Christ-Centered Christmas Countdown

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Christ-Centered Christmas Countdown

The Christmas season is a time for peace and joy to fill our homes, but often the chaos and stress of the holidays overwhelm and leave us unable to focus on what truly matters. Unfortunately, it is so easy to get caught up in the commercialism that is all around us. As parents, we want our children to understand and love celebrating the birth of our Savior. We want to make our homes a place where our families can feel the joy of Christmas. That’s why we put together this Christ-Centered Christmas Countdown full of simple and creative ways to help your family focus on Christ this Christmas season.

Christ-Centered Christmas Countdown - Christmas activities for the whole family that focus on Christ. #keepchristinchristmas #christmascountdown

This Christmas season, make Christ the center of all your Christmas celebrations. We’ve thought of fun and unique ways to keep Christ at the forefront, even as you enjoy some of your favorite classic Christmas activities. We are so excited to share this meaningful Christmas countdown that is not only easy to put together but also completely customizable for you and your family’s schedule! Our amazing graphic designer from Messes to Memories created these beautiful printables, and you are about to be blown away! Save these cute printables on Pinterest!

Christ-Centered Christmas Countdown Basket

What’s Inside the Christ-Centered Christmas Countdown?

  • Christmas Countdown Organization – Get organized with our calendar, supply list, and folder cover.
  • Christmas Countdown Envelope Covers – Decorate mini envelopes or paper bags with these bold and bright covers to hold the activity cards.
  • Christmas Countdown Cards – There are 24 countdown cards with a Christmas symbol and it’s meaning, a scripture and an activity that helps you focus on Christ!
  • Christmas Countdown Activity Printables – We’ve included printables for 10 of the countdown activities to make them more meaningful for your family.

Christ-Centered Christmas Organization

Christ-Centered Christmas Organization

Our calendar and activity supply list will make it easy to plan out your advent for your family’s schedule and our gorgeous folder cover will make it easy to store all your printables and activities in one place so you are prepped and ready to go each day!

Christ-Centered Christmas Countdown Envelope Covers

Christ-Centered Christmas Envelope Covers

These labels are so beautiful, bold and fun and will make it easy to display your countdown however YOU want! These envelope covers can be placed on mini white envelopes or mini paper bags. Place them in a basket, hang them on a banner or from a mini Christmas tree. You can even get creative and attach them to a frame or display them in the shape of a Christmas tree! Make it fancy or keep it simple, either way, the envelope covers will make your countdown fun and eye-catching!

Christ-Centered Christmas Countdown Cards

Christ-Centered Christmas Cards

We have 24 countdown cards that take some of the most common Christmas symbols and relate them to our Savior.

Candy Cane Activity

Each card includes scriptures and activities that help you teach and learn about our Savior’s birth and discuss Jesus Christ’s life and what he truly means to us. We’ve put a little twist on some of our favorite Christmas traditions to make them more meaningful and deep. Be ready this Christmas and save this countdown on Pinterest!

Christ-Centered Christmas Countdown Activity Printables

Enjoy some of your favorite Christmas activities as you count down to Christmas. We’ve included 10 printables to help you have some deeper discussions with your family as you celebrate! Learn, play, serve and more with these activities:

Candle Light Tags

Have a discussion and object lesson about the light of Christ and what it means to your family!

Christmas Candle Activity

You’ve Been Jingled

Do a little service and spread the holiday cheer with this service idea for your neighbors!

You've Been Jingled

Fill-in-the-Blank St. Nicholas Story

Learn about the origins of Santa Claus with a fun fill-in-the-blank story and talk about how Santa Claus has become such a big symbol of Christmas.

Santa Claus Story

Stargazing Conversation Starters

Enjoy a night under the stars and get a little deeper with these stargazing conversation starters.

Stargazing Conversation Starters

Wreath Cards

Use these cards to spread some love and write Christmas cards for friends and family!

Christmas Cards

Shepherd’s Journey Board Game

Game night! Learn more about the shepherds and think about how they might have felt that special night!

Shepherd's Journey Board Game

Angels RAOK Cards

Leave behind some love and light with the Christmas Random Act of Kindness Cards. The perfect way to do a little service!

Christmas Random Acts of Kindness

Nativity Scavenger Hunt Printables

Hunt for all the different parts of the nativity. This will be one of your new favorite family traditions for years to come!

p.s. Some of our readers have asked about where you can find the cute nativity set below. Check it out on Amazon!

Christ-Centered Christmas Nativity Scavenger Hunt

Journey to Bethlehem Dinner Menu

Have an old-fashioned Journey to Bethlehem dinner! We have a menu and dinner ideas to help you pull off a simple, rustic meal similar to one Mary and Joseph might have had.

Journey to Bethlehem

Gift to Jesus Stationery

Just as the wisemen brought gifts, decide what your gift to Jesus will be this year!

Gift to Jesus Stationery

This Christ-Centered Christmas Countdown will make it easy to create memories with your family as you develop a greater love for the Savior this Christmas season.

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Christ-Centered Christmas Countdown

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We absolutely love Christmas around here and have so many more ideas you and your family will love! Keep on serving with our 12 Days of Christmas Surprises! Or if you want to focus more on your spouse, put together a special Christmas countdown just for your spouse! They’ll be sure to enjoy a little more love during this busy time of year.


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  1. I LOVE this so much!! Thank you for making these cute printables. We have loved using this year to bring the real spirit of Christmas into our home. Is it possible for you to make the daily cards editable? I would love to tie in some of our family traditions into these activities. (For instance, on the “stocking” day I would love to have it say that we fill the socks with small items for our missionaries). Not sure if that’s possible, but it would be helpful for next year.

    1. Angie, that is a great idea (and I love the idea of sending them to missionaries too)! We can definitely include some blank cards! XO