Moonlight Picnic Date

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Summer Picnic Scavenger Hunt

We associate a picnic with a sunny afternoon at the park, but we’ve come up with a romantic picnic for two under the moonlight! Just picture it – a warm summer night, twinkling stars, a delicious dinner! Boom – ROMANTIC! It’s so easy it can be done in your own backyard. But, that’s not the best part…  we’ve come up with some cute printable cards for a scavenger hunt leading up to the picnic! Send your sweetie on a hunt leading to 5 different yummy treats for the picnic. Once all of the items have been collected, the last clue cards will lead your sweetheart to you and the romantic Moonlight Picnic!

Moonlight Picnic Date

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Life gets so busy in the summer. A Moonlight Picnic is the perfect way to spend some quality time with your spouse in the quiet of the evening. It’s so easy to put this creative date idea together. With the help of our lovely designer Kristin of CdotLove, we’ve created some beautiful, free printables to really make the evening special!  
Leave this cute invitation for your sweetie to find. Sit back as they follow clue after clue throughout the house. I left the invitation and the first clue bag together in the same place for my hubby to find at the same time. If your sweetie likes a little more notice {anticipation is half of the fun – right?!} give the invitation to them at the beginning of the day, or earlier.  
Moonlight Picnic Invite
Moonlight Picnic Clues
Grab our free printables {good news – huh?} at the bottom of this page and some paper bags. I had some brown ones on hand for school lunches, but there are some really cute white ones on Amazon for a great price! Print directly onto the bag (instructions included) or print the tag and glue it onto the front of the bag. Attach a clue card to the bottom of the bags – 6 total. Fill each bag with a different picnic food. Your sweetie will gather them as they follow each clue. 
Moonlight Picnic Hunt
Hide the bags in the following places:

  • The Car
  • The Fridge
  • Stove or BBQ
  • Bathroom
  • Sofa
  • Backyard

If any of these locations don’t work for your home, we’ve added 6 blank cards for you to fill out and send your spouse to a personalized location.  {Psst – if scavenger hunts aren’t really your thing, feel free to skip this step. The most important part of this date is spending time together. Do what works for you and your spouse.}

Moonlight Picnic Clues

Moonlight Picnic Basket
Whatever your sweetie doesn’t find on the hunt, you’ll have ready and waiting for them in your moonlight picnic basket. When your spouse arrives, the romantic evening is just getting started! Add some star gazing, smooching, and picnic snacking, and you’re on your way to a fool-proof, fabulous, summer date night! 
Moonlight Picnic Basket

Free Download

Moonlight Picnic Date

Printables Designed by Kristin @ CdotLoveExclusively for The Dating Divas


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