50 FUN Halloween Foods

Festive Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year OR just looking for some Halloween family fun – you’ve come to the right place!  In honor of the upcoming holiday, we’ve rounded up some fun Halloween themed food.

Fun and Festive Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

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Because food just makes EVERYTHING more fun.  {Especially food that is delicious AND darling.}  Am I right?! Halloween themed food is all that, plus it is even a little spooky!!

To make browsing easier we’ve divided them into categories, including:

  • 10 Fun Halloween Food Ideas for Breakfast
  • 10 Fun Halloween Food Ideas for Lunch
  • 10 Fun Halloween Themed Food for Dinner
  • 10 Fun Halloween Themed Snack Ideas
  • 10 Fun Halloween Food Ideas for Dessert

 A little bit of something for everyone!  Ready to get started?  First up… 

Halloween Food Ideas for Breakfast Halloween Food Ideas for Breakfast

Fun Halloween Themed Breakfast Ideas

1.  Jack-O-Lantern Waffles– Just add a little orange food coloring to the batter and use chocolate chips to make the face.  

2.  Ghostly Pancakes– Instead of the traditional circles, make ghost shapes and add chocolate chip faces.

3.  Spiced Ghost Pancakes– A dollop of cool whip on top makes the perfect Halloween ghost!

4.  Pumpkin Pop-tarts–  Just cut a little jack-o-lantern face out of these yummy pumpkin-flavored pop-tarts.

5.  Monster Doughnuts– Vampire teeth and a couple of chocolate chips transform a doughnut is a frightfully fun monster!

Cute Halloween Breakfast Ideas for Kids

6.  Ghost ToastAdd some cream cheese spread and a raisin face to ghost-shaped toast for an easy {and festive} Halloween breakfast.

7.    French Toast Ghost– Use two different colored breads and some Halloween cookie cutters to jazz up your usual french toast.

8.  Nutella Banana Mummy Rolls– This cute Halloween recipe uses Pillsbury crescent dough so it’s super simple to throw together!

9.  Spooky Smoothie Bar– If you’re looking for a healthier option, this spooky smoothie bar is super cute!

10.  Spooktacular Breakfast Buffet– Let the kids make up their own cereal witches brew with this Halloween-themed breakfast buffet.  


Now how about a little something FUN to pack in their lunch boxes on Halloween…

Fun Halloween Food Ideas for LunchFun Halloween Food Ideas for Lunch

Cute and Creative Halloween Themed Lunch Ideas


1.  Ghostly PB&J– All you need is a ghost cookie cutter to turn their usual PB&J into a fun Halloween surprise! 

2.  Jack-O-Lantern Sandwich– Cut a fun face out of a slice of cheese to make an easy jack-o-lantern sandwich.

3.  Jack-O-Lantern Quesadilla–  Cut a jack-o-lantern face out of the top tortilla of a quesadilla.  

4.  Spiderweb Pizza– Use string cheese to make a spider-web shape on top of a pizza.  The spider-shaped olive tops it off!

5.  Candy Corn Pizza– Use different colors of cheese to make your own candy-corn pizza.  How easy is that?

Fun Ideas for Halloween Lunch

6.  Mummy Dogs– All you need are hot dogs, crescent roll doll, and mustard to make these cute mummy dogs. 

7.  Mummy Calzone– You can fill this mummy calzone with any pizza toppings that you want, and don’t you just love those olive eyes?

8.  Mummy Juice BoxHere’s a cute way to dress-up a juice box for the kiddo’s Halloween lunchbox.

9.  Jack-O-Lantern Juice– It doesn’t get ANY easier than this!  Just use a black permanent marker to draw a jack-0-lantern face on the side of an orange drink.  SO easy but it’s sure to brighten their day.  

10.  Printable Halloween Lunch Kit– If you’re looking to go all out with a whole Halloween-themed lunch, then you’ve got to check out this cute printable kit.  

And wouldn’t the kids LOVE a little Halloween-themed dinner before heading out to go trick-or-treating… 

Fun Halloween Food Ideas for Dinner

Fun Halloween Food Ideas for Dinner

Fun Halloween Themed Dinner Ideas

1.  Dracula’s Diner– Start a fun family tradition this Halloween and serve dinner at Dracula’s Diner!  This post even includes a cute printable menu and everything! 

2.  Hocus Pocus- Themed Dinner– If you’re looking for a fun Halloween-themed dinner date, you’ve got to check out this Hocus Pocus movie night.  Free printables included! 

