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Long Distance Relationship Dating Idea

Everyone’s spouse (or self :)) has to travel away from each other every once in a while, right?  If it’s for a business trip, family emergency, etc. there would be an occasion where you would be apart.  Well that’s what happened to me this week.  My hubby is gone on a business trip but I still wanted to be able to ‘hang out’ with him.  So, I wanted to plan a ‘date’ while we were apart.  How you ask? Through Skype!  I thought it would be a perfect way to still be able to ‘be’ together, without really ‘being’ together. LOL.  If you don’t have a Skype account, don’t worry.  It’s free to download and make your own account.

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I racked my brain on how to do this Skype date easily, yet still have us have a ton of fun, and this date is what I came up with!

I first made a list of things I wanted to do.  Playing games was the TOP of my list as this is one of our FAVORITE activities.  Figuring out what games to play was a little bit harder for me.  My list came down to… Charades, Hangman, and Sudoku.  Don’t have a Sudoku book?  No problem, I found a great Sudoku book for cheap!  Fellow Diva, Stephanie,  also planned a super cute date centered around the game Sudoku.  Make sure to check that out for even more ideas!  I also wanted to incorporate food in some way (since I LOVE to eat), and thought that making ice cream sundaes or root beer floats together would be fun.

Now came the fun part, getting my hubby as excited as I was.  I figured since he was gone, the best way to get him an invite to this fun date would be to send him an evite through email (you can see it in the picture above)!  Prior to this I was not a part of an ‘evite’ or card sites, so I found this FREE one at  What I really liked about this site is that I could customize the ecards/evites VERY easily.  The steps were so easy to follow which is always a plus for me!  In the evite I let him know what night we were doing the date and that he would need a pen and paper, the copies of Sudoku I would be emailing him, and stuff to make an ice cream sundae (or any treat he wanted to eat).

When I sent the evite to Joseph, I was anxious to hear his reply (I hadn’t previously told him it was coming so it was a complete surprise to him).  He sent me a text letting me know how loved he felt that I would plan something when he was gone and that it meant a lot to him.  I think hearing that put a smile on my face for the rest of the day!

The day of… this is so cheesy, but I was so excited for the date ALL day long.  I even put my kids down just a bit early so I would be completely ready for the Skype call!

We began the date with playing Sudoku.  Previously I had copied a couple of puzzles and emailed them to him.  This didn’t quite go as I expected.  In my head I thought we could work together and tell each other when we figured out a number, but that got confusing real quick.  Instead, we just raced each other to see who would finish first, which turned out to be a fun challenge.

After we finished our Sudoku puzzles, we played 6 games of hangman (3 puzzles for each of us to figure out).  We figured out that it was easiest to dictate to the other person how many words, letters in each word, etc. our puzzles were.  Then as the other would guess letters, we were each looking at the same puzzles on our OWN papers and filling in the letters.  We chose to do romantic sayings to each other in our puzzles.  It made the night a little more ‘intimate’ and we both had a blast.  I have to say Joseph is awesome at puzzles and only had a head for each of the puzzles I did for him.  I was impressed!

We ended the night with our treats and just talking.  We both discussed that if either one of us is traveling away in the future that we would make this Skype date a tradition.  It was really a lot of fun.  Hope you enjoy too!

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  1. Hi,
    My husband and I will be married 10 years this November, and before now the longest we’ve been apart since our wedding was one week. We are away from each other for the summer, as he is doing an internship in Michigan (the state where we lived until this March), and I’m at our new home in Virginia. He left on June 5, and will return home on August 18. We were unable to financially afford having me go to see him for the 4th of July weekend as planned, but we have taken turns planning dates each week. I was the first to plan a date, and here’s what we did:
    We chose a recipe that we each wanted to make for dinner that night, and we made it together while chatting on Facetime. We then enjoyed our dinner together and each shared about our day. After dinner, we played a few games online.
    Another fun date I planned that will probably be used even after he comes home was the date of dedication. We did this just last Saturday night.
    We each have a Spotify account, and I’ve made a love songs playlist. We texted each other sweet messages, making sure to include the link to the accompanying song along with our dedication message. We both loved this date, and minus some technical difficulties with his computer and hotel internet connection, much fun was had for sure!

