Jenga Truth or Dare With 47 Couple Questions

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Truth or Dare Jenga Couples Date Night

Game night is one of my favorite ways to bring all of our favorite couples together – Add some truth or dare Jenga in and you have yourself the funniest couples date night of all time! This Truth or Dare couples date night idea was a TOTAL blast!! I mean we are talking laughing till your sides hurt, almost pee your pants, can’t stop smiling kind of fun!!
Free Printable Couples Game Night

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Is this not the most beautiful game ever!?! I mean REALLY!! Just look at those beautiful colors!! The AMAZINGLY talented Kensie with Kensie Kate Designs has once again blown our minds with this beautiful printable! {She is SO talented, you shoould ALL go check out rest of her gorgeous designs!} With your printables in hand you will only need a few more supplies before you are totally ready to pull off this awesome game night!!

Couples Truth or Dare

Supplies Needed: 

Truth or Dare Jenga Printables
Jenga Game
Mod Podge
Sponge Brush
Scissors {or a paper cutter this one is an awesome option!}
Sharpie/Felt Tip Pen

Laugh till your side hurt with this hilarious couples game night!

1. To start you will need to gather your supplies listed above and print out your printable pack.

2. Once you have everything ready to go you will need to cut out all of the pieces to be Mod Podged to the Jenga game. {Warning: this step can be a little tedious when using scissors, I would completely recommend using the paper cutter to make this go much faster!}

3. After all of the paper pieces are cut out you will begin to Mod Podge them to the individual game pieces. Each wooden piece will get two end-caps and one question.  {We have provided you with enough questions to cover your entire game as well as a few blanks in case there are certain questions you want to leave out, or one of your own that you are just dying to add to your game to personalize it a little!} To Mod Podge the paper to the game piece you will want to brush a thin layer of Mod Podge directly onto the flat surface of the Jenga piece and then, using your fingers, apply the paper piece on top of the Mod Podge.  With your fingers place it as straight as you can, adjusting when needed, and flatten it well so that there aren’t any air bubbles under the paper.  You will repeat this process three times for each piece for the three different papers {two end-caps and one question} that will be attached. Now that all three papers are attached, set the Jenga piece aside and repeat for the remaining pieces.

4. Once all of the papers have been Mod Podged to the Jenga pieces it is time to put a finishing coat on them to make sure that the games can stand up to MANY couples game nights to come!! To finish them off, simply take your sponge brush and brush another thin layer of Mod Podge right over the top of the printable.  The Mod Podge will dry clear leaving you with a beautiful game ready for play!

Exciting couples game night!! Free Printables!!

Yay!! You are all finished with the actual game making process now and ready to laugh uncontrollably with all of your favorite date night friends!! With your game ready to go, fill out the required info on the invitation and invite your BFFs over for a game that no one will forget anytime soon!!

Invite all of your friends over for this amazing couples date night!

To play the actual game you will simply play Jenga as per the normal games rules, however before placing your piece that you pull out on top of the stack you must complete the truth or dare question attached!! If you have never played Jenga before the object of the game is to NOT knock over the tower while removing game pieces.

Free Printable Game Night

Get ready to enjoy a fun night in! Truth or Dare has NEVER been this fun until now! 🙂 GOOD LUCK!

Truth or Dare Jenga

Free Download

Couples Truth or Dare Jenga Date Night

Printables Designed By Kensie @ Kensie Date Designs Exclusively For The Dating Divas


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