97 Of The Best Picnic Date Ideas


I don’t know about you, but it’s always the perfect time for a picnic date!!! It could be cold, midnight, or raining and it would still be the perfect picnic setting!  For those of you who don’t believe me, stick around and I’ll prove to you that a picnic date is perfect anytime of the year!

Best PIcnic Perfect Date Ideas

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Here at The Dating Divas we’ve collected EVERYTHING you could possibly think of to create 97 of the best picnic date ideas from picnicware to outfits to the perfect romantic picnic spots!  In this round-up we’ve collected the TOP:

5 Picnic Date Ideas Brought Indoors

25 Picnics Date Ideas in the Great Outdoors

19 Picnic Date Ideas For Every Season

14 Romantic Picnic Ideas

14 Picnic Perfect Menu Ideas

9 Picnicware Date Items Ideas

11 Picnic Date Outfit Ideas

We seriously thought of everything needed for all of your future picnic ideas!

Perfect Indoor Picnic Date Ideas

Don’t want to leave the couch, no problem, we’ve still got plenty of indoor picnic ideas for you!!!

Perfect Indoor Picnic Ideas

  • Staycation Picnic– Vacation at home and make meals fun by adding in a picnic or two. 
  • The Birthday Suitcase – Turn a suitcase into the perfect picnic surprise. Great for any special occasion! 
  • Picnic Style Birthday Party – Have a one of a kind birthday with a picnic party!
  • The Kindergarten Date – Be a kid again and enjoy a picnic that would appeal to your inner child! 
  • Couch Picnic – So you don’t want to leave the couch, you don’t want to put in too much work, and you’re not sure if you can pull off a picnic! This lovely picnic idea is for you! You don’t even have to leave the couch to pull it off! 

Perfect Outdoor Picnic Date Ideas

Staying inside can be a little stuffy, so let’s take your picnic ideas outside for the perfect picnic for two!

Outdooroor Picnic Date Ideas

  • Hijack and Kidnap Him – Hijack and kidnap your spouse on a surprise date that will have the two of you tied up together while you enjoy your take out picnic. 
  • Bike Rides – Bike rides are the perfect accompaniment to any picnic date! 
  • Balloon Themed Picnic – Can’t afford a hot air ballon ride? No biggie, have a balloon themed picnic, watch the movie up, and enjoy the best part of the night- each other! 
  • Old-School Picnic – Old-School picnic is the perfect idea for a lazy afternoon. 
  • Rainy Day Picnic – Rain, rain go away…This picnic full of umbrellas invites the rain to stay! 

Perfect Outdoor Picnic Dates

  • Rustic Picnic – Rustic flare with money to spare! 
  • Family Picnic – Colorful balloons, several blankets, and a dress-up theme make for a lovely afternoon picnic.  
  • Tree House Picnic Party – Build a tree house and celebrate your accomplishments with a picnic party! 
  • Picnic Pit Stop – Make a road trip a little more enjoyable with a picnic pit stop during your travels. Take a peek at these great ideas!
  • Pick-Up Date – Dinning in the back of the pick up with a comfortable setting is the perfect ingredient for date night! 

Outdoor Picnic Date Night Ideas

  • Date Night At The Drive-In – Add a little picnic flare to your next drive-in date! With a few little touches your drive-in date becomes a little extra special! 
  • Spring Picnic – Go on a hike in the woods and take a long a rustic picnic for two!
  • Not Just For ‘Da Garden – Add a touch of roses to your picnic. Leave a trail of roses around the house for your spouse to discover. The first trail leads to a romantic picnic. the second trail leads to a bubble bath for two. 
  • A Pretty Picnic – Stuck at home, no problem! Get in your backyard and create a bbq picnic for the two of you. Once date night is over, you’re allowed back inside, wink!
  • Scavenger Hunt For You! – A creative scavenger hunt leading to a picnic in the backyard. 

Picnic Date Ideas for Outdoors

  • Eco-Friendly Picnic – Save the trees and get a little green with this picnic. Start with an eco friendly activity along with this eco friendly picnic and you’ve got a date! You’ll love the recipes and the ideas found here too! 
  • Sunrise Picnic – Wake up before sunrise and enjoy an early morning breakfast picnic. 
  • Pink Picnic In the Park – Who says picnics need to included a full meal? Check out this lovely idea for a sweet dessert only picnic. 
  • Picnic On The Top Of The World – Go on a full day hike up the mountain. Once you reach the top have a picnic overlooking the world! 
  • Mason Jar Picnic – Do you have mason jar fever? If so, you are going to love this mason jar picnic! 