    Speaking of music, I also did something completely on a whim to surprise him. Of course, I thought of this idea in the middle of the night, and I knew he left for his internship early in the morning, so I had to act fast! 😉 I love to sing. So, I decided to call his voicemail and sing the chorus to, “I Just Called to Say I Love You”. Admitedly, I was nervous, as this was his work voicemail. However, my nerves were gone when he texted me that morning to thank me for the sweet voicemail. 🙂 The next morning when I inquired further about his thoughts, my poor hubby went into work and promptly checked his voicemail to see if I’d left him another one! 🙁 Let’s just say he pouted all weekend, so I made sure to send him another singing voicemail on Monday morning! 🙂

    1. Miranda!!! What?!!! You are so awesome for sharing your the dates you planned for your hubby. They sound amazing. What a lucky hubby you have. Good luck with being a part for the summer. I really hope that it is over soon. I definitely know how hard it is to have a hubby gone! Keep the singing messages coming! Sounds like they were a hit with him!

  2. My husband is a long haul trucker and is gone 2-3 months at a time. This would be a GREAT thing to do for us! I miss him a lot when he is gone and we never really dated in the traditional way before we got married, I would LOVE to do this!

    1. Melissa- I am so glad you found this idea. I totally know how it is when your hubby is gone. Good luck and I hope you enjoy!

  3. Love this idea. My boyfriend works in Norway, so we have “video dates” pretty regularly. We use FaceTime since we both have iPads, but it works pretty much the same as Skype. We’ve actually watched movies “together” before. We’re getting pretty good at timing it so the audio stays in sync! We’ve also had study/work dates for hours at a time–we just keep the video up while we’re working so it feels like we’re together.

    We’ll have to try the game date out sometime. Keep the long-distance date ideas coming!

    1. Riss- Sounds like you guys are pros at the long distance dates! That’s awesome you can coordinate movies into a date. We were going to try one but it got too late. I can relate to the leaving the video up as you both study or work. We’ve done that before. It’s great to look up and see him right there. Have fun with the games. We sure did!

  4. Great idea Cami! My boyfriend and I were just talking yesterday how we are going to make it a month when I am gone for a month working (with limited internet access), at least I/we have a few months to plan!

    1. Wow Marci!! Good luck with traveling and such without great internet access. I LOVE your positive attitude about having a few months to plan for it. You will definitely have to do a Skype night when you do have internet! Once again, good luck!

  5. Oh, I love that you have LD ideas. My husband was gone for just a week earlier this summer for work and it just about killed me. He will be gone for 3-6 months later starting in mid-October and I am so glad I have this site. We have planned to watch NetFlix together and also watch basketball games during basketball season using the NBA League Pass (we love our Spurs!). I also plan on making a “Flat Harry!” We will have to play some games too!

    1. Kerri, good luck with the LONG distance! Wow, that’s a really long time. Looks like you and your hubby have some great ideas already. I am glad that we are able to contribute a little. Oh, and have fun with your ‘flat harry’! 🙂

    1. Kathryn- yep! Had a sister-in-law and brother-in-law that LIVED off Skype while he was deployed. She said it made her weeks go by a ltitle faster.

  6. very good ideas, I’m sure it was a ton of fun. My sweetie and I lived apart for 6 months while he was in Wyoming for work. MSN messenger has actual games you can play with each other while you chat so we did that a lot along with Netflix movie dates where you cue the movie to play at the same time and get to chat while watching it. Long distance is hard, it’s amazing that technology has come so far to make the distance easier.

    1. Shelby- thanks for the good ideas. We have done the Netflix thing too. That makes watching a movie a lot more enjoyable (than if watching by yourself :). I am SO grateful for technology and making being a part a little more bearable!

  7. Cute idea Cami! I know lots of people have spouses that travel a lot!! If you have a Google account you can use Google+ to have a hangout with your husband too:)

    1. Thanks Julie! I knew about Google+, but have never tried it. My sister LOVES it though. We might just have to do that next time!

  8. This is an AWESOME idea! My husband is actually gone most weeks for work and I REALLY miss him, so this is something we can do together :). LOVE LOVE LOVE!