by Party Games Etc.: Set up some ramps and then challenge your guests to a race.  Roll pumpkins down the ramps to see who’s wins.  Make sure to include a winner’s bracket so the ‘winning’ pumpkins can race each other.  Fun!


Brain Teaser Games

Get your thinking caps on for these fun Halloween games that will test your smarts!

9 brain teaser halloween games

brain teaser halloween games 15-20

15- Psychiatrist by Party Games PlusThis is the perfect game for a group of people that know each other really well.  One person gets picked as the psychiatrist, and has to figure out what everyone else’s ailment is (each player is pretending to be another person in the room).  The psychiatrist has to keep asking questions of each player to diagnose the problem. This is really a fun game!

16- Pumpkin Consequences by Party Games Etc.Take part in a fun Halloween game where the group writes a mini story by passing a paper along to everyone (each time you pass the paper, a sequence is followed – first write an adjective, fold paper, next write a male’s name down, fold paper, etc.).  At the end, each story will be read and the funniest story wins!

17- Guess Who by Sherri Osborn via About.comAs each of your guests arrive, you tape a piece of paper to their back with a Halloween character written on it.  Then the guests have to go around and ask questions about who they are.  The first person who guesses wins!   

18- The Devil is in the Details by Ghoul FridayPut your guests to the test with this game.  Ask questions about the decor of your party and have your guests race around to find the answers!

19- Guess the Pumpkin’s Weight by About.comAs each guest arrives, have them judge the weight of a pre-selected pumpkin.  Have them write down their answer with their name on it.  Whoever is the closest to the real weight wins a prize.

20- Chalk Outline Game by Ghoul FridayDiscreetly pull a few guests outside and make a chalk outline of them.  Then have everyone come and try to guess which outline belongs to whom.

halloween brain teaser games 21-23

21- How Many Halloween Candies by Sherri Osborn via About.comHave some Halloween candies in see-through container and have your guests guess how many there are.  Have 3 prizes for the 3 closest answers.

22- Everything Halloween from A-Z by Party Games Now: Print out a game sheet for each player, start a timer, and have your guests list Halloween items from a-z.  This is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

23- Movie Picture Clues by Step by StepThis game can be played a few different ways, but the gist is to test your guests knowledge of Halloween movies by either showing movie clips or having items from a movie.  The player who guesses the most gets a small prize.


Thriller Games

Halloween is the time of year that people actually LIKE to be scared!  Give your guests goosebumps with these 7 hair-raising games!

7 fun, thriller halloween games

fun, thriller halloween games

24- Killer Instinct by Catalogs.comPlay this fun, adult ‘twist’ of hide and seek, where your guests hide, you quickly dawn a scary costume (without your guests knowing), turn off all the lights in the house, then go around and find your guests using a flashlight.  When they are found, they get sent to the graveyard (a different room) and wait for everyone else to join them. 

25- The Ghost Game by Party Games Etc.: This game is tons of fun.  Put your guests in a circle and select one ‘ghost’.  Everyone in the circle closes their eyes while the ‘ghost’ slowly circles around and chooses a player to stand behind.  The players have 10 seconds to ‘sense’ if someone is behind them and say “There is a ghost behind me”.  If they are right the ghost continues around, if they don’t ‘sense’ the ghost, the ghost grabs them and says “You’re dead”.  If a player says “There is a ghost behind me” and there isn’t, they become the ghost.  

26- Halloween Feel Box Game by Sherri Osborn via About.comPut lots of objects in different boxes and cover them up.  Your guests will go around put their hands in the boxes and try to guess what is in the box.  The crazier the objects, the more fun it will be!

27- Murder in the Dark by Party Games Etc.This game is just perfect for a Halloween party. Using a deck of cards, you will select a murderer, a detective, and a few back up detectives.  The lights are then turned off and the murderer finds someone, whispers in their ear they are dead, the person who dies, stays there until someone else finds them – who will then yell “murder in the dark”.  The group then gathers back up and the detectives try to figure out who the murderer is.  This game is tons of fun and filled with suspense! 

28- Murder Mystery by About.comA murder mystery is a great way to have fun at a Halloween party.  Here you will be able to plan a murder mystery, full of intrigue, without spending lots of money.

29- Fear Factor by eHowThis game plays on the fears of your guests by completing challenges that test your physical, mental or extreme stunts.  This is guaranteed to be a Halloween game that will be talked about for years!

30- Halloween Murder by Party Games Etc.A guest is secretly chosen by the host to be the murderer.  Once a murderer is chosen, everyone walks around the room exchanging handshakes.  If your hand is scratched during a hand shake you have been ‘killed’.  The player that was ‘killed’ waits 10 seconds and then falls to the ground ‘dead’.  The group then gets together and tries to figure out who the murderer is.



Select from any of these 3 bonus games to really make your Halloween party a hit!

3 bonus halloween games

31- Halloween Fortune Games by iloveindiaHalloween is the time of year that people find themselves asking what the future holds.  This site has 9 different games (and yes, these are just games – not to be taken too seriously) that will tell your guests their ‘future’.

32- Mind Reader Game by Party Games NowPrint out the game sheets, select a player that will have his ‘mind read’, then have each player fill in the blanks according to how he/she thinks the selected player will answer.  The player who has the most answers the same as the selected player gets to have their mind ‘read’ next.

33- Tarot Card Readings by Tarot Cards: Print off your own tarot cards and then read your guests future with the cards!

 Aren’t all those 33 games just awesome!  By choosing 1 or more of them, your Halloween party will be a for sure hit!

For even more ideas, be sure to check out these 12 Free Halloween Printables, or for romantic time with your spouse, check out these 53 AFTER Party Costumes! 


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