Outdoor Picnic Ideas Perfect for Date Night

  • The Fishing Date – Enjoy a picnic that is all about quality time and a man loving theme! 
  • Picnic Party – This is the perfect picnic party idea ever!!! Steal a few of these ideas, invite your friends, and it’s time to party! 
  • Afternoon Delight – Ditch work and prepare a surprise afternoon picnic for your sweetie! Enjoy a relaxing and romantic day off!
  • Picnic Buffet – Picnics aren’t just fun for two, so host a picnic party! 
  • Impromptu Picnic – You want to have a picnic but don’t have time to spare, no biggie! Find a few quick recipes or head over to your nearest deli for a impromptu picnic.

Best PIcnic Perfect Date Ideas For Every Season

Picnics are perfect during the spring, summer, fall, or winter. The beauty of the seasons is that they are the best backdrop for your picnic date!


Best PIcnic Perfect Date Ideas For Spring

  • Cloud Nine Picnic – This plane crazy for you date night will have you two flying planes, enjoying a picnic, joining the mile high club, and grabbing baggage claim. *Free printables*
  • Vintage Easter Family Picnic – Hold an Easter picnic that the whole family will love. 
  • Urban Rooftop Picnic – Spring is the perfect time for a rooftop picnic with tons of flowers and a light meal. 


  • Summer Picnic and Party Games – Celebrate summer with an easy potluck picnic and fun party games that EVERYONE will enjoy!
  • Cheapest Date Challenge – Having friends help lay out a picnic at the top of a mountain, allowing you to surprise your hubby after a hike with lunch while overlooking the city or valley is priceless
  • Tailgating Picnic – This would be the best fourth of July idea ever! Let the tailgate down, put out the blankets, set out the food, and enjoy making and watching fireworks! 

Best PIcnic Perfect Date Ideas For Summer

  • 4th of July – Get into the fourth of July spirit, invite your best friends over, and enjoy a patriotic picnic.  
  • Bastille Day Picnic – Celebrate a holiday, any holiday, in picnic style. Head on over to this site to check out all of these darling ideas to help you celebrate Bastille day that will make you think your celebrating in France! 


  • Oktoberfest Theme Picnic – A fabulous Oktoberfest picnic awaits! Spice up a normal picnic with these creative ideas!
  • Autumn Picnic – Have a cheese tasting picnic amid the fall leaves! 
  • Pretty Fall Picnic – Create the best fall picnic with your favorite fall foods. Have a little fun eating and playing in the fall leaves!

Best PIcnic Perfect Date Ideas For Fall


  • Winter Car Picnic – Want to ramp up the romance in your relationship? Try this quick and easy Winter Car Picnic! You don’t even have to leave your garage!
  • A Winter Picnic – Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean the picnics are over! Grab your thickest blankets, hot cocoa, and a sled to make your picnic in the cold a good time!

Best PIcnic Perfect Date Ideas For Winter

  • Polar Picnic – Don’t be afraid of the snow! Heat up with a little snowshoeing and a picnic in the mountains. 
  • Winter White Picnic – No need to stray too far from home to enjoy this cozy picnic. Set up a picnic on the back porch, grab the blankets, and hurry on in once you’re too cold! 
  • Ski Trip Picnic – Have a picnic in the snow. Go sledding, ice skating skiing, snowshoeing, or just play in the snow then cozy up to a fire to enjoy your picnic. 

The Best Romantic Picnic Date Ideas

Romance is in the air, so spice it up any picnic with a romantic spin! These picnic date ideas are sure to bring a little sizzle to your romantic picnic date!

Collection of Romantic Picnic Date Ideas

  • Vintage Love Story Picnic – Have you very own vintage love story picnic? Make this extra romantic by bringing along a handwritten love letter for your date. 
  • Sweet Vintage Picnic – Make time for snuggling, cloud watching, and listening to your favorite tunes. 
  • Hot Air Balloon Picnic – Nothing is quite as romantic as a hot air balloon ride. Kick it up a notch with a picnic while overlooking the city below. 
  • Special Event Picnic – Enjoy a horse ride on the beach before picking your perfect picnic spot. 
  • Romantic Carriage Ride Picnic – Romance awaits during a picnic on a carriage ride for two! 
  • Provencal Picnic – Take a trip to France by recreating this lovely picnic inspired by the countrysides of Provence. 

Romantic Picnic Date Night Ideas

  • Picnic On A Canoe – Row your boat, or make him row it! Have your picnic in a canoe or a kayak while lazily floating in the lake. 
  • Sunset Bonfire Picnic – Become beach bums! Spend the day playing in the water and end the night with a picnic near a roaring bonfire. Don’t forget the marshmallows! 
  • Romantic Rooftop Date – An unforgettable night, under the stars, and a little picnic meal is what you’ll find in this romantic rooftop date idea. 
  • A Picnic Proposal – Pop the question, any special question, with a picnic proposal! 
  • Picnic At The Falls – Take your partners breath away by preparing a simple, elegant, and yummy picnic to enjoy near a waterfall! 

