Anticipation: Half the Fun!

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I am such a fan of AnTiCiPaTiOn!!  Like the actual planning and looking forward to a vacation is SO MUCH fun to me.  That is why I love stretching out and building excitement with fun holidays, and what is better for lovers than VaLeNtInE’s??  So… I was tickled fuchsia pink when I saw a sassy suggestion from a fabulous reader… ahem, thanks Chandie!!  If you wanna make your husband’s valentine WEEK, take this idea and run wid’ it!  Each night for the seven days leading up to the big day of LOVE, you get to surprise him with a different and fun way to ~ yes ~ make love… and yes, he is gonna LoVe the genuine attention and YOU!!!


Diva Disclaimer

The AnTiCiPaTiOn part?  Every morning you’re gonna give him a hint about what the evening has in store. {Of course we’ve got some ideas for ya, girl!}  Throughout the day, tease him with other lil’ reminders – a extra hidden note, a subtle smile, or a quick wink that reminds him that you are looking forward to your one-on-one time together.  {Whether they admit it or not… Guys. Love. Feeling. DESIRED. Too.}  Your love life can and will be what you make it… and lemme tell ya, with this extra attention, he is gonna be thinkin’ of you NONstop.

The possibilities really are endless… {your imagination is your best ally!} Here are seven rockin’ ideas:

Evening  #1 ~ Dress Up!


Morning tease:  Slip him that HOT lingerie he LOVES! {Or is this an excuse to buy something new?!}

The note says: “For later… {wink!}”

The plan: Doll yo’self up extra beautiful that night!  Go glamorous and make it a little extra memorable.

Evening #2 ~ Strip Poker!

Morning tease:  Put the Two of Hearts card in his shoes.

The note says: “Let’s play for clothes tonight…”

The plan:  Totally let him win a few rounds!  Be flirty and play it up!

Evening #3 ~ U + Me = 2nite!

Morning tease:  Text your honey the first moment you’re apart in the morning with a FULL synopsis of the coming evening!

The plan:  Make it a day of lovey texts back and forth.  Make him feel loved, appreciated, and sexy!

The bonus:  After you’re all primped up, send one last text as his invitation to join you!

Evening #4 ~ You Color My World!

Morning tease: Draw and give him a colorful picture of you two holding hands/kissing/being happy together {nothing wrong with darling stick figures!}

The note says: “Let’s make tonight colorful…”

The plan:  These colorful ideas fit perfectly… or use any activity with color!

Evening #5 ~ Down with Adventure!

Morning tease: Leave an opened map in one of your husband’s first places to see.

The note says:  “Tonight is all about…exploring each other!”

The bonus:  Optional blindfolds!

Evening #6 ~ Sweet Dreams!

Morning tease: Present your man with a favorite little sweet treat.

The note says: “Somethin’ sweet for MY Sweetie… and there’s more to come tonight!”

The plan:  Bring some favorite foods into the bedroom… whip cream… chocolate… or somethin’ more like this!

Evening #7 ~ Music of the Night!

Morning tease: Make him a CD of your favorite songs or roll up the lyrics of a love song into a cute scroll.

The note says: “Bring your rhythm tonight…”

The plan:  Turn on your favorite music that evening and enjoy the rhythm!

You ROCKIN’ wifey, you! Get your groove on, and make this pre-Valentine’s week an unforgettable one!  ENJOY!



I am a vivacious diva with a passion for life and my roles as a wife, a mother, and friend.

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  1. Dang! I saw this too late for Valentine’s this year but you can bet that I will be putting it into play for our anniversary in May. Thanks so much for continuing to support us in our efforts to romance our hottie hubbies and make our marriages ones our kids will emulate!

  2. I am excited to try these ideas. How fun. Going to have to do them when I am not 40 weeks pregnant like I am right now.=)

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