Bedazzling Surprise

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If your hubby likes surprises, have we got an idea for you!  Actually, even if he doesn’t like surprises… um, chances are he’s gonna like this one!

Whether you’re one who prefers to go more bare or less bare “down there”, there’s always some space around your bikini area {usually covered up} that you can bedazzle with little girly gems!  I first heard about this from Jennifer Love Hewit, {referring to it as Vajazzling} and was immediately intrigued!  Imagine his surprise when you begin to get close and he notices that… Woah! Ooh, la la! You’re all fancy, feminine, and jeweled up for him!  Even a little change like that can make a big difference to the experience…

Get bedazzled!

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Diva Disclaimer

Here’s a design I made on my arm… {Seriously, LOL!  How else was I gonna show this?!}  Howevah… you can do any design imaginable!

Here are a few ideas to get ya thinkin’:

  • a heart with an arrow through it
  • his initials made into a design
  • an arrow pointing down… {Whatevs! You already thought of this, didn’t you!}
  • your fav flower design
  • “XOXO”
  • shape of lips
  • a design of significant to your spouse and you
  • a design of significance to the occasion (birthday candle shape or anniversary date)

There’s plenty of higher end spas that will do this for you, but it’s super easy to do this temporary treatment for yourself!  Position your gems one by one or make your design on contact paper (sticky side up, ready to apply directly to your skin) and press them all into place at once.

The gems I purchased were only a couple bucks from Icing, an inexpensive jewelry shop in the mall.  They are self-adhesive and worked just fine for me without any extra “glue”, but if the gems you find do require some extra “stick”, just grab your eyelash adhesive, and with a little dab you’re set!

Don’t have eyelash adhesive?  Oh girl, I am in LOVE with eyelashes!  Check out this post on Secrets to Sexy Bedroom Eyes… it’s great to have on hand, lasts FOREVER, and I’m pretty dang sure NO husband is gonna complain about how incredibly sexy this can look!

So… what’s your hubby gonna say when you give him a bedazzling surprise tonight?!



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  1. Love this idea! You can also buy these personal jewels online. They are called Kittie Pretties.
    Thanks for all the wonderful date Ideas. My husband and I have been married for almost 25 years now and he is the romantic one. I need all the help I can get!

  2. Hahaha! Oh my, Kiirst, I LOVE this post! Not only do I love yer sense of humor, but this looks like something that would definitely change it up in da bedroom area. I’ve heard of this too, but never knew how to go about it…and now I do! Thanks for the idea!!

  3. Super cute idea, I would even go so far as to say that even a few delicately placed (like one on the collar bone and a few sensitive spots) would make it a X-marks the spot treasure hunt!