25+ Custom, Personalized Gift Basket Ideas to DIY

Create a Custom All About You Basket

A personalized gift basket is a perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life. I know there’s a list a MILE LONG of all the amazing things you love about your husband! He’s got so many wonderful little traits that maybe only YOU know and appreciate! The way he patiently plays Ping Pong with you, even though he could totally whoop you, the way he takes care of himself and works-out to stay healthy, or even just the fact that he lights up your life and knocks your socks off! Well, I wanted to make sure I showed my husband that besides the big things like loving his family and going to work every day to provide for us, I also really appreciate the small things with this All About You Basket!…and we have ALL the printables for you! In fact – we have TWO versions you can try out! One that’s sweet and one that’s SEXY. Let’s take a look!

This All About You basket is the PERFECT gift for my hubby! Plus the printables are FREE. Total win! #thedatingdivas #allaboutyougifts #allaboutyoubasket

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 We know our spouses better than anyone right? That’s why I teamed up with the UBER-talented Courtney of All Things Bright and Beautiful, and we created this fabulous “All About You Basket!” Packed with fun and fabulous All About You gifts, this basket is the PERFECT way to show your sweetie just how much you love them.

All About Basket Ideas

All About You Basket Contents

Don’t you just LOVE the clean, modern design of the All About basket printables?! So perfect for a manly-gift, right?! But Husbands, this All About You Basket would also make a fantastic gift for your wife- just fill it with some sweet and feminine All About You gifts instead! Take a look at all of the included printables below:

All About Basket

  • All About Basket Cover – Slap this printable tag on the front of your chosen All About You Basket to tell your sweetie exactly what this gift is all about!
  • Large All About You Gift Tags – These rectangular printable tags are larger in size giving you more room to write exactly what you love about your honey.
  • Medium All About You Basket Tags – These pennant shaped tags are perfect for your larger All About You gifts. Like the other tags, simply attach them to a gift that describes your sweetie well and fill it out!
  • Small All About You Basket Tags – The smallest of the bunch, these pint-sized tags are perfect for those smaller All About You gifts.

Once I got my hands on the printables, I was SO excited to put my All About You Basket together! And let me tell you, it was SO fun running around the store picking out fun gifts that represented all the little things I love about my man! My heart was so full after! When I had everything picked out that I wanted to give him, I put it inside a SUPER manly {but still cute! haha} basket! Keep reading for a list of what I included in my husband’s All About You Basket. But don’t forget, you can make this totally your own!

All About You Basket Gift Ideas

 My hsuband is a TOTAL winner so I made sure to include a deck of playing cards. I know peanut butter and chocolate is his FAVorite combination {who wouldn’t agree with that?!}, so I grabbed him some Reese’s pieces and said wrote that I thought every ‘piece’ of him was sexy. I also wanted him to know that he just plain knocks my socks off, from the moment I met him, so I got him a cute pack of socksAnd I wanted him to know how much I appreciate his patience in listening to me and all my corny jokes so I got him some popcorn.

All About You Gifts

Those are just a FEW of the fun ideas I included. There are SO many things you could use to fill your spouse’s All About You Basket. Keep reading for the rest of what I included!

All About You Basket and Gifts

All About You Gifts:

  • Crayons – Because he makes life colorful.
  • M & M’s – Because he’s ‘M’y love and ‘M’y life.
  • Men’s Fragrance – Because he smells SO dang good all the time!
  • Candy – Because he’s oh-so-sweet.
  • Back to the Future’ DVD – Because he makes our future bright!

Aren’t those great?! There are just TOO many ideas for All About You gifts to name. Just think of what your sweetie means to you and pack ’em in!

All About You Gifts for CouplesIt really IS the little things that mean the most, and when my hubby saw all the small things that I notice and love about him {and that I took the time to SHOW him} his heart melted. It was the perfect gift! And with Father’s Day coming up, it would be an AWESOME time to give it a try! You can even find most of this stuff at your nearest dollar store, too! And the best part of all of this, the AWESOME designs from the amazing Courtney are FREE!

All About YOu Basket Ideas

Sexy All About You Basket

But hold on…remember that sexy version we mentioned above? We DEFINITELY didn’t forget! Similar to the All About You Basket described above, this is the perfect gift to show your sweetie just how much you love them. Only this time, we’ve pumped up the sass AND the sexiness for a bedroom-themed basket that’s going to rock your spouse’s world!

This Sexy All About You basket is the PERFECT gift for my hubby! Plus the printables are FREE. Total win! #thedatingdivas #allaboutyougifts #allaboutyoubasket

Diva Intimacy Ideas Disclaimer

Before we dive in, we HAVE to thank our own Diva Elizabeth for whipping up these sultry printables for us.

Sexy All About You Basket Items

She made our Sexy All About You Basket come to life and we couldn’t have done it without her!Sexy All About You Gifts

Sexy All About You Assembly

Putting together this sexy version of an All About You basket is super simple and totally fun! Your sexy set of printables includes 7 Sexy tags (plus six blank ones if you want to get creative!) plus a large basket tag to tell your spouse what’s up. Just pop it inside or on the front of the basket of your choosing and you’re golden!

All About You Gifts Sexy

We’ve even taken away the guesswork out about what to write on your tags by including pre-made options (as well as blank ones!).

Sexy All About You Gifts and Ideas

Your pre-made tags include wording such as:

“I want every piece of you”

“You smell sexy”

“World’s Best Kisser”

“You rock (my body)”

“You’re ‘game’ for anything”

“You’re hot”

“You look good Naked” – to be attached to a Naked brand beverage.

Sexy All About You Basket Tag

All you need to do is pick a few intimate gifts to attach each tag to, and arrange them in your basket. Easy peezy, right?!

All About You Basket Sexy

Sexy All About You Gifts

Looking for some great gifts to coordinate with your gift tags? Check out the list below for some super spicy ideas:

  • Cologne or Perfume
  • Lingerie
  • Candy
  • Sexy Games
  • Lip Balm
  • Flavored Lube
  • Massage Oil
  • Candle
  • Sexy Music
  • Blindfold

Sexy All About You Basket Printables

How great is that list? Just imagine the surprise on your sweetheart’s face when they come home to so many spicy gifts that perfectly describe them!

Sexy All About Basket Tags

Remember, we’ve also included a set of blank gift tags so you can totally make them your own.Sexy All About Basket Tag

For a sassy bedroom gift that TRULY can’t be beat, be sure and give this Sexy version of our All About You Basket a try! You can thank us later {wink}.

Sexy All About You Basket

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  1. I needed this post today! My man had a hard day at work and next week is going to be pretty rough. They have 3 people on vacation (they are never supposed to have more than 2 on vacation), so it’s going to be a terrible week. He’s going to need this to keep himself going! This has my wheels turning!

  2. Our 4 year anniversary is coming up this month, and my husband just recently lost his job. I’ve been looking for some way to give him a meaningful but unexpensive gift and I do believe this is it!!! Thank you SO MUCH for this idea!!!

  3. I love this! I was wondering if you might tell us what things you put in there with what sayings attached? I’m really not creative in that department and loved the ones I could see in pictures!

  4. I took things from my 101 Reasons why I love you:
    You have the best smile, so I bought toothpaste.
    You have the best sense of humor, so I bought Get Smart.
    I love to play games with you, so I bought love dice.

    Anything can be put into something at the store or the dollar store.