50 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

FABULOUS DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

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If you’re on the hunt for some DIY Father’s Day gift ideas, we’ve got you COVERED!

All of the BEST DIY Father’s Day DIY gift ideas are gathered ALL RIGHT HERE!

With just one click, you’ll find Father’s Day…

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If you’re the DIY type {and who isn’t?!}, and need to find the perfect gift for the amazing Father{s} in your life, you’ve come to the right place! Everything, and I MEAN EVERYTHING, you need is right here! And if you happened upon this post, but it isn’t Father’s Day, feel free to use these ideas or this guide we created to help you with DIY gift ideas for him no matter the season!

Ok! Let’s get started!



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1. Reader Case from Recycled Book: does your hubby have a childhood book he still holds on to? Turn it into a case for his digital reader!

2. “Daddy” Shirt: an old tee, a stencil, and some bleach and you’ve got yourself this perfectly adorable, customized shirt!

3. Superhero Coasters: is your man a super hero lover? Take those old comics and turn them into coasters for the man-cave!

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4. Duct Tape Day: the possibilities are ENDLESS when you’ve got some duct tape! Manly and cute! {how is that even possible?!}

5. Superhero Printables: continue the superhero theme with these FREE printables!

6. Soda Can Coasters: turn trash into treasure with your old soda cans!



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7. Sriracha Salt Rub: I don’t think there’s a man alive that doesn’t love sriracha! Surprise him with this hand-made rub!

8. Root Beer Sampler: is your man a rootbeer connoisseur? Gift him the sample of his dreams!

9. “Pop” Bottles: for the simple and modern Dad, customize his pop bottles with these printables!

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10. Father’s Day Cookies: bake him a batch of cookies that look like his favorite things! {remote, tie, bowtie, etc!}

11. Fisherman Cupcakes: for the outdoorsy Dad, these fishing pole cupcakes are GREAT!

12. 6-Pack of Treats: give him a six pack – of his favorite candy!



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13. DAD Glasses: slip these cute glasses inside his father’s day card! Or better yet, have him wear these special-specs on his special day!

14. Dress Shirt Card: how adorable is this? A cute dress shirt with a sweet note tucked inside.

15. iDad Card: turn his phone into a personalized card!

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16. Out of This World Card: is your Dad outta this world? Let him know with this adorable alien card!

17. Hand Heart Card: have the kiddos help you make this adorable heart card!

18. Footprint Tractor Card: did you have a baby recently? Use your tiny’s footprint to make this adorable, personalized card!



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19. Skinny Tie: does your man love to dress up modern and sleek? Make him this skinny tie!

20. Etch-a-Sketch iPad Cover: whip up this adorable iPad cover complete with a custom message!

21. High School Memorabilia: has your hubby kept his old football shirts and jerseys? Turn them into custom blankets & bags! He’ll LOVE it and you’ll actually USE it!

22. Bow Tie: help your man look dapper this Father’s Day! {and make a matching one for junior while you’re at it!}

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23. King of the Grill Apron: a simple apron and some felt, and you’ve got yourself one heck-of-a-gift!

24. Mustache Cozy: I ‘mustache’ you a question: don’t you just LOVE these cozies? Yea, we do too.

25. PJ’s: who doesn’t love to unwind after a hard day’s work in some adorable custom made PJ’s?!

26. Suspenders: for the ever-so-schnazzy man, these DIY suspenders are PERFECT!



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27. Father’s Day Bunting: nothing says ‘welcome home’ AND ‘happy father’s day’ like this adorable bunting!

28. Father’s Day Wreath I: tell the neighbors how much you love your special man with this adorable custom wreath!

29. Father’s Day Wreath II: or for a more simple spin, try this wreath!

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30. Door Hanger: hang this on the door of the man-cave to make the day even more special.

31. Tie Snack Holders: put a tie around a jar of his favorite snacks!

32. Picture Blocks: use decoupage glue to make these adorable blocks to decorate the mantle!

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33. Tie & Mustache Bunting: for a more modern Father’s Day, put this up on the mantle!

34. Napkin Bow Fold: Set a manly table setting for this year’s Father’s Day dinner.

35. T-Shirt Napkin Fold: Or try this t-shirt fold!



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36. Kid’s Painted Sign: turn a toddler’s art into a masterpiece!

37. “Walk In Your Shoes”: snap a picture of the kiddos in your man’s work boots and make this adorable collage!

38. Questionnaire: ask the kiddos their favorite traits about their Dad and record those precious memories with this free printable.

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39. Pasta Bow Card: paint some bow-tie pasta and make him one of these adorable cards!

40. Stenciled Glass Plate: have the kiddos paint him this adorable stenciled plate, then serve him breakfast on it!

41. Monogrammed Mugs: let the kiddos stencil onto his favorite mug.

42. Super-Dad Medals: have the kids award him the most honorable of medals!



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43. “Pop” Basket: give your pop all things “POP” in this adorable Pop Basket!

44. Special Delivery: send him a SUPER special delivery full of his favorite snacks and treats!

45. Candy Tool Basket: for the handy-man in your life, give him this tool basket full of candy!

46. Root Beer Float Kit: everything you need to make awesome rootbeer floats! {and you can even use Dad’s Rootbeer!}

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47. What-a-Dad: do you have Whataburger in your area? Does your man love it? I know mine does! This is what WE are doing this father’s day!

48. Golf Basket I: for the avid golfer, put together the basket of his dreams!

49. Goodie Bags: pack his lunch in this tie covered goodie bag!

50. Golf Basket II: you can never have enough golf gift ideas!


And if, by chance, you aren’t the DIY type, you can check out Becca’s 60 Fabulous Father’s Day Ideas & FREE PRINTABLES! We’ve got something for everyone 😉

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Happy Father’s Day, y’all!

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