BEST Marriage Advice for Newlyweds! – Part 2

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The Best Marriage Advice For Newlyweds

– From Dating Divas Readers!

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Part 2

The BEST Advice for Newlyweds

Recently, our readers were incredibly generous in helping me create the MOST AMAZING “marriage advice bridal shower” for my sweet friend, Natalie this past weekend! The response was nothing short of AH-mazing… I actually received hundreds of insightful and wonderful bits of marriage advice from our fabulous readers!
And when it came time for the shower, your marriage advice seriously MADE her day. When Natalie walked in to see the outpouring of love and support written on heartfelt messages from SO many people, she could NOT believe her eyes! It really was such a special moment I will never forget! And neither will Natalie. You all completely made that happen for her!! And down the road, when people ask her what the secret to a long happy marriage is, she will totally know the answer!
I truly could hug you ALL for being so amazing and reaching out the way you did! My heart is so full of gratitude and love for each of you!!!! So, I wanted to share with everyone these OVER 600 incredible snippets of marriage advice! Your wisdom and your generosity can now serve SO many other couples, too!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
{and ps: Here’s how the advice looked hung up at the shower! Sooooo pretty!!!}
Marriage Advice
Alright, let’s get to it!
  1.  Hi you sweet hearts, I was married when I was 18 and the first year was really tough because we were trying to figure out how to live with each other. Don’t ever take the easy way out! Always try! I would have to say that the best advice I can give you is to never stop communicating! If you guys are having an issue talk about it without raised voices and never hold it in. If you need to think before you speak then make sure the other person knows that you need a minute but you will speak when you compose yourself. I can’t blurt anything out because it always comes out in the worst way so I sometimes even write down what I want to say. The other thing is think before you may cause a fight! I mean is it worth the argument if the toilet paper was put upside down, no because at least it was put back on in the first place! Last thing is not to go to bed mad but if you do give each other a goodnight kiss and don’t turn your back. –Trinitie Pentico
  2.  Don’t hide your feelings, especially if you’re upset. Good Luck X –Elizabeth
  3.  You often hear people say ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’, but I only started taking that advice in my second marriage and trust me…it works. Just think to yourself, ‘Is it really worth it to completely disrupt the happiness in the house because of his socks & shoes lying around?’ The answer is usually no. Congratulations & may your marriage be blessed. –Ondeane
  4. Always make time for one another to be alone and to have romantic time together. –Veronica

  5. Just always remember what brought you together. And try never to go to sleep in dispute 🙂 Wishing you all the best and your happily ever after from sunny Greece. –Marialena

  6. Be honest, even about the little things. –Chloe

  7. Leaving your house without kissing your spouse is like leaving your house without your pants on. Don’t forget your pants! –Cami Elison

  8. Always, always have each other’s back. Even when you would prefer not. –Cindy

  9. Promise each other to try one new thing week or month whether it be a new place to eat or a place to visit. –Connie

  10. I was given this advice at my own wedding. When I implement it in my marriage it amounts to a few less things I have to do. My friend said to me, “If your husband says he can do it (whatever it is) better, let him!” Now, when he says it whether through actions or words, I just step aside and let him. Best wishes! –Rachael

  11. Read the Bible and pray together at least once a day. Find out what your spouse’s primary Love Language is, and consciously make an effort to love them in that way. Don’t expect your spouse to read your mind; tell them what you want and how you feel. –Maria & Marcus Bratus

  12. Don’t be afraid to explore your sexual relationship with each other.  Really talk about what you wonder, hope for, dream about, etc. in the bedroom.  Our marriage became SO INCREDIBLE in all areas once I got over being squeamish about our intimate relationship. –Sarah Pentzer

  13. Dear Natalie,

    I am so excited for you and your future husband to experience the joy of being one flesh and a couple walking together in the same direction.  My husband and I have been married 36 years and we love each other more now than we did when we got married.  One of the things that we did to keep things fun is, we purchased a little pink piggy bank for our room.  My husband then went to the bank with $1 bills and exchanged them for gold $1 coins to be used for our piggy bank.  Every time we decide to spend intimate time together, we feed the pig a gold coin.  At the end of the year, we cash out the coins and use it for a special anniversary celebration.  We have mentored several young couples and always present them with either a pig or a cute little box with their names on it for their bedroom.  We tell them that they can use the money monthly, yearly or save it all for the 10th, or 25th Anniversary or however they want to.  We tell them to choose a code phrase that only they will understand when one of them would like to spend a gold coin.  Ours are: “We need to feed the pig” or “I have a gold coin, do you want to help me spend it?” We have had many wonderful memories involving that pink little pig.   I hope that you too will make many memories with your husband and feed the pig often if you choose to do this.

