Couples Minute to Win It

Couples Minute to Win It Game
Have you seen this game on TV?!?! If you haven’t, STOP everything. Go now. Seriously. (I’ll wait for you…)
I have a secret love affair with game shows. It is my dying goal in life to be on one. I’m not even kidding. (Especially Jeopardy, but I’m still working up to that one! A few years back I submitted an audition tape to the Amazing Race…obviously, I didn’t make it. BOO!) Anyhow…when NBC started Minute to Win It, my husband and I got hooked. It is an awesome game where the contestant has one minute to complete random games made from household items. (Hard to explain, but just watch the videos on the website.)
After the first few episodes we decided it would be SO fun to do this as a date night. When my sis-in-law did it for a family party, I KNEW it would be hilarious for a date night.
Well, I made up the invites and sent them out to our most competitive friends.

Here is the one you can use. Copy and paste it into a Word Document, adjust it to the size you want, print, fill in the missing info, and give it to your husband and other couples.

This is more fun when you have FUN and COMPETITIVE people! I emailed the 4 other couples and asked them to come up with a team name ahead of time and to plan out their matching outfits. 🙂
You’ll want to create a game board listing each level, the team names, and how many lives they have left. You can chose how many games/levels you want to do, but we kept it at eight. This took us about an hour and a half to do, not including dinner.
All of the games/levels are found on the website here. They give you the name, the supplies you’ll need, and an explanation video – they call it a Blueprint – of how to play each game. I chose games that I thought would be fun (or funny to watch) and that could be done in couples. A few of them did end up being a single person playing, but it worked out well for us.

I taped the game board up at the park and each of the teams loved checking out the other team names. They also were curious and speculating about what each level would involve based on the name. (By the way, the names of the levels are hilarious! Whoever came up with them are very creative.)
So here are the competitors:
Bauer Power

Saturday’s Warriors

One Minute Men

Bank on Us – we went all out on the team uniforms!

and for some reason I don’t have a picture of team Chuck Norris. Sorry guys!
We randomly took turns on which team would start – in case there was a strategy advantage to be learned by watching. Each team had one minute to complete the task and three lives. Once each life was used up they were eliminated from the game.
Here are some shots from our Minute to Win It competition.
“The Breakfast Scramble” – Putting together a ‘puzzle’ of a cereal box

“This Blows” – Blowing cups off a table with the air from a balloon. Jared was sure the bigger his balloon, the better he’d do!

“Face the Cookie” – this one is HILARIOUS and should be captured with a camera! You have to move a cookie from your forehead to your mouth without touching it.

“Penny Hose” – retrieve a penny from the bottom of a panty hose leg with just your hands – not touching anything else. Way hard!

“Bite Me” – pick up 5 bags of different sizes with your teeth, without using your hands to touch the ground. The smallest one is 2 inches off the ground. This one is also good for some awesome laughs. Especially if you make the guys do it!

Thankfully my husband is as flexible as Gumby!

At the end we rewarded the Grand Prize winner and all other participants with random funny gifts from the Dollar Store – Mouthwash, a sombrero, gardening gloves, a sponge, and a giant water gun. It was almost as funny as the games themselves.
It almost fulfilled my Game Show dreams. . . almost.

POST EDIT: Look at what one of our readers did when they planned THIS date! Great job Cara, and thanks for sharing with us. We love to know when people like and use our dates.
Check out Cara’s version of Couples Minute to Win It here.

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37 Responses to Couples Minute to Win It

  1. We posted some Minute to Win It game ideas at our site as well, but I love this "couples" version and totally want to try it out with my hubby and our friends!! I'm laughing just thinking about it. 🙂 Love your blog!

    Brooke @

  2. Thanks for all the love everyone. It is a WAY fun date night. You can find instructions on how to play any of the dates on the website. But a quick overview:

    Stack Attack: you stack cups into a pyramid and then collapse them back down.

    Nutstacker: Using a chopstick and 9 nuts (the kind you use on bolts) you place each one on top of the other on a flat surface. (Sorry, sort of confusing to explain.)

    Ping Tac Toe: 9 cups filled with water and you have to bounce ping pong balls into the cups with three in a row.

    Sorry I can't explain them any better here jbc, but the website gives little videos to explain them even better! Good luck and hope you enjoy it.

    1. Found you on Pinterest. This looks so fun and I can’t wait to try. I do want to just point out to you though, it should be “special EDITION” not addition (as in math.) Easy mistake- thought you might want to fix though. Thanks for the great idea.

  3. I plan Date Nights for the couples at our church and this month, we’re doing this Minute to Win It idea! I think it’s going to be hysterical. I love this site – it really helps when it comes to planning our big group dates, but also dates just for me and my husband! 🙂

  4. TONS OF FUN!!!!! I’ve done a Christmas Minute 2 Win It with my family for our annual Family Fun Night, and we had a ball!!! I am now planning a couples night and your blog is a tremendous help. One quick question, how do you complete the game levels with the couples, and how does that work with the lives the couples have? Please email me I would like to know. I am planning this event in the next two weeks.

  5. I love this idea for a fun date with other couples! I know this is quite an old post and I am barely finding it now! The link for the games doesn’t show anything about how to play the games or any videos, I’m assuming it is because the show no longer runs on that channel or with that host, do you of any other places I could get ideas for the games?

  6. Did this a couple of months ago. Thanks so much for the idea! My husband and I live in China and it can be hard to come across fun ideas on Pinterest (where I was pointed to your blog) that we can actually make happen over here. I just posted about on my website if you want to check out pictures and videos.

  7. I just love this idea!!! I have been wanting to have a bunch of friends over and do something fun!!! Quick question…what font did you use for the red writing on the invite??? I have used a few of yalls other ideas and they worked out great!! Thanks again!!!

  8. Has anyone mentioned that the invitation says, “…a special ADDITION” instead of EDITION? Is it a math party? It’s not a grammar party, that’s for sure!

    1. Hi Colleen! Thanks for letting us know! We have contacted the designer and hopefully she still has the editable files to correct the mistake. We do have 3 other versions of this game that don’t have the same error, so you can check those out in the meantime! Thanks again!

  9. Hey Erika,
    Thank you so much for this post! I held a game day birthday party for myself this past weekend. We had a blast and everyone asked to do it again so.
    Thank you for the suggestions and great post. I would share pictures but I’d like to keep my friends : )

  10. Thanks for the ideas I am going to use some of them at a Elem. School Staff Olympic party.

    but I think I do want to do the couples party sometime.

    Great Ideas Thanks for sharing.

  11. I just found this! What a great idea! I am wanting to put something like this together with my friends. How did you score? And, did you have one team play while everyone else watched? Or did two teams go at the same time? Or did everyone go at the same time?