60 Questions for a DIY Battle of the Sexes Game

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Battle of the Sexes Game Ideas

Get your friends together for this easy DIY Battle of the Sexes game. In the ultimate Battle of the Sexes Game, who do you think will win?! Pit the men against the women, to see who knows more about the opposite sex! We will cover the Battle of the sexes board game rules, as well as a bunch of other helpful Battle of the Sexes Party Ideas. So buckle up because you are going to be an incredible host for this crazy, fun game night. You may have heard of the Battle of the Sexes board game, but this DIY version you can totally make your own. Just click the pink download button below to download your own free printables.

This Battle of the Sexes Game looks like so much fun for group date night in! #battleofthesexesgame #battleofthesexesboardgame

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Are you ready for a date night that will have you laughing all night long? So based on the hit Battle of the Sexes board game, this group date is fun, crazy, and sure to be a hit! Certainly, our Battle of the Sexes Game has everything you need to play the game right from home with your craziest friends! Most importantly, this game will challenge your brains, physical endurance, AND creative abilities! So get ready for some fun!

Battle of the Sexes Game Ideas

Whether you have played and know all of the Battle of the Sexes board game rules, or if you are totally new to the game, we’ve got you covered. After you print and prep all of your own Battle of the Sexes party ideas, you’ll be all set to go. Certainly, the best part is, you are going to have so much fun! I’m pretty sure you’ll be using this DIY Battle of the sexes board game again and again!

Battle of the Sexes board game.

So this date night kit includes the following items:

  • Instructions for each round
  • A Scoreboard
  • A Die
  • Jar Labels
  • Girl Questions
  • Boy Questions

You will be floored by the gorgeous bold colors on the Battle of the Sexes party ideas and printables. Most importantly, you have everything you need in one place. So print, prep, and get ready for a super fun group date that no one will forget!

Battle of the Sexes Board Game Rules:

Once your guests arrive, split into teams: girls vs. boys (of course!). Also, choose team names and get your scorecard ready. here are 3 rounds: 1. Battle of the Brains, 2. Battle of Endurance, and 3.Battle of Creativity! Points are explained in the instructions for each round as we go through the Battle of the Sexes board game rules below.

Battle of the Sexes Scorecard


So how much do you know about the opposite sex? Certainly, in this game, you will find out! For this first round, the two teams will take turns answering questions for these adorable question jars! We have come up with 60 unique and creative questions to challenge your brain!

Battle of the Sexes Questions

Each team rolls the die to know which type of question they are to answer. So if the die lands on “Girl” your team must answer a “Girl” question!

Battle of the Sexes DIY Die

If the die lands on “Boy” your team will need to answer a “Boy question”. So fun, right?

Battle of the Sexes the Girl Questions

Make sure to keep track of points on your scorecard! For each correct answer, your team will receive one point!

Boy's Questions


Which team has more physical endurance? We are about to find out with the ultimate Battle of the Sexes relay! One player for each team will go at a time. Once one of your team members has completed all three of the tasks, the next player on your team can go. Whichever team collectively finishes their relay first wins the round and gains 3 points!

Endurance Challenge

For the 3 tasks to complete – you can get as creative as you want! Choose relay activities that require endurance. Here are a few endurance Battle of the Sexes game ideas:

  • Balance on one foot for 1 minute
  • Do 15 Push-ups
  • Crab Crawl Across the floor
  • Hold a plank position for 1 minute
  • Do a wall sit for 1 minute
  • Do 20 burpees


In this last round of the Battle of the Sexes game, ladies go first! The girls will be timed as a group! They will each be required to:

  • Tie a tie on their husband
  • Draw facial hair on their spouse
  • Write down 5 professional sports teams AND the city they are from on a piece of paper

Game Ideas

Each girl from their team will need to individually complete these tasks! Once everyone from their team is done, the time will stop!

When the girls are done, it will be the guys’ turn to try and beat their time! The men will be challenged by:

  • Braiding their wife’s hair
  • Painting their nails
  • Writing down 5 Chick flicks and the lead male in the movie.

Battle of the Sexes Party Ideas

Again, once all of the guys have finished their tasks, the time will stop! Whichever team finishes in the quickest amount of time, wins the round and gains 5 points!

And that is the game! So fun! Right?

Finishing the Game

At the end of the 3 rounds, determine the winner and, ahem, you should probably have some sort of wager between the sexes for the win! Adding an incentive is always a bonus and fuels competition! So there you have it, Battle of the sexes board game rules and Battle of the Sexes game ideas. Everything you need to create a fun and exciting group date night in with your friends! So what are you waiting for? Start downloading these gorgeous printables so you can start the battle!

We hope you have so much fun! Also, don’t forget to come back and let up know what Battle of the Sexes party ideas of your own you added to spice up the night!

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Battle of the Sexes Group Date Night Game

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