5 Minute to Win It Games Kids & Adults Will Love

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Easy Minute to Win It Games

Are you ready for a fast-paced group date like never before? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a one-of-a-kind game night featuring five easy Minute to Win It games. They’re simple, fun, and loved by people of all ages. Plus, each of the Minute to Win It challenges uses supplies you probably already have around the house. Pretty great, right? We’ve even included a FREE set of adorable printables to help you pull off this group date or family activity without a hitch. However, if you’d rather forgo the printables and skip straight to the games, you can do that too! Keep reading to learn how to play!

What are Minute to Win It Games?

Based on the hit show from NBC, these Win It in a Minute games are quick challenges designed to test your speed and agility. Each unique (and silly!) objective must be achieved in only one minute, or you’re out! Best of all, the Minute to Win It challenges featured in this post were created specifically with couples in mind (but the entire family can easily play them)! Keep reading to learn what supplies you’ll need and how to complete these hilarious and easy ideas.

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Minute to Win It Supplies

1 . Puzzle pieces made from a cereal box

2 . A balloon to blow up

3 . A styrofoam cup(or plastic cup)

4 . An oreo cookie

5. A penny

6 . One pair of pantyhose

7 . Five different sized bags

Minute to Win It Challenges

Now for the fun part: the games! Keep reading for a quick explanation of how to play each of the included Minute to Win It challenges.

1 . “The Breakfast Scramble” – Before the game, create puzzle pieces by cutting up pieces of a cereal box. During the challenge, players will have one minute to try and piece the ‘puzzle’ back together!

Minute to Win It game using cereal boxes | The Dating Divas
Cereal boxes to use for Minute to Win It game.

2 . “This Blows!” – Place a styrofoam or plastic cup on a table and blow up a balloon. Using only the air from the balloon, try and move the cup off of the table before the clock runs out.

Instruction and supplies for some Minute to Win It games | The Dating Divas
Instruction card and supplies to help you complete a Minute to Win It challenge.

3 . “Face the Cookie” – Put a cookie on your forehead, and try and move it to your mouth without using your hands!

Cookies to be used for Minute to Win It game | The Dating Divas
A stack of cookies to use for Minute to Win It challenge.

4 . “Penny Hose” – Place a penny in the bottom of a pair of pantyhose (i.e. the toe section). Attempt to retrieve the penny by only using one hand.

A hand holding a penny to be used during Minute to Win It game | The Dating Divas
A penny to be used while playing Minute to Win It game.

5 . “Bite Me” – Using only your mouth, try and pick up 5 bags of different sizes at the same time. Don’t use your hands!

Minute to Win It game using shopping bags | The Dating Divas
Shopping bags to use while playing Minute to Win It Games.

Free Win It in a Minute Printables

Invitation for a Couples Minute to Win It Game Night | The Dating Divas
Printable invite to go with a Couples Win it in a Minute Game Night

All of these Minute to Win It games can be played using minimal supplies, but what if you want to take things one step further? That’s where our super spiffy Win It in a Minute printables come in! The printable pack can be found at the end of this post and will help make your games shine.

Start by printing off the pack (click the PINK download button below) and trimming your printables. Next, invite your guests using the included invite. Be sure and check out the supply list and start gathering the items you’ll need. The instruction cards will explain how to play each of the games, and the scorecards will help you keep track of everyone’s progress. Once a winner has been determined, affix the winner tags to a fun gift or treat! It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Included Game Printables

1 . Invitation

2 . Supply list

3 . Scorecards

4 . Instruction cards

5 . Winner tags

Couples Minute to Win It Supplies and Printable Cards | The Dating Divas
Supplies and details for Couples Minute to Win It

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Free Download

Couples Minute to Win It Games

Printables Designed by Courtney @ Paparelli Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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