3.  Dinner in a Pumpkin– Surprise the family and serve dinner in a pumpkin!

4.  Pumpkin Bread Bowls– How cute are these pumpkin bread bowls?  Perfect to hold a nice fall soup.  

5.  Stuffed Jack-O-Lantern Peppers– Just cut a jack-o-lantern face out of the bell peppers before stuffing them.  

Festive Dinner Ideas for Halloween Night

6.  Jack-O-Lantern Burgers– Here’s another fun and simple idea.  Cut a jack-o-lantern face out of a slice of cheese before putting it on the burger.

7.  Mummy Meatloaf– This is not-your-mummy’s ordinary meatloaf!  Just check-out those eyeballs! 

8.  Mummy Pizzas– These fun mummy pizzas are so easy, even the kids can help!

9.  Mashed Boo-tatoes– Use a pastry bag to pipe some mashed potatoes into ghost shapes.  Black sesame seeds make the eyes.  

10.  Spiderweb Soup– You won’t believe how easy it is to make this spooky spiderweb using sour cream and a toothpick.  

These Halloween-themed trays and snacks would make the perfect party appetizers…  

Fun Halloween SNACK Ideas

10 Fun Halloween Snack Ideas

 Cute Halloween Themed Food Tray and Platter Ideas

1.  Pumpkin Fruit Cups– Just use a black marker to draw a jack-o-lantern face on the top of orange fruit cups.  It’s cute and easy PLUS it’s perfect for class parties since they’re prepackaged.  

2.  Jack-O-Lantern Fruit Bowl– Arranged sliced fruit into the shape of a jack-o-lantern for an impressive {and healthy} Halloween party tray! 

3.  Pumpkin Veggie Tray– OR arrange some baby carrots and veggies into a fun & simple jack-o-lantern Halloween veggie tray.  

4.  Veggie Skeleton– Here’s a fun idea!  Arrange your veggie tray into the shape of a skeleton.  The bowl of veggie dip makes the perfect head.  

5.  Pumpkin Dip–  Serve a yummy pumpkin dip IN a pumpkin!  

Creative Halloween Themed Appetizers and Snacks

6.  Candy Corn Veggie Tray– Cauliflower, carrots, and yellow bell peppers make the perfect candy-corn shaped veggie tray.  

7.  Frankenstein Veggie Platter– Arrange your favorite green veggies into the shape of Frankenstein.  Don’t you love that olive hair?

8.  Jack-O-Lantern Layered Mexican Dip– Blue corn tortilla chips and olives make the perfect jack-o-lantern face on top of a delicious layered dip. 

9.  Spooky 7-Layer Dip– The sour cream spider web is surprisingly easy to make and makes for an impressive {and delicious} display. 

10.  Pumpkin Cheese Ball– This pumpkin-shaped cheese ball looks simple AND cute!

And what’s a holiday without a little sugary fun?  Forget the tricks, we’re all about the TREATS… 

Fun Halloween Food Ideas for Dessert

Fun Halloween Dessert Ideas

 Darling and Delicious Halloween Treat Ideas

1.  BeWITCHing Cupcakes– Just add the free, printable cupcakes toppers and you have some truly be-witch-ing cupcakes.

2.  Bat Oreo Truffles– How cute are these bat Oreo truffles?  You’ll be surprised how simple they are to whip up. 

3.  Monster Munch– Popcorn, M&Ms, candy corn, and chocolate- what’s not to love in this yummy monster munch?

4.  Pumpkin Caramel Apples–  Turn your traditional caramel apples into cute pumpkins with this simple tutorial.

5.  Graveyard Pudding Cups– This edible graveyard could not be any cuter or easier.  AND you can put it together in just a minute or so!

Cute and Creative Halloween Desserts

6.  Candy Corn Krispies– The kids would have so much fun helping make these candy corn shaped rice krispie treats.

7.  Spook Cookies– Here’s another super easy {and super darling} idea!  Just dip the cookies in white chocolate and add mini chocolate chips for the eyes.

8.  Candy Corn Cupcakes– Ok, how FUN are these cupcakes?!  The candy corn surprise inside is sure to make them the hit of the party.  

9.  Boo CupsThese Halloween chocolate parfaits would be perfect for a Halloween party or just a festive Halloween dessert for the family!

10.  Haunted Gingerbread Houses– Looking for a new Halloween family tradition?  Why not make some haunted gingerbread houses?!

And there you have it – 50 FUN Halloween Food Ideas!  

Pick out your favorite recipe and surprise your family with a special snack or treat.  OR if you want to go all out on Halloween- serve a fun Halloween themed food for EVERY meal all day long.  Totally up to you! 

For even more fun ideas, check out our “Halloween Ideas” Pinterest board!   It’s full of spook-tacular crafts, pumpkins, parties, tricks, treats… and more!

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