5 Minute to Win It Games Kids & Adults Will Love

Easy Minute to Win It Games

Are you ready for a fast-paced group date like never before? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a one-of-a-kind game night featuring five easy Minute to Win It Games. They’re simple, fun, and loved by people of all ages. Plus, each of the Minute to Win It challenges uses supplies you probably already have around the house. Pretty great, right? We’ve even included a fabulous, bonus set of printables to help you pull off your group date without a hitch. However, if you’d rather forgo the printables and skip straight to the games, you can do that too! Keep reading to learn how to play!

What are Minute to Win It Games?

Based off the hit show from NBC, these Minute to Win It Games are quick challenges designed to test your speed and agility. Each unique (and silly!) objective must be achieved in only one minute, or you’re out! Best of all, the minute to win it challenges featured in this post were created specifically with couples in mind (but they can easily be played by the entire family!). Keep reading to learn what supplies you’ll need, and how to complete these hilarious and easy ideas.

Minute to Win It Supplies

Planning and prepping for your Minute to Win It Games is easier than you might think! Take a look at the following list of supplies you’ll want to have on hand.

1 . Puzzle pieces made from a cereal box

2 . A balloon to blow up

3 . A styrofoam cup

4 . An oreo cookie

5. A penny

6 . One pair of pantyhose

7 . Five different sized bags

Minute to Win It Challenges

Now for the fun part – the games themselves! Keep reading for a quick explanation of how to play each of the included Minute to Win It Challenges.

1 . “The Breakfast Scramble” – Before the game, create puzzle pieces by cutting up pieces of a cereal box. During the challenge, players will have one minute to try and piece the ‘puzzle’ back together!

A printable scorecard for Minute to Win It Games | The Dating Divas
Someone keeping score on a Minute to Win It Games scorecard.

2 . “This Blows!” – Place a styrofoam cup on a table and blow up a balloon. Using only the air from the balloon, try and move the cup off of the table before the clock runs out.

Instruction and supplies for some Minute to Win It Games | The Dating Divas
Instruction card and supplies to help you complete Minute to Win It challenges.

3 . “Face the Cookie” – Put a cookie on your forehead, and try and move it to your mouth without using your hands! 

Cookies to use during Minute to Win It Games | The Dating Divas

Stack of cookies for Minute to Win It challenges.

4 . “Penny Hose” – Place a penny in the bottom of a pair of pantyhose (ie. the toe section). Attempt to retrieve the penny by only using one hand.

5 . “Bite Me” – Using only your mouth, try and pick up 5 bags of different sizes at the same time. Don’t use your hands!

Is this a fantastic group date idea or what?! For even more fun, be sure and check out our epic Kickball Group Date and our Splash Party Group Date.

These easy Minute to Win it Games look sooo fun! Definitely pinning!! #datingdivas #easyminutetowinitgames #minutetowinitchallenges
A couple playing Minute to Win It games.

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41 Responses to 5 Minute to Win It Games Kids & Adults Will Love

  1. Thanks for all the love everyone. It is a WAY fun date night. You can find instructions on how to play any of the dates on the website. But a quick overview:

    Stack Attack: you stack cups into a pyramid and then collapse them back down.

    Nutstacker: Using a chopstick and 9 nuts (the kind you use on bolts) you place each one on top of the other on a flat surface. (Sorry, sort of confusing to explain.)

    Ping Tac Toe: 9 cups filled with water and you have to bounce ping pong balls into the cups with three in a row.

    Sorry I can't explain them any better here jbc, but the website gives little videos to explain them even better! Good luck and hope you enjoy it.

    1. Found you on Pinterest. This looks so fun and I can’t wait to try. I do want to just point out to you though, it should be “special EDITION” not addition (as in math.) Easy mistake- thought you might want to fix though. Thanks for the great idea.

      1. I noticed this too! I really want to use this for my husband’s birthday, but I just CANNOT with that typo. Call me crazy, but this bugs the crap out of me!

  2. We posted some Minute to Win It game ideas at our site as well, but I love this "couples" version and totally want to try it out with my hubby and our friends!! I'm laughing just thinking about it. 🙂 Love your blog!

    Brooke @ CraftingChicks.blogspot.com

  3. I LOVE, love, LOVE it, Erika!! I so wanna do this with our new group of friends here! 🙂 Gosh, yer date ideas ROCK! 🙂