50+ DIY Kits for Kids

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50+ DIY Children’s Gift Kits

Looking for something special to MAKE for your little ones this Christmas? Look no further! Today we have…

50+ Gift Kits for Kids

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A personalized, DIY gift can mean so much to your family! The best part is, I think we’ve found a little something for everyone!

Below you’ll see creative gift ideas in categories,


Creative Kits Ideas

Pretend Kits Ideas

Building Kits Ideas

+Bonus Teen Kits Ideas

I’m so excited to share these with you! Ready to get started? First up…

22 Creative DIY Kits for Kids

22 Creative Gift Kits for Kids

DIY gifts creative kits for kids

1. Sensory Play Kit- This DIY gift is so colorful and full of creative potential.

2. Lego Kit Portable Lego gift with 24 free printable activity cards.

3. Sock Puppet Kit Kids get to have a great time being creative and at the end there’s a puppet show.  Win-Win Here!

4. Art in a Box Kit A box/can filled to the top with art supplies, craft supplies and things to get creative. Plus free printables and instruction for an artist’s apron.

5. Cupcake Decorating Kit This gift is perfect for Christmas, a birthday, or a fun sleepover. Everything they’ll need for a sweet treat! The original idea we had here no longer exists, so we found another option for you!

6. Paper Doll Kit Mix and match colors, patterns, and buttons to make this simple paper doll DIY gift.

DIY creative kits for kids

7.  Caron Roll-Up Art Kit  This simple, easy, and inexpensive gift idea is perfect for on-the-go kids.
8.  Finger Puppet’s Kit Free printable puppet gift box, material list, and instructions make this DIY gift easy and cute. The original idea we had here no longer exists, so we found another option for you! 
9.  Gardening Kit–  Kids can dig in the dirt and watch things grow no matter the season.
10.  Giant Bubble Kit A great DIY gift idea with bubble recipe,  how-to instructions and free printable labels.
11.  Super Craft Kit Fill a tackle box with all the artsy crafty stuff a little girl could ask for.
12.  Stick Puppet KitThis puppet kit is a great way to use up left over craft supplies creating a perfect DIY kid gift.

This puppet making kit is great for using up all sorts of leftover crafty scraps – See more at: https://childhood101.com/2012/11/homemade-gifts-for-kids-puppet-making-kit/#sthash.UOEIdjpK.dpufDIY creative gift ideas for kids

DIY creative gift ideas for kids

13.  Journal Kit This kit comes with a free printable for labeling the box and all of its content.
14.  Fairy House Kit Put together this super-quick, CUTE, tiny, fairy house building kit with left over craft supplies.
15.  Sand Castle Kit This includes instructions for sand play dough and a simple material list to create a fun kid gift.
16.  Dinosaur Dig Kit If you have a budding paleontologist in your house, here is the perfect gift.

17.  Pen Pal Kit Gather a pencil box, paper, pens, envelopes, and maybe a treat and you’re good to go on this DIY kid gift.
18.  Beginner Sewing Kits Here is a simple idea for kids who enjoy beginning sewing projects.
19.  Snowman Kit Pair this cute DIY gift with a free printable and you’re in business.
20. Band in a Box Kit This DIY kit is made completely from recycled materials. Save your peanut butter jar for the BAND.
21.  Friendship Bracelet Kit To make this easy gift kit you just need to head over to your local craft store.  It also comes with a free printable.
22.  Science Experiment Kit This DIY Science Experiment Kit includes a list of experiments to try. This is such a cool gift for kids. The original idea we had here no longer exists, so we found another option for you!

24 Pretend DIY Kits for Kids

All of these kits are exploding with hours creative playtime fun!

Pretend Gifts Kits for Kids

Pretent DIY Gift Kits for Kids

23.   Explore Kit Give it to a little explorer and set them free!
24. Magic Potion Kit Your child will create mixers never before seen by any man.  Plus it’s made from non-toxic and easy to clean up materials.
25.  Super Hero Kit If you have a Superhero-obsessed little boy (or girl) then your child needs a Superhero Kit complete with everything he or she requires to be ready for some action!
26.  Construction Working Kit It’s tough work being handy. How about making it easier on the little guys and putting all of their tools into a tool belt…perfectly sized for them.
27.  Fashion Designer Kit A great collection of material to create some fun fashion pieces.  Your living room will transform into a runway!
28.  Pirate Play Kit A play box filled with imagination and pirate activities. It’ll be enough t’keep them scallywags busy day and night.6 Pretent gift ideas for kids

