DIY Gift: Winter Heart Warmers

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Winter Heart Warmers

Over the Holidays, one of our readers sent in the most darling sassy suggestion. With the temps below freezing in many parts of the country, this cute winter wishes idea is sure to melt your loved one’s heart!


In Emily’s words: “I made my sweetheart a heart shaped hand warmer because he doesn’t have gloves on him at the moment and my car doesn’t have a car starter.  It’s really easy to make and also to prepare in the mornings.

To start, I bought felt from Hobby Lobby (4 sheets/$1).  I folded two sheets together and cut out a heart.  Then, I started sewing them together.  When I had a little bit of space left to sew, I rolled up a piece of paper and started pouring uncooked, completely dry rice into the heart.  After it was full, I finished by sewing the gap closed.  It was an easy and inexpensive gift that showed him thoughtfulness and care.”

Emily notes that she’s microwaved it up to 2 minutes without any messy explosions and has found that the rice retains the heat well for cold temps!

Thank you so much, Emily, for sharing this wonderful, heartfelt DIY gift that is perfect for this winter or Valentine’s Day!


I married my college sweetheart and am a mama to 2 adorable Shih-Tzu puppies. I have a passion for making handmade cards, discovering new recipes, and savoring travel adventures abroad.

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  1. I have made these for my children and we freeze them and pull them out when they get hurt. We call them “boo boo packs” and they work really well in lieu of an ice pack which is typically way too cold on little skin.

  2. Ok so I have been wanting to make these with a group of girls and was researching these this morning and found a few things about making heart warmers like this that seem to be the common theme among people who make them, first if you use polyester felt it will melt in your microwave, the way to go is with fleece or felt, next if you use whole kernel corn (like not popcorn, but the kind from feed stores) it will keep the heat in twice as long. Just thought to mention what I found out. Thanks for the cute ideas!

  3. Aww, I have seen rice socks for back pain before, but these are adorable!! I am going to make some for my husband; he’s a grad student in physics and he walks to work (that is, his lab) every day. We’ve had such cold weather, it would be great to heat these and put them in his pockets right before he leaves in the morning!!!

    Thanks for a wonderful idea!