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This past August my husband turned the BIG 3-0! On his special day I wanted to give him a spectacular gift! Something that was made to last and priceless. After all, you only turn thirty once! So I put my thinking cap on and began to brainstorm! The light bulb finally turned on and what I came up with was perfect! Not too mention it was a thrifty idea that would be easy on the pocketbook. I had come up with a plan to make him a book……..and not just any book! This fabulous gift was made out of cereal boxes!! I know what you’re thinking, “Glamorous Lisa”. (spare no sarcasm) But hold the phone, before you jump to any more conclusions just take a look at what a little paper, twine, and buttons can do to cereal boxes!

Alright, alright, there was a little cutting and gluing involved in this little number too! In fact, I embellished that book until there wasn’t a spot left to paste. I’m definitely not the craftiest cookie in the jar, but I’m pretty dang excited about this book!! And Dominick was too!! He told me that it was BY FAR his favorite gift of the night! This gift was such a BIG hit. So much so, that I’ve decided to share my secrets with you! These books make great gifts not only for husbands, but also kids, parents, and friends!! Have some fun with this one.

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Cereal Box Book Tutorial

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I am a wife to one, mom to five, and pet owner to two. I consider myself very fulfilled in this journey we call life. If you were to visit my home, you would quickly discover that my kids come first and above all else. They keep me busy and on my toes, which doesn't leave a lot a wiggle room for much else. But somehow we make it all work and keep chugging along. My husband, Dom, is my rock. He helps me keep my head on straight when I need it the most. I love all the moments that I get to spend with my husband, children, family and friends. They bring me endless joy every day and I cherish them all. In my "extra" time I enjoy movies, girls nights out, date nights, shopping, projects, vacations and sometimes.........doing nothing at all!!

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  1. Hi, I would like to know more about the one you did of your husband as a father. I think the idea is fantastic!

    1. Hi Etel! Thanks for your comment and for reading! Lisa is one of our “retired” divas but I actually don’t think she did one for her hubby as a Father. I think her comment at the end was more of a suggestion… and it IS a great idea! If you do it, let us know! We’d love to see it!

  2. Love this! I’m throwing my husband a surprise party for his 30th so I’m not going to have a lot left over to spend. This will be perfect!

  3. I am making a book now for my hubby’s 30th…first we are going to dinner with some close friends before we head to his Big surprise party…I plan to give it to him at dinner….I can’t wait!

    1. Made this today for my husband’s 39th. My 11 & 17 year olds contributed by each writing 10 reasons they love their dad and I finished with the rest of the 19 (which also happens to be the # of years we’ve been married). He LOVED it! And said, “I don’t think I’ve ever cried when I’ve received a gift before.”

  4. Great idea! I can see all kinds of fantastic ideas brewing around for the different people I love! Thanks for the idea and the instructions!

  5. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this! My dad’s 50th birthday is this year and you’d better bet he’s gettin’ one of these. He’s kind of a boob so I can’t wait for the water works after he opens this beauty! Thanks for the great idea! Hopefully mine will look even somewhat like your masterpiece 😉

  6. I made a list of “100 reasons why I love to love ____ (my now husband) for Valentines. I did it on the computer in two columns and used hearts for the “bullets” and printed it on special paper. The first one I did was when we dated, then I did one when we married, and then I did one about him as a daddy. We have all of them framed and hanging in our bedroom. One of his most favorite gifts ever. Our first anniversary, he made me a list of the top 100 moments in our relationship from when we first met until we got married. The last two are…”You walking towards me…Us walking out together.” Just another twist on the concept for those of us who are less crafty :).

    1. Mary!! Submit it to our “Submit an Idea” form…….we LOVE to post ideas from our reader! Include a pic and your explanation above….girl, it sounds super cute! 🙂