45+ March Madness Ideas

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Fun March Madness Ideas

It’s March, and time for SPRING!  Yay! I can’t wait.  I absolutely love this time of year when the weather is turning warm (ish – lol) and it’s basketball season!  Whoot – whoot!  I will admit that I am not a lover of watching basketball, but I know my hubby likes it so I make sure to be with him during the March Madness season!  Last year, he even got me to fill out a bracket and compete against him and some family members.  Needless to say I ended up last (I guess that’s what I get for picking teams that have high rankings or their name sounded cool {WINK}), but it was a blast to participate in.  Anyway, I thought that this year we could have fun doing some fun March Madness activities.


We’ve found SO many amazing ideas for you to have the BEST March Madness experience yet that we’ve had to group them up to make it NICE and easy to find what’s best for you!

Below you will find…

  • Food Ideas
  • Decor Ideas
  • Party Ideas
  • Miscellaneous Ideas

Basically, you will have ANY idea YOU might want for a successful March Madness season. I really hope you enjoy!


cami-march madness-collage 1_6

1- March Madness Treats by The Dating DivasNo party is complete without a perfect without a treat- especially one that looks like a basketball!  Awesome…

2- Sweet and Spicy Baked Chicken Wings by Katie Brown Home WorkshopMmmmm, just thinking about these chicken wings get my mouth watering!  This recipe is perfect for a great appetizer dish for your party.

3- Pretzel Bites with Cheese Sauce by Katie Brown Home WorkshopSnack galore! Pretzel bites are great to snack on while watching your favorite teams play.

4- Corn Dogs by Katie Brown Home Workshop: No party is complete without great corn dogs.

5- Buffalo Chicken Rolls by Katie Brown Home WorkshopThis is a good main dish OR a great appetizer for any March Madness event.

6- Parmesan Pigs in a Blanket by Katie Brown Home WorkshopEvery party needs good finger foods – and ones that are topped with parmesan!  Mmm, mmm, good!

cami-march madness-collage 7_13

7- Basketball Cupcakes by Katie Brown Home WorkshopCupcakes, yummy cupcakes.  I LOVE cupcakes.  Make your cupcakes extra special by making them look like a basketball.

8- Finger Food Snacks by Dukes and DuchessesEvery party needs some finger foods.  Try all these varieties for your event.

9- Party Favors by Lasting ImpressionsGreet your guests with these cute party favors that are a perfect snack.

10- Orange Themed Snacks by Lasting ImpressionsOrange is the perfect color for March Madness.  Incorporate it as much as possible into your party with all these snacks.

11- Dunk it Dip with Carrot Sticks by Michelle PaigeMake your party a slam dunk with this great dip!

12- Miniature Pizzas by Michelle PaigeEveryone loves pizza, why not make individual pizzas for everyone to snack on.

13- Turnovers by Michelle PaigeTurnovers are always a hit at every party!

cami-march madness-collage 14_19

14- Basketball Cake by Michelle PaigeEvery party needs a cake!  This cute cake is made to look like a round basketball.  It almost looks like the real thing :)!

15- Basketball Cookies by The Crafty PenguinCookies are the best because you can add frosting for any design you might want to make.  Take this recipe and make your basketball cookies for your special night!

16- Picadillo Poppers by Better Homes and GardenThese poppers look absolutely mouth-wateringly awesome! (I know I just made up that word, but I can’t describe it any other way!) This recipe is a for sure crowd-pleaser.

17- All Star Cake by Better Homes and GardenCake, cake – who wants some cake? Make this great cake that looks like a basketball jersey to really help your party be a success.

18- Mini Burgers with Cheesy Onions by Better Homes and GardenLet’s be honest…everyone loves a good burger! These mini burgers will please all your guests and the best part is you can use them as an appetizer or the main meal!

19- Beef and Blue Pizza by Better Homes and GardenPizza is so delicious and what I love about it is you can add so many different toppings to get a uniquely tasting pie!  This awesomely unique pizza will put a smile on all your guest’s faces!

cami-march madness-collage 20_25

20- Triple Pepper Nachos by Better Homes and GardenNachos anyone? My husband’s new favorite guilty pleasure is a plate of nachos.  I am sure this new recipe will put a smile on his face as well as my guests!

21- Pulled Pork Sandwiches by Better Homes and GardenWhat I love about this recipe is that it is easy and tastes SO good.  Sandwiches are a perfect addition for any group event.

22- Cheesy Snack Mix by Better Homes and GardenI will admit that I got on a kick of snacking on Chex Mix.  Yummy!  I wish I would have had this cheesy recipe to satisfy my cravings!