    Many Blessings, 

    Nell Waldrop

  14. I’m sure many women will talk about love and respect and five love languages which are totally right but I’ve learned to always believe he means well. There will be many misunderstandings and differences but never assume he wants to hurt you or doesn’t care. Always give him the benefit of the doubt. You ARE the most important person to him. 🙂 Been married just 5 years but things are only getting better! –Melinda

  15. Marriage is about oneness, oneness of purpose, mind, heart and body.  Oneness of body is only ¼ of the oneness package.  Continue to work on purpose, mind and heart, and you will have a marriage that will survive.  Once you have those three things in place, oneness of body isn’t difficult. –Barbara Frohne

  16. Hello Natalie!

    Movies, books, and other media tend teach us that once you find true love, it’s a guarantee that you’ll live happily ever after. As soon as your prince swoops you off of your feet, you will never be unhappy again. Now, on the surface, I think we all know this isn’t true. What I don’t think we expect is that marriage is no guarantee that you will never have your heart broken. Here’s the fact of the matter: At some point, your husband will do something that breaks your heart. Maybe it will be an offhand comment he didn’t realize would hurt, maybe it will be the way he reacts to something you do, or maybe it will be something truly devastating. And you know what? At some point, you will break his heart, too. Marriage is not a guarantee that you will live happily ever after. My advice is, at the times when your heart has been broken, FORGIVE. Forgive, forgive, and then forgive some more. Let it go. Don’t stew over it or hold it over his head. Every great marriage is made up of two very good forgivers. Although marriage doesn’t mean your heart will never be broken, it CAN mean that you never have to experience it alone. Lean on one another and be honest. Don’t give up. Keep forgiving. –Caitie

  17. We have a special magnet each  that lives on the side of the fridge that when is placed on the front of the fridge means we need to talk!!!!  It’s sometimes hard to say that you are needing to talk to your partner and sometimes your partner is not ready to talk so we use the magnets as a tool when both are on the fridge together then we know that both of us are ready to talk about the serious thing that has been difficult. We find we argue less if we are both ready to talk about it. –Joy

  18. Practice kindness. In every situation show kindness. Search for the driving force behind the action of your spouse,  be it positive or negative, and treat him with kindness.  Taking for granted that another human being knows your heart is ridiculousness! You know that you have had previously and do still experience a change of heart occasionally. By showing kindness always, you will find the opportunity to communicate with your spouse while providing a safe place for your lover to be honest.  We all know that I we have our feelings hurt sometimes. This practice of kindness will reduce the opportunity/decision to potentially hurt one another. –Stephanie Brodale

  19. Give all of your problems to God.. Trust God. Seek Him first. You may have the urge to go to others for help and advice… but let God be God and fix your situations. Pray for your marriage daily. –Lakisa

  20. Congratulations Natalie! My advice for a great marriage is to do everything for your spouse out of love and respect. When you really love someone you respect their feelings and everything about them. For example, I ask myself how I would feel if they were to do or say what I want to do or say to them. If I would feel loved then it’s probably a good fit! When you really love someone you don’t ever want to hurt them. Much love and kindness in your new life together!! –Gena

  21. Don’t ever leave the house upset with one another, say how you feel and be sure to say I love you when all is done. –Lisa Mcnichol

  22. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! My best advice for you is to always pursue each other. Never stop dating each other, even after marriage even when children come in to the picture! Always make time for each other. Always encourage each other and life each other up. Always pray for and with each other. Make sure the other always knows you are always their for support. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together! God Bless you! –Laken

  23. Learn from your disagreements & how you both recover from them! I am quick to forgive and want to hug it out ASAP, while my hubs needs time to process it and once he’s ready, he will come find me! Understanding this has improved our communication TREMENDOUSLY!!!! 🙂 best wishes! –Holli

  24. Never disparage your spouse in front of your kids!  Your kids need to know that daddy is the hero of your house and your hearts! –Lori

  25. Always remember why you got married, this will get you through the tough times when sometimes the only thing that keeps you together is to say, “I did not get married to get divorced.” –Angelica

  26. My mom gave me this advice when I got married …. If you feel like you are the only one compromising then you really are the one that isn’t compromising enough … Or something like that. –Melissa

  27. Small random acts of love and adventure. This is what makes and keeps a marriage feeling new. A small love note in his lunch, a surprise picnic, a homemade card, etc. Just small things. This lets your man know that he is always on your mind, as is your love for him.  Its so important to keep dating one another after marriage and this is a good way to show love. Plus if you’re romancing your man, he is more willing to romance you. –Danielle

  28. Say you love each other every day and mean it! Fights happen but to talk through it and come out stronger and more in love. Even the little things matter. Don’t let them go buy without noticing and appreciate each other! –Andrea Albrecht

