Babysitter in a Bag: Cooking Edition

Done-for-you babysitter activities!

Babysitter in a Bag: Cooking Edition

The most difficult part about making date night happen is leaving the kids with a babysitter. Sometimes it takes me a few hours just to get ready for the babysitter to come. Enough of that! Our Babysitter in a Bag series takes all of the worry and preparation away. The kit includes tons of pre-prepared babysitter activities for kids to leave behind while you two take some time for yourselves. The kids will be so excited to find out what’s in the bag that they won’t even notice you‘re gone, and you can completely enjoy date night! And I almost forgot the best part, with The Babysitter Activities for Kids: Cooking Edition you don’t have to cook dinner! That’s all part of the fun. Nice, huh?!

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Babysitter in a Bag: Cooking Edition!

Babysitter in a Bag Cooking with Kids

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These babysitter ideas are all available in the amazing printable pack created by Courtney at All Things Bright and Beautiful. She is fabulous at everything she touches! {So much talent from this girl!} Her cute, clean, and fabulous style really shines in the printable kit. Her embellishments are seriously GORGEOUS! {Keep scrolling- you’ll see!}

With all of these cooking babysitter activities for kids, all of the work to get ready for the sitter is done for you! You and your sweetheart can have a worry free evening together, know your kids are happy and having a blast!

Babysitter Activites for Kids Printable Kit

This pack includes babysitter activities and ideas that all happen in the kitchen! And if you’re worried about young kids using the stove – we’ve thought about that too. You can choose from oven recipes or non-oven recipes to make sure everyone is happy and safe.

Inside the cooking bag, you’ll find:

  • Babysitter Instructions – so you can leave home worry free!
  • Printable Embellishments  to decorate your darling bag.
  • Kids’ Mini Recipe Book – oven recipes and non-oven recipes to keep everyone safe.
  • DIY Kids’ Chef Hat – because all great chefs need a white hat!
  • Matching Food Card Game  a new game perfect for kids of all ages.
  • Printable Activity Placemat  perfect for entertaining those kiddos while they wait for dinner!
  • Pretend Play Restaurant Printables – for hours of make-believe restaurant fun!
  • Kitchen Clean-Up Checklist – to make sure the kitchen is spic-n-span when you get back home.

So much fun right? There are so many fun babysitter activities for kids – they’ll be so busy they won’t even know you were gone!

Here’s a closer look at the gorgeous printables included in this pack:

Kids’ Mini Recipe Book

I can’t even handle the cuteness of these cooking activities for kids! A little chef recipe book with fun meal ideas for any day of the week. Not only will your children be entertained, you’ve got dinner covered too! The kids and the sitter will have a blast as little chefs. We’ve made sure they are all kid-friendly so the little ones can help out.

Babysitter Activities Cooking Kit: Kid Cook book

DIY Kids’ Chef Hat

Every great chef needs a white hat! We’ve added step by step instructions to guide you through creating your own DIY chef hats.

Babysitter Activities DIY Chef Hat

Adorable Matching Food Card Game

Your kids will have a blast playing this food matching game. We’ve taken the traditional game of “go fish” and given it a food category makeover. Fun and educational too! {Wink!}

Babysitter Cooking Kit Food Card Game

Printable Placemat with Fun Games and Activities

Use this once or laminate it and use it over and over again for some meal time fun! This is an easy and fun activity to keep the kids busy while the food is cooking!

Babysitter Cooking Kit Printable Placemat

Cute Pretend Restaurant Play Printables

This is my favorite part! Our Little Chef’s Pretend Restaurant is jam packed full, for hours of creative fun!  Name tags, menus, guest checks, food items, pretend money, and open/closed signs work together to create a perfect pretend restaurant.  All you need now are some creative kids!

Babysitter Cooking Kit Pretend Kitchen

Kitchen Clean-Up Checklist

AND the most helpful part of this babysitter in a bag kit is a Clean-Up Checklist for tidying up after all of the fun is finished.  Date nights are awesome… Date night AND coming home to a clean kitchen – even better!!

Fun Babysitter activity ideas

Babysitter in a Bag Gift Tag

Our Babysitter in a Bag Kit also makes a great gift idea! These fun babysitter ideas work for any family. It’s a perfect present for a young couple with kids who need a date night OR a teenager who babysits a lot.

Babysitter Activity Kit

This entire

Babysitter in a Bag: Cooking Adventure Kit

can be yours for only


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