23- Spinach-Artichoke Dip by Better Homes and GardenOh my goodness…I just LOVE spinach-artichoke dip.  Make sure to pair this up with a great pita chip or a great sourdough bread.

24- Basketball Veggie Tray by Cassie MooreI am sure that every party will have health-conscious people attend.  This veggie tray is guaranteed to be a success.

25- Basketball Cake Pops by BakerellaI love cake pops – they are SO good. These basketball cake pops really put a spin to any cake pop I have ever seen.

cami-march madness-collage 26_29

26- Ball Snacks by InspirationSnack, snacks, who wants some snacks?  Everyone!  These snacks are just what the doctor ordered.

27- Basketball Berries by SharisBerriesYou can’t complain with chocolate covered strawberries – especially when they have an added ‘basketball’ touch :).

28- Basketball Themed Snack Trays by She Knows Food and RecipesSnack trays are a must for any party.  I love that they bring variety for every different personality attending a party.

29- Basketball Themed Punch by BabbleAll I can say is Y-U-M-M-Y!!!!  This punch looks and sounds delicious.  I can’t wait to try it out!


cami-march madness-collage 30_34

30- March madness Basketball Party by Michelle Paige: This is a perfect party idea for the young or the ‘old’er :).  It has great ideas that you could incorporate into a big group party or for an individual birthday party while getting ready for the March Madness Season.  It’s perfect!

31- Basketball Party Decorations by Party City: These decorations are great for any get together you might plan for watching any of the March Madness games.

32- Slam Dunk Party by SofabConnect: This post has some amazing food ideas as well as an invite to your March Madness party.

33- Basketball Party Favors by roommom 27: Send your guests home with these cute party favors.

34- March Madness Championship Party by B Lovely: This party is to die for.  It has so many fantastic ideas to use – from banners, food, or decor – this is your one stop shop for your perfect party.


cami-march madness-collage 35_38

35- March Madness Worksheets by Look We’re Learning: This is for those of you who might be homeschooling your kids OR for those of you wanting to get your kids involved while still learning.

36- Brackets by allParenting: Want to do a bracket with your kids and family?  This is a perfect free printable that will allow you to do just that!

37- Math Basketball Worksheets by allParenting: Some more worksheets for your kids to get excited about the basketball season all while learning math!

38- Basketball Nail Polish by Polish Pals: Ladies – want to get your nails in the basketball spirit too?  This is a cute way to do your nails for game day.

cami-march madness-collage 39_41

39- Sight Word Basketballs by Teaching Ace: Don’t forget about reading when getting ready for this March Madness season!

40- March Madness Craft by Handprint and Footprint Art:  A DIY welcome sign for your guests.

41- March Madness Printables by Creative Party Themes: Print these off to really make your party great!


cami-march madness-collage 42_48

42- These napkin holders are perfect for your March Madness party. Darn! This idea is no longer available!

43- This is an easy, frugal, and awesome way to get your table ready for your party. Darn! This idea is no longer available.

44- Have a blackboard filled out with the top 16 teams. Darn! This idea is no longer available.

45- Let your guests know where to sit using these name tags. Darn! This idea is no longer available.

46- If you are going to have chips for your party, put it in this awesome bowl. Darn! This idea is no longer available.

47- Your party won’t be complete without these decorations. Darn! This idea is no longer available.

48- Welcome Sign by Michelle Paige: This is a cute sign to welcome your guests.

cami-march madness-collage 49_53

49- Table Setting Decor by Michelle Paige: Your table will be perfect using these great ideas.

50- Don’t Blow it (bubbles) by Michelle Paige: A bowl full of bubbles and a cute tag is perfect for your party.

51- Suck it Up (suckers) by Michelle Paige:   A cute way to give your guests a sweet treat and a laugh :).

52 – DIY Net Cups by Dawn Lopez: Decorate your cups using these nets.

53- DIY Pizza Server by Dawn Lopez: Serving pizza? Great! This is an awesome way to make your serving tray look that much better.



54- A Date That Scores by The Dating Divas: Before your party begins, make sure to go on this date with your spouse!

Aren’t these 54 ideas just awesome?!  Mmmmmm, when I browse through the foods my mouth begins to water!  I seriously can’t wait to incorporate some of these into my party.  Basketball {and happy hubby – LOL} here I come!


I am a fun-loving, down to earth girl. I love anything from the outdoors to a night in, because I try to make everything that I do FUN!

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