  29. Do what you did in the beginning! –Simone

  30. If you ever find yourself arguing/fighting, strip… No one can argue naked! –Lori Hall

  31. Read the book “His Needs, Her Needs” by Willard F. Harley, Jr. –Miriam Higginson

  32. The beginning of marriage has a distorted image and many people think this is the brightest, happiest time of the couple’s lives together but in reality it is usually the rockiest. You are now glued to this person for life and you will see many things from them, some you might like, some you might dislike. Always count your blessings before having any negative intuition about your marriage. And know that good things don’t just come out of no where, it takes time and patience. And if you’re religious, the best advice I can give you is that there will be hard times, maybe it will seem there are more hard times than easy times but know that God promises an easy time after there is hardship and that He will reward those who have gone through hardship if they are patient and they pray to Him. –Jessica

  33. Don’t expect him to change.  Change YOUR attitudes and see the change!  Happy wedding! –Gail

  34. My advice to you is to make sure you enjoy each season of your relationship. Sometimes we get in a hurry to move on to the next best thing. But,  you will never get the time you rushed through back.  Enjoy each day as a young couple.  Adding kids to the mix is so much fun, but lots of work. To be a really great parent you end up sacrificing a lot of yourself for your family.  Do not feel guilty about being selfish with your time together as a young couple without children. Enjoy the little things each day!  Congratulations and good luck with everything. –April Earl

  35. Tell each other “I love you” everyday. Life is short and you never know what could happen, and it’s so important that you and your love know how much you matter to the other. Plus, it really brightens your day! Best wishes!! –Amy

  36. Keep up making time for each other! Even when there is a dog, one or few kids, mothers/sisters/brothers whatsover in need… Keep making love-time for each other, so that you can fall in love again…over and over.. –Telina

  37. Advice given to us from a sweet couple in our church:

    Do not have serious conversations after 10:00pm.   You’re tired, your defenses are down, you will argue (or be way too submissive) when you normally wouldn’t.  When kids come into the picture, you’ll be so tired that you won’t remember what was discussed.   Save your breath, sleep on in and discuss in the morning! –Alison Rigney

  38. Pray together and for each other every day. Put God first then your spouse second in all you do. Fight for each other, not with each other. Never go to bed mad, always give compliments and hold hands & kiss in public! –Sarah Jenson

  39. If you do fight, fight naked and you will both end up laughing and making out I mean making up???? –Sara

  40. Don’t give up, because at some point, you’ll want to…marriage is hard work and you have to want it more than anything. You have to work at it. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Best wishes! –Kristin

  41. Cut out the word “divorce” from your dictionary. Don’t let it be in your vocabulary. If you don’t consider it, you’ll work thru any problems together. If you continually threaten divorce at every argument, it will eventually happen.

    May God bless your marriage! Congrats! –Tesia

  42. All of the awesome ideas that the Dating Divas have offered is the best way to keep your marriage & romance alive. I just joined the dating divas about a month ago and have started using all of their great ideas.  It has been exceptional – he absolutely loves all of the showering of attention I have been giving him and it’s so much fun to do.  It really is all about giving.  All the fun things I am doing makes him want to do things for me in return.  It definitely adds a spark to the relationship. –Pamela & Joe Alden

  43. Don’t forget to laugh together everyday. –Bobbi

  44. Let thoughtful and considerate words ONLY be what you speak. After 9 years of marriage, it was all worth it to overhear my husband say, “she doesn’t nag or pout to have her way, she prays and we all fall in line.” I pray you have a lifelong love affair that encourages all you meet. –Ibiye

  45. Every marriage has its ups and downs. Don’t forget that when you’re riding out the downs. –Zoë

  46. Don’t quit.

    Yep. Seriously, it’s the best and most practical advice you will ever need in a moment of frustration and weakness, from my husband’s Grandfather, who besides being the best man at our wedding, was happily married for over 50 years. –Christina Champe

  47. I got married when I was 19 and I’ve been married to the same man for 24yrs. The best advice I know is always communicate and always be honest with each other no matter how big or small the issue is. Always smile and be happy. –Maryann

  48. Keeping God first in your marriage is the best single piece of advice I can give.  If you share that, everything else can be worked out. –Michelle

  49. Deciding what to eat each night is so stressful!!!! There is nothing wrong with breakfast for dinner!    –Ruthie

  50. Marriage is a work in progress.  The more you work at it, the better it gets! –Tina

  51. Always cherish each other. Tell your partner how much they mean to you on a daily basis and always take care of them. Natalie, I wish you all the happiness of the world and may you be able to stay calm when he acts foolish while you’re pms-ing lol. –Xheni

  52. My number 1 bit of advice would be no one sleeps on the couch! There might be times that you feel you just don’t want to be in the same room but trust me, almost 13 years of marriage and my husband and I made a vow to never ever make the other person feel that they are not wanted or loved. God’s blessings to you and your new, wonderful life together! –Stacie St. Onge

  53. Never stop leaving one another love notes–even when they start reading like “Thanks for taking the dog out in the middle of the night.” Best Wishes! –Donielle Scherff

  54. Congratulations!

    Communicate! Your spouse can’t read your mind! Tell them what you want, don’t want, why your mad/happy, what’s on your mind. Never hide anything (except surprises). Keep a jar of pennies to trade for thoughts at any time. Be sure to say it straight forward; it is hard to play the guessing game and if they don’t catch the “hint” you may regret it.

