Birthday Week: Desserts

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Top 10 Birthday Desserts

Doesn’t food make EVERYTHING better?  Um, HELLO – yes!!!  But most especially DESSERT!!!  Yummy! When it comes to birthdays, the food and dessert is the ‘cherry on top’ to make it all come together.  The Divas all gathered their favorite birthday food ideas from different sites to share with you!

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Festive Birthday Cupcake Cones

Cupcakes are such a great treat at a birthday party, but  Making Life Delicious found a way to make them extra special.  These cupcakes not only look like ice cream cones, they can even come in different flavors and varieties.  The options are endless!  What’s even better is they don’t melt on a hot day!

Red Velvet Cake Roll

There are some who would like sophistication to be a part of their birthday festivities.  Mel’s Kitchen Cafe definitely made that happen.  This Red Velvet Cake Roll is a perfect choice to do just that!  This looks so divine and delicious! Don’t you just want to take a bite?  I know I do!!!

Kit Kat Cake

Wow, can I just say how yummy this looks?  I am all about easy and making things look like a professional made it and Made in Mel’s Kitchen’s Kit Kat Cake scores high on both!   This cake allows you to hide all the ‘human flaws’ a cake might have, add candy and a ribbon, and wa-la – your cake looks professional!  Anyone would be impressed if you had a dessert looking like this at your party!

6-Layer Rainbow Cake

I am not very talented when putting layered cakes together, but I think even I could pull this amazing cake off!  The Foodie & The Family definitely scored high in our book by making such a delicious and pretty cake.  Everyone will be impressed when you cut out the piece of cake and they see all the layers and work this cake really took.

Frozen Chocolate Banana Pops Tested Recipe

Some of us like different, and different is DEFINITELY good!  Why not stray away from a traditional birthday cake and do something a little more unique?   Joy of Baking did just that!  These chocolate banana pops are the remedy to making your birthday party POP! {No pun intended!  WINK}

Real Party: S’mores Camp Out

To go along with the ‘unique’ theme, we found this s’mores idea by The Cake Blog.  Get trays of s’more making items, and let’s ‘camp-out’.  There are so many possibilities with this – use your IMAGINATION!!!!  And just think, what husband wouldn’t LOVE for you to combine CAMPING/OUTDOORS with his PARTY!  It’s perfect for any guy!  Oh, and don’t forget the ladies.  What woman doesn’t love chocolate.  Hello!

Cake With Zebra Stripes

Like I said above, I LOVE anything that makes me look talented and My Cake School does just that with this amazing cake!  I LOVE that there are such easy instructions for this recipe.  I even think kids could pull this on off (with a little help).

Having a {Paint} Ball! Birthday Idea

What man doesn’t love a yummy looking cake, that involves something he LOVES to do – like going paintballing?!!!  Kendra’s Creations combines the items her husband loves – paintballing, chocolate, and candy.  It’s great!  This cake is simple (right up my alley) AND cute – and just PERFECT for any guy!

Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

These cookies are so great.  They incorporate a few of my favorite things: chocolate and ice cream!  They are delicious looking and once again, I LOVE that they are simple to make!  Who doesn’t like easy?   A Pretty Life in the suburbs did a fantastic job of putting these together with amazing instructions to follow.  I am IMPRESSED to say the least!

Yummy Special Occasion Meal

Birthdays aren’t ALL about dessert!  What about an actual yummy MEAL?  Fellow Diva, Kari, did just that when planning this meal for her husband.  It wasn’t for his birthday, but it is definitely birthday worthy!  She put this together for husband when he was having a bad day at work.  What’s so great about it is it includes the romance AND ends in a delicious dessert.  Way to go Kari.  This is awesome!

I hope you enjoy all your birthday kitchen options.  There are SO many things revolving around food to really ‘MAKE” the party.  What I LOVE about these options is that they are easy and look so pretty!  If you want even more ideas, check out our Birthday Week: In The Kitchen from last year!  Happy Birthday everyone!


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my s’more bar! This was so exciting for me. I truly appreciate it. The entire “birthday week” has been excellent, full of GOOD ideas! I’ve enjoyed seeing everything.

    1. @Lisa- I am so glad that you enjoyed the whole birthday week. Wasn’t it fun? Thanks again for letting us feature your amazing idea!!!