Bedroom Birthday Party

 Bedroom Birthday Intimate Game

A fun idea to celebrate your spouse’s birthday after the kiddos are in bed.

We are big fans of birthdays around these parts!  Balloons, cake, presents and family fun – seriously!  What’s not to like?!  But… after the candles have been blown out, cake has been eaten, and the kids are in bed, the PARTY is just getting started!  Today we have a sexy and fun birthday party game to celebrate! Have your own private Bedroom Birthday Party!

Bedroom Birthday Party

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Diva Intimacy Ideas Disclaimer

Set the stage with this super cute and sexy invitation! We have some INCREDIBLE designers and Alexa of Alexa Zurcher Designs is no exception!  {Check out her stuff!} Leave this invitation for your sweetheart to find on the bed, put it on the bathroom mirror, or in the car.  Anticipation is half the fun, so make sure he sees it early in the day! {Wink!}
Bedroom Birthday Invite
How To Play:
Fashioned after sexy bedroom dice, this intimate bedroom game is reinvented “birthday style.”  Pop the birthday balloon to see what saucy task you get to enjoy {wink}.  All you need is 2 different colors of balloons.  I chose blue and red, but I’m loving these turquoise and gold ones!.  In the BLUE balloons I added the body part tag.  In the RED balloons I added the action tag.  Pop one blue and one red per turn for a fun and sexy combination. Complete the task before moving on.
Bedroom Birthday Intimate Game
Bonus Cards:
There are 3 bonus cards to spice up the game!  You can roll them up and put them in a balloon or lay them out and let the birthday boy choose {or you can pick one before the party starts}.  The bonus cards can be used anytime during the evening for an extra bit of SPICE! {Oo-la-la} A Bedroom Birthday Party might need to be a yearly tradition!! 

  • Taste:  Sweeten things up with this delicious suggestion!
  • Birthday Wish: Keep the momentum going by fulfilling a birthday desire. 
  • Move: Variety is the spice of life. Take the party to another room! 

Bedroom Birthday Party
I had the TASTE card with 3 different tasty treats ready beforehand.  Once the game starts you’re not going to want to run off to the kitchen! Ain’t no body got time for that! {Wink!} Cami has an incredible DIY Chocolate Body Paint that would be a perfect fit! If you prefer vanilla, you can try this yummy stuff out!
Bedroom Birthday Party Game

Birthdays just got a little more intimate!

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  1. Am super excited to give this a whirl for my husband’s birthday tomorrow night 😉 I’ve always wanted to do something like this but never knew what to do/where to look. Thank you so much for this fantastic idea and the templates, too! I love your website and I have no doubt my husband’s gonna love it too 🙂