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Woot! Woot! What else can I say but, “Ooh-my-sweet-sweet-timing!”  One of our sassy readers {Sarah!} who is in touch with her inner cupid side was sweet enough to share this darling idea that will strike the bullseye for your next Valentine’s date this week! Whether making this date a one on one or grabbin your best couple friends…

{announcer’s voice…}

Let’s Play “Choose Your Valentine Destiny!”

Cupid’s easy “prep”: Print off some simple signs or pictures with a lovin’ flavor that represent different mystery choices for each activity on the date.   One category might include several possible locations for lunch and/or dinner {both if you’re a die hard and making a whole DAY of it, LOL}, another category is a bunch of options for a main activity {heck! Let ’em choose two if there’s time!} and of course you gotta have some choices for {Mmm…mmm} dessert! The pictures have got to tie in to the mystery location somehow, but try not to give it away!

The Game: Before you leave the house, let your guys agree on one picture from Cupid’s first category.

These cupid-ettes are totally enjoyin’ their sneakiness! I love this giddy pic!  Go ahead and get excited.  It will build even more suspense as to where your mystery destinations are…

Looks like their picture led them to a sweet lunch!  Niiice.  Valentine it up by slipping your server a cute note to serve with your hubby’s meal or decorate a straw with a paper flag that says, “My wife loves me.”

Before you leave, whip out an envelope filled with your next stop’s pictures and let them {all together now…} CHOOSE YOUR VALENTINE DESTINY!  {Other than the mini clock signifying a matinee movie, I have to admit I’m totally CuRiOuS about what all the other pictures are clues to!}

Ahh Ha! The picture of the boards = Board Games!  But hellloooo, we’re all about spicin’ it up, so there’s GOTTA be an incentive to win….  I’m thinkin’ Valentine’s calls for a personal reward for the winner…

Once again fate is in your hands… candlelight dinner?  Comedy show?  Evening out dancin’?… spin that destiny wheel, dudes!

Their picture choice was of a sweetheart’s CROWN, which lead them to none other than Dairy Queen.

Doesn’t this sound like a leisurely un-rushed fun day?  After some “cool treats”, the last picture choice (a romantic gondola) led them back to home base to make a delici-o-so Italian dinner.  If your options are limited, why not just have the food idea ready to go and the pictures will just designate which couple’s house to enjoy it at!  Tailor the date to fit you.  Remember: it’s most fun when there’s ZERO stress!

What a fun lovey dovey day date!  Thanks for sharing, Sarah!  She mentioned she felt inspired after seeing this adventurous date, and I just love it when the creative juices start to flow!

Additional ideas could include drawing cupids on your napkins & plates and freezing those little conversation hearts in ice cubes for your drink.

As always, keep your ideas comin’ by submitting them to us *here!*



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