    May you always have the guts to talk it out! –MaryAnna Stover

  55. Focus on all of the good things that your husband does for you. It’s easy to pick out things that he may not do right or the things that may bug you a little; that causes negative feelings. Focus on his good qualities and all the little things he does for you. When you do that, your love and admiration for him will grow and he’ll feel loved and appreciated 🙂 –Shanna Morrill

  56. Communication and Space are key elements to a great relationship. Being Honest with each other will always help out with arguments and decisions. Also Everyone needs their own space from time to time, being together 24/7 can really drag a relationship down. –Tara

  57. Always show kindness and patience to each other. Marriage is designed to put your spouse’s needs before your own. You have to choose to love them every day, even when you do not feel like it. And touch! The power of touch breaks down emotional barriers when you’re upset with each other. Stay connected and you will weather every storm. –Rebecca Brittain

  58. There will be moments where your partner will frustrate or upset you. I find it helps diffuse my frustration when I think of what the intention is behind the action. Most of the time people have good intentions and it was just the delivery of a message that went wrong. That is also a good self-test when arguing. Is my argument with good intentions? If not I need to stop. 🙂 –Lexie

  59. Never speak out of anger. Take a minute,  seek Godly counsel,  then go back and work it out. –Cecelia

  60. I know people are going to say communication is the key. They are all correct communication is the key. Start your marriage with learn how your partner communicates with you. Sometimes he/she will be quiet and want you to probe and sometimes they just need to process on their own. Congratulations. –Keisa

  61. Always kiss good night! –Courtney

  62. Learn to love the little things, even the ones that annoy you (and over time there will be.)  You are not one person, you will do things he doesnt agree with and he will do things you don’t agree with.  That’s ok.  Let him leave his tools around the house- they are there from a project he fixed.  Let him leave his pants NEXT to the hamper- after all the hamper was probably your idea anyways not his.  Always find something positive in those little things and you will make it together until your last breath.  And ALWAYS find a way to laugh together, even thru the rough times. –Dawn

  63. Be each other’s cheerleader. Respect each other and build each other up. Always be kind. Always remember birthdays and special events:) –Natasha

  64. When you have children, don’t overlook your husband. Although you truly are tired (and he needs to be understanding of this :), be sure and make time for him, your first love. –Lori-Ann

  65. Make sure to ask each other daily, “How can I pray for you today?” Ask what your new bride/groom needs your help with in prayer for the day.  Cover them with your prayers. Make sure to thank God daily for the gift of your marriage. –Terry

  66. Always talk things out and never keep secrets from each other 🙂 –Jessica Zaldana

  67. Save your best self for each other rather than give it all away to other projects/work/strangers.  Enduring love starts with true friendship and letting God be the leader of your marriage. –Teresa

  68. My husband and I have been married for over 7 years now, we truly enjoy our life together, it has been a precious gift. I would say our biggest secret is this – GOODWILL. To remember that the other has goodwill toward me no matter what the circumstances are and that together our goodwill blossoms into the deepest trust. –Amanda

  69. Love grows deep. The ooey gooey mushy puppy love won’t last forever. But the more you learn about each other, the deeper you will learn to appreciate and respect each other. Your love will grow deeper and stronger, so when the tough times come, your love will remain rooted and established. Congratulations! –Amanda Beard

  70. It takes more work to hold a grudge than it does to forgive. Don’t hold grudges, let things go and never forget to kiss each other good night! –Sarah

  71. Marriage is a lot of work! Be devoted to making it work everyday! Always have an ear to listen and take the time to talk often! No day is too busy for each other. Stay playful and always say I love you! Best of luck to you both! –Joanie Blackmore

  72. TALK! Talk about absolutely everything. If the conversation leads to hurt feelings take at least a twenty minutes away from each other without speaking, then come back together and TALK more. –Nakisha Carroll

  73. Compromise and remember why you fell in love –Kathi

  74. Never sleep apart if you are upset at one another. Schedule weekly date nights to stay connected and in tune. Actively pursue one another throughout your marriage like when you were just dating. Don’t have sex before marriage. Even though it will be hard, in the long run you will be glad you waited. –Elizabeth Chu

  75. Congratulations! What an exciting time ahead for the both of you! I have a few little things that make a difference…Firstly savage garden had it right – never let the sun set on an argument.

    Never wait for the other person to apologize first because if you’re both waiting no one will ever apologize.

