Do You Love Making Donuts? Try This Date Night Idea!

Try Making Donuts for Date Night

Hey you! Don’t you think it’s about time you put more hole foods into your diet?🍩🍩🍩 We think so! That’s why we’ve created a date night all around making donuts with your sweetie—complete with adorable, FREE printables! So, grab the one that is the sprinkles to your donut, and let’s get glazy!

Making donuts together can be a really fun date night. | The Dating Divas
A couple is acting silly after making donuts together

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Table of Contents
  1. Try Making Donuts for Date Night
  2. Making Donuts Printables
  3. Ideas for Making Homemade Donuts
  4. Roll-A-Donut Sexy Game

Making Donuts Printables

Here we have all of the FREE printables you need to bring a little nom, nom, nom to your date night. In the free download, you will find:

Invite your sweetie to a fun date night to make homemade donuts. | The Dating Divas
A cute invitation on top of homemade donuts
  • A Sweet Printable Invitation
  • A Delicious Donut Banner
  • A Tasty Roll-a-Donut Sexy Game

First, invite your sweetie to make donuts with you by printing and cutting out the printable invitation. The invitation reads, “Hey there, Sweetums! I love you a hole bunch! Join me for a donut making date night! We might even get a little glazy later on in the bedroom! {WINK!}” Don’t forget to fill in the date and time for the date!

Next, print and cut out the adorable donut banner to add some cute decorations for your date. We recommend using good quality cardstock and clothespins to make hanging them up super simple.

Learn how to make donuts with this fun date night! | The Dating Divas
Homemade donuts on a plate in front of a cute printable donut banner

Ideas for Making Homemade Donuts

Are you thinking about googling “How to make donuts?” Donut worry, friend—we’ve got you covered! We have some of the best ideas for how to make donuts, from air fryer donuts to even a donut recipe or two! Take a look at the different links below!

Make and eat homemade donuts on this delicious date night! | The Dating Divas
Lots of homemade donuts in a variety of different colors

Air Fryer Donuts Recipes and Accessories

Make homemade donuts together for date night! | The Dating Divas
A couple makes homemade donuts in their kitchen

More Homemade Donut Recipes & More Accessories

Whew! With this list, you won’t be wondering how to make donuts anymore! You and your sweetie will be making everyone else jelly with your donut-making game!

Roll-A-Donut Sexy Game

We know what you’re thinking … “How can you make donuts better? They’re already perfect!” Well, we did it. We made donuts even more fantastic than they already are! How? Glad you asked!

Play a sexy Roll-a-Donut game after making homemade donuts on this creative date night! | The Dating Divas
Play the Roll-a-Donut game after you make homemade donuts

We’ve designed a fun and flirty game for you to play with your sweetie. It’s easy—just print it out and grab a pencil, some markers, and a die. Then, follow the directions on the game: “Roll the die to draw a delicious donut. With each roll, perform the corresponding sexy action with your sweetie.” Want to know what you will do? We thought so! Donut stop reading and take a look below!

  • 🎲1: Draw a basic donut & trace circles on your sweetie’s body.
  • 🎲2: Color in the frosting & massage your sweetie’s body.
  • 🎲3: Draw little sprinkles & sprinkle kisses all over your sweetie’s face and neck.
  • 🎲4: Draw a glaze & make out with your sweetie.
  • 🎲5: Draw big sprinkles & sprinkle kisses all over your sweetie’s body.
  • 🎲6: Give your donut a creative name & share a fantasy with your sweetie. 
Play Roll-a-Donut when you make homemade donuts with your sweetie for date night. | The Dating Divas
Roll-a-Donut game, dice, and homemade donuts on a plate

Donut you just love this date night? We’re so happy you came ‘round so we could share it with you! Now, go have a sweet date night! 🍩😋

Free Download

Making Donuts Date Night

Printables Designed by Dawn Young Exclusively for The Dating Divas

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