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The Perfect Fall Date!

Can you believe it will be OCTOBER tomorrow?!  Don’t you just LOVE October?  It’s time for pumpkins, football, leaves, more pumpkins, and…


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Yep, we’re introducing you to a NEW October tradition, and isn’t this SOOOO much better than Oktoberfest?!

 {Ummm…. YES!!  Times a million!}

 Forget the beer and brats, we’re bringing on the CHOCOLATE!! 

The idea for this devilishly delicious tradition came from my sister, Isabelle.  I’ll let her explain…

How This Annual Chocolate Party Came About

“My husband’s first duty station with the Army, 11 years ago, was in Germany.  Well, the biggest Fall festival in Germany is… Oktoberfest!  Essentially, everyone parties with beer and brats for 16 days.  We do not drink alcohol, so the festivities didn’t resonate with me.   BUT one day we happened into a Baskin Robins on the Army post that was having an Oktoberfest special.    It read in big, bold letters: CHOKTOBERFEST!  Below that were three specials, all seriously CHOColatey & delicious sounding.  We loved this idea SO much better than beer.   We joked about how fun it would be to have a party centered all around chocolate.  Well, that daydreaming is now a reality as we host our annual Choctoberfest every year.   The chocolate buffet is the main attraction!”

Totally genius, right?!  They’ve been hosting their annual Choctoberfest for years, and it is such a HIT with their friends and neighbors that it gets bigger and bigger every year.  Last year they had upwards of 50 guests because NOONE wanted to be left out of the chocolate party they’d heard so much about.

I’ve heard about their fabulous chocolate celebrations for years, and wished I lived closer so I could get in on all the chocolatey-ness. But this year, I finally decided to host my OWN Choctoberfest!  I even enlisted the help of Sameeha from The Inked Leaf Custom Designs to create some fabulous party printables for me.  {By the way, if you’ve never worked with her before- you NEED to!  You just tell her what you need designed and she magically creates and customizes it for you.  She’s amazing!}  AND since I already have these fabulous Choctoberfest party printables,  I thought I’d share them with all of YOU!   Ya know, just in case you wanted to get in on all of the chocolatey-ness too!  {Come on, a party all about Chocolate- you KNOW you want to!}

Want to Host Your OWN Choctoberfest?

Snag your free printable party pack!  It includes…

1.  The Invitations


If you’d like to keep your Choctoberfest simple and small, just invite a few of your favorite couples and turn it into a group date.  OR if you’d rather, invite a bunch of neighbors and friends and turn it into a fun family night.  Either way, a party all about chocolate definitely needs a delicious invitation.  Which is exactly why I had Sameeha create this candy bar wrapper invite.  Isn’t it festive?  Just fill in your party information and then wrap and tape around a Hershey’s chocolate bar.   {And trust me- you’re gonna LOVE the reactions you get!! I couldn’t believe how excited people got about the idea of a chocolate party…  Actually, scratch that- I totally can!}

2.  The Food Labels


These festive food labels are also included in the printable pack.  Wanna know why?  Well, that cute candy bar wrapper invitation also asks your guests to bring a chocolate dish to share.  {That way you don’t have to provide all of the chocolate for the party AND you get to try out some new treats and recipes from your friends}.


As your guests arrive, hand them a food label to fill in with their name and the name of the chocolate dish that they brought to share.  {That way, you know who to bug for a recipe when you fall in love with one of those devilish desserts.}

3.  The Banner


Yep, this cute Choctoberfest banner is included too!  We’re making decor SUPER simple!  Just print and hang this banner over a table that you can pile high with all of the yummy, chocolatey treats that everyone brings!  Throw in a fun, fall centerpiece- and you’re done!  Get ready to mix, mingle, and EAT {ridiculous amounts of} CHOCOLATE!  Talk about a perfect party.  Does it get any better than that?



Actually… it does get just a little better than that!  When I told my husband that I wanted to host our own Choctoberfest, he surprised me and ordered a chocolate fountain!  {Best surprise EVER!}  Now, ANY chocolate party is sure to be a hit- but I definitely think this takes it up a couple of notches!  Don’t you think?


We decided to provide the chocolate fountain and lots of fun things to dip in it, and left the rest of the chocolate treats to our friends.


That fountain was a MAJOR hit!  I highly recommend it!


(Oh, and if you’re looking to buy a GREAT chocolate fountain, I recommend this chocolate fountain from Sephra.  My husband did a lot of “research” reading reviews before purchasing one, and this one was the best value for the price.  It’s definitely worth it to spend the extra $20 for the name brand.  The motor isn’t loud at all and it ran great for several hours without a problem.)


I think it’s safe to say that chocolate fountain is going to be getting a lot of use.  We are definitely turning this into an annual tradition!

Are you ready to Party- Chocolate style?!

Free Download

Choctoberfest Printables

Printables Designed by Sameeha @ The Inked Leaf Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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