    Remember every single day why you fell in love with each other.

    Try to always do little things for each other but always do them with love so when, for example, you make a cup of coffee think about your love as you make it – trust me the other person will taste it.

    Always communicate about anything and everything! If you’re unhappy about something in your relationship or with your day at work – tell each other, you’re best friends and best friends talk!

    Live each day like its your first day together and your last day together so you never lose the love and excitement of being together.

    Give each other freedom to have friends and spend time with friends and never stop trusting each other unnecessarily.

    Have a wonderful happy marriage! –Yvonne

  76. Keep the communication. I have been with my husband 36years, Times get hard but with love, you will get through things. Congrats! –Sue

  77. Be Flexible–It’s okay if he is right sometimes 🙂 Be patient and have a sense of humor -laugh at your mistakes sometimes.  Most of all put God in your life and marriage.  He will always steer you in the right direction. Pray and lots of kisses! –Terry

  78. Treat your spouse the same way you treated them before you got married or better. For example: go on weekly date nights, do sweet unexpected things for each other, lots of hugs and kisses. –Cindy Mooney

  79. Never be afraid to communicate, for it is the key to eternal happiness! –Kat

  80. Be courteous to one another at all times. Courtesy will lend a magic to your marriage. Politeness, thoughtfulness , and consideration will increase your respect and love for one another. Remember to say “Please”, “Excuse me”, “Thank you”, “I beg your pardon”, to each other, even in the privacy of your home.

          Learn to communicate. A husband and wife must communicate daily. Talk to each other, look at each other; and, listen to each other. Communicate with tenderness, with hugs and kisses. Keep no secrets from one another. Pray and study the Writings together.

          Give in to each other. Give in more than 50% of the time. It takes humility and detachment to do it, but learn to give in. Don’t simmer with anger, hostility, or resentment. Don’t hang on to grudges. Sacrifice for each other. Say to your partner: “I’m sorry”, or “I made a mistake”, or “I was wrong”, or “Please accept my apology.”

          Resolve never to nag. Nagging causes disharmony, tensions, and grief. Avoid it from the start. Try not to give orders to your mate. Instead of saying, “Go close the window” you could say, “Do you think it’s a good idea to shut the window before we leave?”

          Always encourage your partner. Give your mate daily encouragement and assistance. Don’t let little things bother you. Look at the good, and forget the other qualities. Strive for forgiveness and magnanimity. Never tear your partner down. Try to develop his or her good qualities.

          Reciprocity in marriage. A good marriage requires reciprocity and interaction. And to interact meaningfully one needs time, patience, and a willingness to listen. If you are in a hurry, it is impossible to interact. You cannot always be frantic and rushed and hope to develop your marriage in a spiritual direction. Therefore, arrange some periods of peace and quiet each day.

          A husband and wife must plan to enjoy periods of rest, relaxation, and fun together. If possible, plan some kind of recreation each week: walk together, sing, swim, talk, laugh together. Be together- just the two of you.Unity in marriage.  The spirit of unity must be applied to every aspect of marriage – emotional, physical, and spiritual. We seem to talk endlessly about unity of nations, of religions, of races and classes of peoples, but almost never about unity in marriage and in the family.

    I wish you both all the best in all your future endeavors and always remember that without God … nothing flourishes. –Vered

  81. No matter how mad you are, always sleep in the same bed. You might go to bed separately. You might even go to bed mad. But sometime during that sleep, you connect/touch. And a simple touch can change everything—including your perception. God bless you! Genevieve

  82.  Fights happen. It’s normal. You’re not always going to be able to talk it out right away. That’s ok. If you need to walk away for a bit in order to calm down, do it! It’ll be better in the long run. –Caitlin

  83.  FIRST GIVE THAN TAKE. –Praveen

  84. Dont just be understanding of each others feelings and emotions, be accepting. Accept that things that you may not find hurtful your partner may and be the first to APOLOGIZE. Your marriage is your first ministry and it means more than being right or getting your way. –Rahama

  85. Let go of expectations (of what he SHOULD do, etc.), and love the wonderful moments as they happen! –Bella

  86. Communicate!! Always! –MacKenzie

  87. Sometimes when we are stuck on a problem that causes stress I remember they saying, Maybe Marriage isn’t meant to make us happy BUT HOLY. Then whose right or wrong isn’t as important. –Tara Newhouse

  88. Romantic love never lasts. So marry your best friend and spend your life with them. –Charish

  89. Love Yourself –Suzette
  90. Always be honest with each other. If it’s a difficult subject to deal with, always consider the other person’s feelings or how you would feel if the roles were reversed! –Candice

  91. Stay true to your significant other, but also remember to stay true to yourself. –Julia

  92. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Pick your fights wisely and sometimes it is OK to go to bed angry, you usually wake up forgetting what you fought about anyway. –Samantha

