Dem Dry Bones – A Connecting Game

A Connecting Game with Free Printables!

Want to get “close” to your hubby? Then this post is for you! We’ve put together thing darling at-home game night, complete with free printables, for you and your spouse to use to connect together.

Well, in the spirit of connecting, I’ve taken the children’s song, “Dem Dry Bones” and made it into a game that is sure to bring you and your spouse “together.”

First print off THIS cute printable I made for you!

Then cut them up and separate them into two different piles by color. (Black borders in one pile & pink borders in the other.)

Turn them face down and then draw from the pink border pile first then the black. If you put them together you should get a sentence “the HAND is connected to the HIP” then you take those slips of paper and put them between your hand and your husband’s hip. Then your husband draws a card and does the same. Keep taking turns until one of the papers fall to the ground. See how many papers you can hold between each other.

This game can be as modest or intimate as you want to make it. I added a “your choice” in there so each couple can have fun with it.

So have fun getting close to your spouse!!! (And for those of you that are competitive, my husband and I have our record at 7 matches!)

About the Author: Stephanie

Stephanie is soon to be the mother of 3 kids under 3. Some people say that's crazy, but with the support of her amazing husband, she feels like they can do amazing things!

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  1. This is darling! Lisa P. brought this game to one of our diva retreats and we were laughing SO hard! It’s pretty funny!