29.  Secret Agent Kit This kit can function more like a mystery game or a solve-the-crime kit. Such a great gift idea!
30. Mustache Disguise Kit With a little felt, elastic and a few other fabrics, these are super easy to make.
31. Doctor Kit Is there a doctor in the house? There could be with this creative DIY gift.
32. Library Play Kit  – Let your child turn your book collection into an “at home” library.
33. Magic Kit A simple homemade magic kit made from basic household items provide kids with hours of endless creative play!
34. Veterinarian Kit  My boys don’t have a pet, so they pretend their stuffed animals are alive.  They would love this DIY play kit to take care of their stuffed friends.6 Pretent DIY gift ideas for kids

35. Post Office Play Kit My kids love to get mail and with this cute play kit, they can give everyone in the house some mail.
36. Back Yard Explorer There’s no reason awesome gift ideas have to stay inside! Here is a simple and inexpensive DIY kid gift to give your child some outdoor fun!
37. Hogwarts’ Potions Kit This Harry Potter-themed gift is perfect for spells and potions class.  There are instructions for a DIY wand and a spell book!
38. Spy Kit- Here is a cute DIY spy carrying case with dollar store equipment.
39. Detective Kit No mystery is too great when you’ve got your detective kit on hand!
40. Play Teacher Kit Bust out the paper and pencils, because it’s time for school! Learning is even more fun when you’re the teacher!50+ DIY gift kits for kids

41. Mail Carrier Kit This is a craft for the sewing moms out there. This is a darling little DIY gift with great instructions for every item.  Time to bust out the sewing machine!
42. Kid’s Pack & Play Stove Kit This is the cutest little stove and it’s small enough to pack around and go into the car. Have stove, will travel!
43. Pirate Costume Kit Embrace your inner Pirate, (ARGGHH!) and make a very simple pirate costume that works great for playtime around the house or for a themed birthday party. Really great instructions!
44. Dress up KIT My kids LOVE to dress up!  This is a great start for collecting all of the things you need to have an excellent costume box!
45. Fireman Costume Kit Making a fireman’s air tank out of recycled materials is inexpensive and a fun addition to a child’s dress-up collection!
46. Baker’s Kit Assemble some baking equipment and supplies to make the perfect DIY gift for a junior master chef!

6 Building Kits for Kids

Building Gift Kits for kids

6 Building DIY kits gifts for kids

47.  Fort Kit for Girls What a cute DIY gift for any girl. If I had a fort like this, I would never come out!
48. Fort Kit for Boys Homemade gifts really are the best.  This is a great gift that can be personalized for your little guy, with sewing instructions. Plus, it comes with free printable labels for each idea in the Kit!
49. Shadow Puppet Fort Kit This kit it great for forts and great for shadow puppets!  It comes with a free printable tag and a Hand Shadow puppet cheat sheet!
50.  Kid’s Tinkering Kit This gift is sure to bring out the builder in your child, a tinker kit made of real tools! It’s time to take things apart and rethink the world.
51. Marshmallow Shooter Kit This is a great gift without spending a lot of money.  Plus, it comes with free printable labs and instructions to go in and on the box!
52. PVC Building Kit This is a great gift idea for the little builder in your life. You’ll have a little construction site in your backyard!

6 Bonus Kits for Teens

Gift Ideas for Teens- Gift kits

6 DIY gifts kits for teens

1. School Emergency Kit This is the cutest emergency clutch! (cute potholder turned emergency wallet.) It’s perfect for your car or purse or boat or camper…..
2. Camping Survival Kit This is a great kit for any adventure seeking camper or fancy it up for some “glamping”.  This gift is compiled of things totally from the dollar store.
3.  Sleepover Kit A sleepover in a bag! All the stuff to make any sleepover a HIT!  This makes me wish I was 16 again. So FUN!
4.  New Driver Kit for Girls Get your new driver started out right with everything thing a girl needs in one bag
5.  New Driver Kit for BoysGive your new driver some fun (and safe) car gifts for this milestone year.
6.  Zombie Survival KitIf you’ve got a boy that LOVES zombies, then here is a gift he’ll love! It has an easy to follow picture guide to get just the right look.

Aren’t these ideas FUN? With this collection you’re sure to find the perfect DIY gift for you little ones! Now that you’ve got the kids covered, need some gift ideas for the husband?  Take a look at Christmas Gifts for Him or Romantic Gift Ideas for your Husband.  Happy Gifting!!

By the way- If making gifts is not really your style, here are a few Gift Kits ready at the click of a button: Dr. Doctor, Undercover Spy Case Detective, and Art Case with Easel.


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