Easter Basket Exchange

Easter Basket Ideas for Adults

Who said that kids get to have all the fun? Most of the time Mom just gets Easter baskets for the kiddos and Mom and Dad are left out. Or Mom gets one for Dad and she’s left out… Every once in a while it might be fun to include both Mom and Dad in all the Easter fun. This Easter Basket Exchange is a fun date night that will help you pick out the perfect Easter basket for your spouse, while they fill a basket for you! That way neither one of you is left out of the Easter hunt this year!

Fill an Easter Basket for your spouse, while they fill one for you! #EasterBasketIdeas #EasterBasketForAdults

So what is an Easter Basket Exchange?

Easter Basket Exchange

An Easter Basket Exchange is where you know in advance that you are going to make Easter baskets for each other and then exchange them on Easter. It takes all the guesswork out of it… you don’t have to wonder if your spouse has gotten you anything, since you’ll be going to get each other baskets together.

Set a date by sending your spouse a fun invite! These cards are so cute {thanks @MessestoMemories for the design} and they’ll be sure to catch your spouse’s eye as they walk by!

Easter Basket for Him

We’ve got 2 different invitations – one for husbands…

Easter Basket for Her

and one for wives!

Easter Basket Exchange Date

When date night rolls around, head to your favorite store. We always end up at Target when we go shopping for date night. We could roam the aisles there for hours…. On a budget? Try a dollar store!

Easter Basket Ideas for Him or Her

Once you arrive, the fun begins. Split up on a mission to get everything you need for your spouse’s Easter basket. We’ve put together a fun checklist with ideas to help you out. We’ve got a few fun and silly items, as well as some more meaningful ones. We tried to keep our checklist categories pretty broad so you can still use your creativity and fill your Easter Basket with something that your spouse will enjoy.

Easter Basket Ideas Checklist

Our Easter basket checklist has 10 items, you can use ALL the ideas or just a few. Just make sure your spouse doesn’t see your shopping cart, so your Easter basket can be a surprise!

It would be fun to make it a race or a challenge to see who can come up with the best Easter Basket surprise. Of course, you’ll want to set a price limit or things could get out of control pretty quickly.

Easter Basket Ideas for Him

In the end, you’ll have a fun surprise for your sweetheart, plus you’ll get to look forward to your own surprise come Easter day!

Grab your printables below and get ready for the hunt!

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  1. Omgoodness soooo cute! We don’t normally do baskets {or easter really}, But this is so simple and fun I might just give it a try!

  2. Our “Easter Bunny” always does all the baskets for everyone, but I think that bunny would LOVE to do an exchange with her hubby this year! What a fun idea!