7 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

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Spring Clean Your Marriage

Every year, most people spend some time devoted to spring cleaning their home. Spring brings a sense of renewal and an opportunity to bring life and light back into the home. We spend time organizing and cleaning spaces that don’t usually get a whole lot of attention. This year as you spring clean your home, take a little time to sweep out the cobwebs in your marriage. Spend some valuable time focused on adding a little sparkle to your marriage. We’ve created a 7 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge to help you do just that! Spring clean your home and your marriage—this is a way to get started, to do something to refresh your marriage and bring a little more love into your home!

This unique Spring cleaning challenge strengthened our marriage all while helping us get a head start on the Spring Cleaning! #SpringCleanYourMarriage #SpringCleaningChallenge

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The spring cleaning tasks in this challenge will help you make some progress on a few areas of your house that need a little extra attention. But the most important part of this cleaning challenge is the time you spend together. The time you spend working on your relationship will bring more intention to your marriage!

A huge shoutout to Messes to Memories for creating these printables.

I bet you’ve heard the saying that “No woman has ever started an argument with a man while he was dusting, vacuuming or washing the dishes…” So true!! Cleaning together will only bring good vibes to your home! “When your home is clean, you will feel happy, motivated and healthy.”

So what do you say? Are you ready to Spring Clean your HOME & your MARRIAGE?

The Dating Divas Spring Cleaning Challenge

This Spring Cleaning Challenge is so easy! You’re going to love it! Cleaning has never been so fun! Each day of the week, you’ll have one HOME challenge and one MARRIAGE challenge. Complete the house cleaning challenge together. Then take some time to knock out the marriage challenge. Some marriage challenges will be done together, you know we love our quality time with our spouses! And some you’ll do on your own for your spouse!

Spring Cleaning Challenge

House Cleaning Challenge

Our house cleaning challenge includes the fridge, the pantry, your car, the medicine cabinet and your closet. These are all important areas in your home that you both use often, but are often neglected when it comes to cleaning and organization! Now you get to tackle them together.

House Cleaning Challenge

You choose how to knock out the projects! The amount of time and energy you put into the house projects is completely up to you, but make sure that you take a little extra time to freshen up your marriage.

Spring Clean Your Marriage

Why is it that some of the simplest things are so hard? If you think about it, the things that help make a marriage great are all pretty easy. But sometimes it’s hard to follow through and do those things on a daily basis. That’s why it’s so important to take a little time to spring clean your marriage. We love the book The 5 Love Languages, (wanna know WHY we love it?) it helps break the important things down into 5 categories… things that every person needs to feel loved! We’ve made sure this challenge includes a little something from each category!

So what does it take to freshen up your marriage?

  1. A little quality time—or a lot! Quality time isn’t just being in the same room together, it’s engaging, getting rid of distractions and really focusing on your partner. Create memories and have fun together!
  2. Positive words of love and affirmation. Give a compliment to your spouse when they’re least expecting it. Remind them how much you love and appreciate them, words can be powerful when they are thoughtful and meaningful. Kind and encouraging words can make all the difference.
  3. Selfless service without expecting anything in return! These acts of service can be small – offering to wash the dishes, making the bed, draw them a bath – or they can be a little bigger. It doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as these acts of service show that you’re thinking of your spouse’s needs on a daily basis, you’re good!
  4. Give tokens of love and appreciation. This is one way you can show thoughtfulness and effort. This isn’t just about the stuff, it’s about the thought behind these gifts and what they symbolize to the receiver.
  5. Physical touch is one way to show love and is absolutely essential for having a deep connection with your spouse. Reach out and hold your spouse’s hand, give them a long hug, linger for a kiss. If you work through this challenge, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice 😉

Now that you’re thinking about things you can do to spring clean your marriage, let’s talk about the cleaning challenge.

For each house cleaning challenge, there is a corresponding marriage challenge! These challenges cleverly relate. So if you clean out the fridge, take a few moments to write a thoughtful love note and place it on the fridge for your spouse to find. You can use one of the cute love note stationery prompts from the printables below!

Spring Clean Your Marriage Notes

One of the spring cleaning challenges is to choose something off of your spouse’s to do list. When you complete this challenge, leave a special surprise for your spouse to find!

Spring Clean Your Marriage

We’ve included a few simple gift tags to make it easy.

Spring Clean Your Marriage Gift Tags

It’s easy to make excuses for why you shouldn’t get out on the town for a little date night. But after cleaning out your car, take it out on the town and grab a bite to eat.

Cleaning Challenge Date

These are just some of the simple challenges that will help you polish your marriage till it feels shiny and new again. All of the marriage challenges will help you connect in a more meaningful way. If you truly make an effort, you’ll find your marriage healthier and happier! And guess, what… you can even do this Spring Cleaning Challenge year after year. Simply pin this idea on Pinterest so you’ll never lose track of it and come back next year!

Spring Cleaning Tips

Once you’ve worked through the 7 Day Cleaning Challenge, you might have caught the cleaning bug! We’ve got just the thing to help you knock out ALL the cleaning and keep you cleaned and organized all year long. This cleaning kit will help get everyone involved in the cleaning – husbands, wives, children! Cleaning should never just fall on one person. This kit will help you make cleaning fun for the whole family!

Check out the Spring Cleaning Kit!

Daily Cleaning List

A clean home is a happy home.


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