DIY 4th of July Banner

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Free Printable 4th Of July Banner

If you are having a BBQ in the next few days to celebrate 4th of July, we have the perfect DIY 4th of July banner to spruce up your party! This cute decoration is EASY to make and will definitely add some sparkle to your home decor.


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To get started, gather some supplies. You will need to download and print out this 4th of July PRINTABLE, designed by the talented Larissa of Larissa Kay Designs. You will also need:

  • Scissors (or some type of paper cutter)
  • Foam Tape
  • Ribbon (You can use various colors, preferably RED, WHITE, and BLUE! Isn’t this patriotic pack too cute?)
  • Hole punch


To assemble this Red, White, & Blue banner beauty, simply:

1. Cut out each triangle pennant from the printable.

2. Then, punch holes on each triangle so you can thread a ribbon through the design. Find the circle guides at the top of each triangle to know where to punch.

3. Thread a long piece of ribbon through each triangle. You will need about a 6.5 ft span of ribbon for the entire banner, which leaves a little on each end to be able to tie it anywhere. I alternated: one triangle had the ribbon running along the front of the pennant while the next one had it threaded through the back.

4. Add ribbon embellishments at various points along your banner. For this look, you only need a small piece of ribbon to tie in a double knot. Then, scrunch these ribbons close together so they look like a cohesive unit.

Candice-July4Banner-Action Candice-July4Banner-Detail

5. Cut out various stars included in the printable.

6. Option: Use foam tape to layer each star- it will make your banner dimensional!


7. Attach your star pieces to your banner.

*Note: Larissa included 2 blue pennants in the printable on Page 8. Feel free to incorporate these cuties to separate your words or place at the beginning/end of your banner. If your banner needs to span a considerable distance, incorporating these blue pennants is a great way to make it a little longer.

There you have it… fun DIY decor in a matter of minutes!


This cute home decoration would look great along a window or fireplace!


Free Download

4th of July Banner

Printables Designed by Larissa @ Larissa Kay Designs Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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  1. Hi Candice! LOVE this banner! I couldn’t get it printed fast enough! I have a question though. When it printed the ‘white’ lines printed yellowish, as well as the letters except for the very last ‘Y’ – it’s white, lines still yellow. It looks fine with the yellowish and I assumed that was how it was supposed to be (couldn’t exactly tell by the pictures) until I saw the last letter. On the document it all looks white. So which is right? Maybe it’s my printer. . .


    1. Hi Cara! I just went over to examine my banner that’s hanging up and it is definitely supposed to have that yellowish/vintage feel to it (That’s the look we were going for!). I also looked at my last letter and, you’re totally right! It is showing up as slightly more white than vintage. I have sent an email to the designer to see if she can adjust the color for this letter. I will tell you that from a distance, you can’t tell AT ALL! (lol!) So glad you like the banner! 🙂 We will get this fixed SOON! Thanks for catching this!

      1. Ok, just looked at the pdf on a different computer too- it shows up as the true vintage color if viewing on a Mac. However, all the lines and letters look white when viewing on a PC… so weird!!! I’ll let you know when I hear from Larissa about that last “Y” letter!

        1. Cara- I was able to fix the letter in Photoshop! If you click on the PDF link again, it should be updated so all the colors are consistent across the banner… thanks so much! We appreciate the feedback. 🙂 Let us know if you have any further problems!

  2. This turned out darling!! Awesome job to Larissa for turning your idea into a cute reality & great pics, Candice!!! Love it.