  93. Set a “24 hour rule.” If you (or your spouse) get upset about something you have 24 hours to bring it up and talk through it. After 24 hours it should be dropped and forgotten. This helps from holding grudges and bringing up things that have already been settled in future disagreements. –Emily

  94. Don’t let the anger or bitterness of one bad moment mess up all the love between you two. So if there’s a problem talk and explain how do you feel and solve it. Then kiss goodnight 😀 –Desiree Vidana

  95. Congratulations.. Always treat your bride like your girlfriend….my daddy told my husband that..they have been married 47 yrs. He still calls her his bride and when he walks in the house still yells…honey, I’m home!!! He’s 70.. –Krista

  96. Having a really good marriage is something you both have to work at every day. Communication is key and once it brakes down it is a lot of work to get it back. One of the best tidbits I think I have heard is, both of you should live like each anniversary your spouse has to decide allover again if they would marry you each year. Make sure you both have the same values and can work together to solve problems that do occur. As long as you both always remember you are both on the same team and respect each other you will be able to get through the hard times together by leaning on each other.    –Katrina

  97. If we have an argument we can’t get out, we pause it and tell each other we love each other nonetheless. At the end of the day we’re on the same team. –Femke Swanton

  98. No matter the situation, if there is something bothering you always speak up and talk about it. Never let anything go as it can certainly make your thoughts and feelings worse. Make sure you listen and also make sure you give each other time to speak. Don’t interrupt as much as you want to make a point as that might turn it into a fight. –Vicky

  99. Oh wow.. that’s so wonderful.. What I would like to share is that marriage is a journey…and we are no professionals at it. Don’t EXPECT a perfect marriage. Every new day is an experience. Live every new day the way it comes, don’t hold on to what happened yesterday.

    And the second advice would be… give your spouse some time out… there are times he Will be rude and want to stay away..let him be… the time he is away he will realize that your the person he needs the most in his life and his love for you will grow deeper

    All the best. –Chen

  100. After 30 years of marriage, my advice is to Stay best friends; attend or study a marriage enrichment yearly (Jon Gottman), have weekly dates, “couch” time daily (talk time), and put God first in all you do. –Cynthia Long

  101. Enjoy a ten second kiss every day! –Lisa

  102. Don’t take yourselves too seriously with each other. Life has plenty of reasons to get you up tight. With that said, be silly with each other. Pull small pranks. Tell corny jokes. Jump on the bed. WHATEVER you need to do to keep each other light-hearted and laughing, DO IT. Congrats on this new adventure you’re both about to embark on! xxx –Ashley

  103. Always find a way to make each other laugh.  My husband still makes me laugh everyday and we will be celebrating 13 years of marriage in October.  He is my very best friend.  And no matter what it takes, never go to bed mad. –Dana

  104. Always talk out your problems in a calm manner. –Rebecca & Braden McArther

  105. If you are a wife, then God has called you to a wonderful position. We need to look to the Bible and what God has to say on the subject in order to define what a Biblical wife is.

    “What Happily Married Couples Do”

    #1 Have positive conversations.

    #2 Show affection.

    #3 Remember that you are each other’s therapists.

    #4 Be humble and cultivate Christlike attributes.

    #5 Date Frequently.

    #6 Enrich your intimacy.

    #7 Seek feedback and help each other.

    #8 Eliminate Anger.

    #9 Be sensitive to each other’s stress levels. –Renette

  106. Give Grace often. –Bobbie Sue

  107. Pretend arguments are a listening contest. You won’t remember what the argument was about or even why you were so angry but the hurtful words will be forever in your mind. –Tenita Brown

  108. This is some of the advice I received when I got married almost 22  years ago. “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Many things can be overlooked and dealt with even if it is your pet peeve, i.e. toilet seats, and toothpaste caps. If it’s not a “deal breaker,” try to move past it. YOU CAN NOT CHANGE PEOPLE. Also, try not to do things at the beginning of your marriage that you are not willing to continue, i.e. flowers, candy every week, cooking, etc. Be friends, share in each others interests. Last thing do not ever leave the house upset over a squabble. –Cassandra

  109. Marriage is a never-ending process. It’s where two hearts are bind together by the law of God and humanity. By marrying your other half, you swear to love him through thick and thin, be there for him no matter what, support him and most importantly, trust him with all your heart. If ever, there comes a time where you feel tired and weary and seems like the love is fading, looked back to the times where you first loved him.

    Wishing you and your future husband a bright and wonderful future. –Frieda

  110. I think that the best advice that I could give to you is to allow GOD to have an absolute control over your marriage. And you will see his hand caring and protecting your marriage every step of the way.

    Learn to live every day, as it was the last one you have, because you don’t know if actually might be the last one. It is not as easy as it sounds, but reality sometimes surprises us; so you will need to have your feet on earth and treasure every single moment, don’t waste it in silly fights. It is easy to loose focus in this crazy world that we are living on. If you learn to live every day with that intensity, I bet that your marriage will not be boring at all; actually it will be pretty amazing.

