Color These Printable Father’s Day Cards

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Printable Father’s Day Cards to Color

How do you celebrate Father’s Day at your house? For us, the kids direct Father’s Day, so printable Father’s Day cards are a must! This year, the dad of our house is going to be spoiled with cheesy, punny, homemade Father’s Day cards! And honestly, I think he’s going to LOVE them (and you will too!)  They are quick and easy to print (all black and white so you can do them at home!) and your kids can start coloring them immediately. Ready to check them out?

These printable Father's Day cards are perfect! My kiddos are going to love coloring them - especially the space one! #PrintableFathersDayCards #DIYFathersDayCards

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The best thing about these Father’s Day card printables is that it can be a last-minute win! They’re not only the cutest Father’s Day printable coloring pages, they also double as cards! The beautiful Courtney from Paperelli was the designer gem who created this for us!

Homemade Father’s Day Cards

For the upcoming Father’s Day holiday, these are your best options for homemade Father’s Day cards! Simply print these black and white images at home, or send them to a local copy spot. We like printing out the cards on a thicker card stock, but regular paper works great too. If you want to get really fancy, you can laminate them once your little artist is all done!

Printable Father's Day Cards

These Father’s Day card printables need not stay black and white for long! A package of crayons or markers is all that’s needed to turn these into beautiful masterpieces!

Color a fun Father's Day card this year.

Free Printable Father’s Day Cards

For starters, we have 9 different printable cards available. So, if you have 9 kids OR kids who just need choices, then we’ve got your back! In short, these free printable Father’s Day cards to color will end up cute no matter what! And really, is there anything cuter than a scribbly card from a kiddo?! We don’t think so! So let them have free rein! In fact, you could give them all the cards. Or, you can turn it into a whole ‘a-new-card-every-hour’ sort of thing for lasting entertainment.

A Father's Day card that Dad will cherish.

For your information, most of the cards are 2 to a page. The only one that isn’t is the special Father’s Day Tie. You know how it’s the big joke that Father’s Day = a new tie for dad? Well, this year he can have a special tie that lists the reasons he is loved! Not only can you make your list on the front, but you can write a note on the inside of the card as well. Feel free to gift it with another tie! 😉

Color these Father's Day Cards in the shape of a tie.

Fun Cards for Kids and Dads

Within this set of printable Father’s Day cards, I liked that there were options available for my girls. They loved to color ALL of them! My older child is really careful and she made hers with a rainbow design, while my younger child made cards that were all scribbles and freedom. This is really their time to be creative and show their father how much they love him! Additionally, we’ve even provided enough cards that YOU can color a picture-perfect card all on your own.

Free printable Father's Day cards to color.

When we showed them to the man-of-the-hour, he couldn’t stop smiling. He could tell which ones each girl had colored, and the “notes” on the inside of them were really meaningful. Even better than my husband’s reaction was seeing the pride that the girls took in their work!

A printable Father's Day card from the heart that he'll want to save.

For more fun Father’s Day ideas, we LOVE this Father’s Day Q & A to help you learn more about that important man! Not to mention, this adorable Superhero Father’s Day set of cards, treats, and printables is a win every time.

Enjoy! And Happy Father’s Day!

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Printable Father's Day Cards

Printables Designed by Courtney @ Paperelli Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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