Romantic Picnic Ideas

  • Midnight Picnic – Sit back and relax with a little bit of romance under the stars. Don’t forget a few candles and a little bottle of bubbly to add to the atmosphere. 
  • Italian Picnic – Turn up the romance with this Italian themed picnic. Play Italian music, sit under a big tree, and enjoy your favorite bubbly. be prepared to sweep your date off their feet! 
  • Picnic Photo Session – Turn your next anniversary, baby announcement, birthday, or other special occasion into a picnic photo session. Your picnic celebration will capture memories that will last forever! 

The Best Collection of Picnic Menu Ideas

One important picnic menu criteria is that it is travel friendly. These picnic menu ideas are perfect for on the go, easy as pie to put together, and sure to impress your picnic date!

Best Picnic Menus

Perfect Picnic Menu Ideas

Picnic Menu Ideas For Date Night

  • Delicious Beach Picnic – No fuss, no mess, fueled meal that is perfect for a day at the beach. 
  • No-Risk Picnics – Tips and tricks to pack, store, and keep your food safe! 
  • Cloud Nine Picnic – Take your man to cloud nine with this easy and yummy inflight picnic feast!

The Best Picnicware Items Needed For Every Picnic

A few huge necessities of every picnic are invites, blankets, plates, and baskets. Grab a few of these needed picnic items and you’ll be picnic ready on date night!

Perfect Picnicware Ideas

Best Picnicware Items

  • Pockets of Fun – Picnic pockets will make packing your basket a whole lot easier. Take a peek at this how to tutorial to make your own. 
  • Ready, Set, Picnic – Setting up a picnic doesn’t get easier then this! Find out just how easy putting together a picnic party can be!
  • Picnic Backpack Cooler with Blanket For Two – This is a must picnic accessory! Once you take a peek you will ditch your basket for this organized and fancy backpack!

The Best Picnicware Items

  • Outdoor Picnic Blanket – The perfect blanket for all of your picnic spots!
  • Picnics Are For Lovers – A very detailed list of romantic places to hold a picnic and a comprehensive picnic packing list.
  • Suitcase – Transform an old suitcase into the perfect picnic surprise! 

 The Best Collection of Picnic Outfits For Date Night

You’ve picked the perfect picnic location, time, and menu. Now it’s time to pick the perfect picnic outfit that will make you the star of your picnic date!

PIcnic Outfits For Date Night

  • Pretty Picnic – Just because it’s a picnic doesn’t mean you can’t dress to blow your date away. This is perfect for a Valentine’s picnic, any romantic picnic, or a wedding picnic. 
  • Picnic Primped – This is a girly outfit for those of you with a country flair!
  • Romantic Impressions – A romantic outfit that is sure to impress your date. 

Picnic Outfits Perfect for Any Occasion

  • Picnic Outfit – Blue outfit with a few extras that will be perfect for a picnic date!
  • Beach Days – Such a cute outfit that says, “Hello sandy picnics!”
  • Sail Through – This adorable outfit will add just the right to a Spring picnic. 
  • 8 Summer Picnic Outfits – Whether you are looking to dress up or be cute you’ll find a perfect outfit in this post! 
  • Vintage Picnic Attire – Step back in time and celebrate an old-fashioned picnic in style!

Picnic Outfits Perfect For Date Night

  • Fashion Formula – Use an easy step by step fashion guide to help you pick out the perfect outfit for any picnic occasion. 
  • Date Night Outfit – The perfect fall outfit that will make you the center of attention during your picnic adventure!
  • Double Braided Crown – An easy step by step hair tutorial that will make you feel like a princess. 

Bonus Sneak Peaks

We have two posts airing soon with picnic date themes! Aren’t you glad you stuck around?! Not only are we sharing awesome picnic date ideas but we are throwing in free printable bundles for each date idea! You’re welcome!!!

  • A Watermelon Themed Picnic and Sweet Date –  This watermelon themed date is a full day of fun with your man. There are four parts to this date, a country themed picnic, an eating contest, a rodeo, and ends with a sweet nightcap. Your man is sure to love this date! Save the date for this post airing on the 28th, you don’t want to miss it!!!
  • Back To School Party For Parents Only – Celebrate parents independence day with a party for adults only! Start the party with a lunch sack picnic, decadent bubbly drink, and a scrumptious dessert. Get to know each other better with a pop quiz all about your school days. Send everyone home with a school pass coupon book that will get parents through the hectic school year with a free pass to skip parent duties! Keep your eyes peeled for this post airing in Aug, your friends will be excited to join you in this picnic date party!

I am so excited to go on my next picnic date, aren’t you? I’m in love with so many of these picnic ideas!!! My dilemma is picking out what I’m going to do first. Help me out! What picnic date idea are you stealing for your next picnic date???

Enjoy many and many picnic dates to come!!!


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