    Always RESPECT your husband. No matter how mad you are, there is no need to be disrespectful and loose your classiness. Believe me, it is not worth it and nothing good you will gain.  And when you feel that you are losing your path in your marriage (those times also will come), simply, take a moment and ask GOD for his direction and his wisdom. 

    I do not know you and I am being married only 6 years, but I can proudly say that has been an amazing 6 years. And I wish that God gives you the wisdom, the patience (you will need it), the faith (in yourself, in your husband and in your marriage), and the courage that you will need in this new journey.     

    Best Wishes –Isomar

  111. My best marriage advice is that when you and your spouse fight over things or they do things that bug you, don’t involve your families. You get the chance to forgive and forget and move on but your family doesn’t. Over time hearing you complain about your fights gives them a negative viewpoint of your spouse and affects their relationship with him/her. Build your spouse up so they love him/her as much as you do. –Janalee

  112. Congratulations! Just remember to take time for each other and to be patient with one another. Love endlessly. –Lori

  113. Always remember to cuddle before falling asleep, be grateful and say thank you for even the little things and say I love you every single day. Never take each other for granted and never criticize the other in public. –Merituuli

  114. I’ve been married 49 years and know the most important thing is never lie!!! –Mom

  115. When you need to chose a solution and you are stuck, think about what your purpose is (spend more time together, go on a holiday, make more money, where to live etc.), and then stick to the decision that aligns with your purpose even though you might not like it at the beginning. It will save you headaches in the long run. 🙂 Be blessed! –Mari

  116. Always make time for each other. Even when you’re busy, or have kids. It is important to maintain your relationship. Never disrespect the other. –Kimberly

  117. Make each other a priority.  Life can be busy but remember to put your partner first and remember the little things can make a big difference. –Kim

  118. Share everything! Have open and honest communication at all times! –Dee

  119. A good relationship needs good communication and you know, healthy sex life.

    Be a good companion and listener to each other and support your love with no conditions. –Kay

  120. Remember that he never intends to hurt your feelings. –Kara Blackburn

  121. Many people told us the first year would be the hardest; for us it was an adventure each day with our best friend. We knew we would have disagreements, but let’s be honest most of the time those boil down to pride and needing to share your viewpoint in love; but we kept in perspective this person that God gave us is a blessing and one we never want to take for granted.

    This fall we will celebrate 10 years of marriage and I can honestly say I have no clue where the past 10 years have gone. It has been an adventure still; filled with ups and downs. Life happens, and doesn’t always turn out how you planned or hoped. God alone is my advice for a successful marriage, and with Him you can be confident that anything you face can and will turn out better than anything you two could hope or plan.

    My prayer for you is to have a more beautiful marriage, then wedding. Congrats and enjoy the day you begin your adventure, together forever! –April McCrimmon

  122. Always put God first in your marriage and family. He will never let you down. Pray for your marriage and relationship and it will grow stronger. –Elizabeth Sword


  124. If your spouse offends you, he/she probably didn’t mean it and if they knew it offended you they would probably take it back in a second.  Give each other the benefit of the doubt.  Whatever you put into the marriage, you will reap 100-fold. –Alison Jensen

  125. Show your love with actions not just words.  Make his happiness your happiness. Never forget the love that got you to this point and build on it. –Lindsey

  126. Keep family and friends out of your arguments and disagreements. Once you two are over whatever you were arguing about, they won’t be! –Deaundra

  127. Always remember, just like it takes two to tango, it takes two to fight! –Candice Franklin

  128. I was given the advice at my wedding to never leave home in the morning without first looking into each other’s eyes and telling each other meaningfully that you love them. That way the love never dies.

    Also, for LDS couples, use the Family: A Proclamation to the World in your home constantly. We were told it’s okay to have a nice fancy one hanging in your home somewhere, but it should not be the only one you have. Have one by your scriptures, because it’s a roadmap for your family and marriage. It tells you the best ways to govern yourselves and your family, and will create lasting happiness.

