Blind Date Ideas for Couples

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Date Ideas for Married Couples

Do you remember being set up on blind dates? Maybe those days are so far away it’s hard to remember, or maybe they are so fresh in your memory you still cringe at the thought of them. Or did you avoid being set up on blind dates all together? No matter what category you fall into, the words “blind date” always come with strong feelings of anticipation and excitement. After all, you have no idea what is going to happen! We wanted to recreate that feeling of anticipation and excitement by creating a blind date for married couples!

Bring back the butterflies! Go on a blind date with your spouse using these fun envelopes that plan the date for you! #blinddate #dateideasformarriedcouples #lastminutedateideas

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Blind Date

This is such a fun idea for married couples to infuse a little excitement back into their dating lives! These printables are so, so cute–you are going to love them!

Blind Date PlannerPerhaps you are thinking, how can I go on a blind date with my spouse? Normally on a blind date, you go into the date without knowing WHO your date will be. On this date; however, you know who your date is, but you will have no idea WHAT you will be doing. The key to creating the same excitement as a traditional blind date is harboring the excitement and anticipation that comes from the unknown!

Ideas of things to do on a blind date.

DIY Envelopes

Let these darling envelopes keep the date a secret AND do the planning for you! Simply print the free printables attached below, cut them out, and assemble the envelopes.{Our fave paper cutter makes this a breeze!} Then place the proper cards inside their designated envelope.

Blind Date Night

There are three small envelopes, labeled: Activity, Dinner, and After Dark. Cut out the cards and place them into each envelope. The cards have simple ideas that will be perfect for a date with your sweetheart. Date Night Planner DIY Envelopes

Date Night Planner

When it’s time for the date, draw out one card from each of the envelopes and it will act as your date night planner! You will be blind to what you will be doing because you won’t draw out a card until the date is beginning!

Blind Date for Couples
Last Minute Date IdeasEach idea is so simple, it takes no planning ahead or preparation! We designed it this way so that it can be a blind date for both of you!  There is a fun activity to start off the night, an unusual idea for dinner, and then a sexy, or sweet idea for after dark to round off the evening!

Blind DateBlind Date Ideas for Married Couples Last Minute Date Ideas

All three of the envelopes, Activity, Dinner, and After Dark, fit inside of the last envelope. You can pack the smaller envelopes into the larger one and draw out a blind date idea card from each one as the evening goes along.

Blind Date IdeasThe best part of this date is how many date ideas are included! Pull out this blind date envelope any time you are in need of last-minute date ideas and enjoy a fun, interesting blind date, time and time again!

Blind Date Envelopes





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Blind Date Ideas for Couples

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