A Sexy Escape Room for Two

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Couples Escape Room: Bedroom Edition

Has your relationship been missing some of that EXCITING SPARK recently? 💥

Did you know tossing a little ADVENTURE in your marriage can help you better bond together and increase intimacy?

Picture this: A Sexy Escape Room Just For Two.

Put on your thinking cap and cast all your claustrophobic cares away because this at-home ESCAPE ROOM has a sexy twist that WON’T involve being locked in any rooms…

Well, not until the end at least! 😉

A man and woman playing an at-home escape room for date night | The Dating Divas
Couple playing an at-home Sexy Escape Room with printables

You and your sweetie will embark on this fantasy adventure to complete a series of clues and puzzles each with its own QR code to check for correctness and give hints if you’re stuck!

This has been SOOO CAREFULLY DESIGNED to make sure every step is SO fun, SO easy, SO sexy, and SO perfect for a couple’s date night experience.

You will be led clue-by-clue, room-by-room until you FINALLY reach your FANTASY SUITE…

…the bedroom. 🔥

Though this sexy Escape Room is a fantasy set in a fancy hotel, it is designed for you to set up in the comfort of your own home! We’ve got everything you need to set up your steamy adventure date including an exciting storyline to set the mood for intimacy…

Sexy Escape Room Plot

You’ve invited your sweetie to join you for a romantic night at your fantasy destination: The Château Boudoir. The steamy invitation you left your sweetie has instructed them to meet you at the front desk (your first “room” of the evening!). 

Find the pre-hidden envelopes located in each “room” or playing space containing the clues and puzzles you need to guide you through each hotel room until you finally reach the right room… YOUR room… the bedroom. 

The materials you’ve gathered along the way will be quite helpful once you reach your sexy fantasy suite. You’ll know what to do from there. 😉

Time It Takes to Escape: 1-2 hours

Awesome escape room that would make a great date any day of the week | The Dating Divas
Fantasy Escape Room date with printables

how does an at-home escape room actually work?

How It Works:

  • Open the email you receive after purchase and download your printables for your sexy Escape Room adventure!
  • Print your supplies & make a few easy cuts to prepare your envelopes, puzzles, & clues.
  • Use the chart provided in your download materials to guide your placement of each envelope through-out your home or playing space.
  • Charge your cell-phone. Throughout the game you will be given QR codes to scan using your cell-phone camera. These codes will provide secret clues and hints to ensure you are on the right path to your sexy destination!
Clues and hints for your sexy Escape Room printables | The Dating Divas
Sexy Escape Room game for couples

There is so much spice in this ADVENTURE date that you’ll TOTALLY forget you’re only at home. 😉

Not only is this the STEAMIEST Escape Room you’ll ever solve, but it’s also only $15.

This is absolutely a STEAL for the amount of clues, puzzles, and ALLL the other pieces in this kit.

Click below to grab your SEXIEST date night this year!

grab the SEXIEST date night you’ll have this year!

Sexy Escape Room for Two

Embark on this fantasy adventure to complete a series of clues and puzzles each with its own QR code to check for correctness and give hints if you’re stuck! You will be led clue-by-clue, room-by-room until you FINALLY reach your FANTASY SUITE…the bedroom!


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  1. Would someone who has tried this date night like to share what they thought? t sounds fun (and I know the content has to be concealed until after purchase), but it’s hard to decide about purchasing without knowing a little more about what the puzzles are like.