    Congratulations, welcome to the best years of your life! –Rachel

  129. Talk about Everything!! And be a great listener even if it is about something you find boring, pay attention anyway. –Samantha

  130. For husband: just bear in mind its important that wife needs to be listened to; for wife: its important to understand that husband need time for themselves. –Beberly  Banquito

  131. Fight in the nude. –Mary Ann

  132. Take a trip, once a year, just the two of you. Even if you have children, make this time for yourself. Whether it be an extended weekend, just an overnight, or an entire week, disconnect from the home life, the bills, the phones if possible and reconnect with yourselves and the love you share. My husband and I make a list throughout the year of things that may have upset us, we always take that with us and discuss them, we do this because we are then on neutral territory, we hash out any differences and it makes us realize that the pettiness of some of the offenses don’t measure up to the love we share. –Stephanie

  133. Use the bible verse  1 Corinthians 13: 4-8. Replace the word Love with your name, self check if you are still loving your spouse God’s way. –Ashanti Craine

  134. Keep God first in your marriage and everything will fall into place.  Also, there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. “I do” is the first step, til death do us part is the last step.  All other steps in the middle are a growing process! –Jennifer

  135. Keep having sex- even if you gain some weight, even when you are tired or stressed and even when you would rather just catch up on your favorite show. All of those things don’t matter having sex with your partner does. –Amy Brindos

  136. Don’t ever throw the D word (divorce) out there lightly. Divorce should never be a factor in your relationship unless you are serious about it.

    Do remember to show the same good manners to your spouse that you would treat an acquaintance/stranger with.

    Do keep in mind that once spoken, words can never be taken back.  They can be forgiven, but they will always be out there. –Dina Sierra

  137. In the year following your marriage, go out and celebrate every month on the day you got married. Go get ice cream together, share a dessert, go on a walk, or anything small sweet thing you can do each month together. Talk about what the past month(s) of being married have been like, some of your favorite moments and what you’re looking forward to in the months to come. It’s important to have little dates and celebrate each other and reflect on your marriage. HAVE FUN & CONGRATULATIONS!!! Love Jessica

  138. Keep intimacy high and complaining low.

    If you aren’t in the mood right at first, Fake it.  As things get more hot and heavy you’ll find yourself in the mood. And you’ll be grateful afterwards.

    Best of luck!!!

    P.S he doesn’t always have to initiate 😉 –Jessica & Steven Gossard

  139. The next time you and your husband find yourself in the midst of conflict, remember the following:

    1. Know when to call it. Have you reached the point where discussion is no longer beneficial? Are you too tired or emotional to clearly communicate with and understand each other? Perhaps it is time to call it. If it is important to continue the conversation, set a time to come back together and talk. If it is better to walk away, do so completely, leaving all bitterness and resentment on the table.

    2. Say “no” to a passive-aggressive battle. Nobody wins in an argument your partner is not even aware you are having. Withholding affection, turning a cold shoulder, casting the silent treatment, and engaging in unloving conversations about your husband when he isn’t around all drive you away from your spouse. In the end, you will only become more frustrated and nothing will be resolved.

    3.Carefully consider if this is a time for silence.If we choose to delve into a serious conversation every time our husbands say or do something off-putting, we will run our relationships into the ground. Perhaps this is a time for silence. Maybe it is better to reserve your thoughts for a day or two. If you still feel the same way, you will have had time to clarify what you want to communicate, or you may find in the wait that it doesn’t warrant a conversation at all.

    All the best. –Debbie

  140. My advice would be always spend time with one and another always love and trust each other and always be there for them even if they are having a bad day. –Brandy


    For the lips of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil: But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged. I MEAN SERIOUSLY THOSE LIPS BETTER DROP AS AN HONEYCOMB BECAUSE IF U DONT, CHECK PUT WHO WILL..SO U BETTER DO THAT, TELL HIM LIKE THATS WHAT YOU WERE BORN FOR..



  142. Hello Natalie,

    Congratulations, I wish you and your future husband all the best.

    My advise for you:

    1 Corinthians 13:4-5

    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. –Lelane

  143. Never let another person determine the course of your marriage or act as the interpreter for your love. –Tamela

  144. My advice is always put God first, your spouse second, and your children third. I’ve seen too many times a mother put her children’s needs before her husbands. Your children are eventually going to grow up and leave the nest and do you want to wake up living with a stranger you neglected all those years? One of the best things you can teach and show your children is how to have a loving lasting marriage. Best of luck to you both. –Cortney

  145. Hold hands to Pray together EVERY single day. And take LOTS of pictures on your honeymoon (I wish we would’ve taken more, it’s easy to forget when your having so much fun);-) –Dorie Plank

  146. Don’t give up on each other! Divorce is NOT an option! Communication and respect are the 2 biggest things besides love in a marriage. You got this! And of course, never stop dating eachother…best wishes! –Alisha

  147. Always compliment and find the good in one another. Always let everyone around you know how great your marriage is and how happy your husband makes you. Don’t forget to tell him that too! –DeAnn

  148. Hi Natalie, as a new wife, I understand the thrill of this new adventure you are beginning. We often say that communication is  key in relationship, but I believe that it is mostly the way that you communicate that will make a difference. For instance, men tend to show with actions there emotions as we tend to more talk about it… So my advice to you would be: In a discussion, try to understand the message that he is showing you, not telling you. Try to look at his body language more than the littles words that ticks you off.  I wish you a lot of love and happy moments with your future new husband. –Leathicia


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