April Fools’ Day Tricky Love Cards

Silly April Fools’ Day Cards to Trick Your Love

We kinda love April Fools’ Day around here. This year, we wanted to do something that would be quick and easy, but still make our spouses laugh. With the help of Leslie from Nina Bean Designs, we found the perfect solution: 5 Tricky Love Cards for April Fools’ Day! These cards seem mean at first, but as soon as your sweetie opens one up, they’ll be laughing right along with you.

5 adorable, tricky cards for April Fool's Day!

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5 different, printable, love cards for April Fools' Day.

First off, gather all of your supplies. For this project grab, some Zots (super sticky dots of glue!), your beloved paper cutter, and some coordinating pens if you want to add a little extra note. Oh – and of course your perfect prints by Leslie!

Trick your love on April Fools' with these 5 cards.

Each printable page has the outside of the card and the inside. Just use that paper cutter to get your straight cuts around the perimeter of each section.

DIY April Fools' Day Tricky Love Cards

To apply the Zots, place the section of the paper directly on the roll, peel it off, and be amazed at the super-stick! Fold the outside part of your card in half so you have a fold on which to line up the inside of the card.

These tricky love cards will have your love laughing all through April Fools' Day

Voila! A hilarious April Fools’ Love Card to make your sweetie laugh. We love that there are 5 different versions so you can use whichever applies best to your relationship, or all 5 throughout the day! {And hey! If you’re lucky, those laughs will turn into cuddles, those cuddles into kisses, those kisses into… 😉 }
Love cards that are perfect for April Fools'!

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  1. I LOVE these cards! I never know what to do for April Fools Day so it usually just comes and goes. I will definitely print one of these for my hubby!