Easter Family Fun

Easter Family Fun

Will the Easter bunny visit you this year?!  

With this date, he’s sure to be a part of your Easter fun!


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What You’ll Need:

1. The AH-dorable printables created by the talented Erin at Strawberry Mommycakes

2. Carrot Soup, Dinner Rolls, Greens and Cotton Candy

3. Blindfold for Pin the Tail on the Bunny

4. Sticks for photo props

Start the night off with a simple, yet tasty dinner of Carrot Soup, Breaded Bunny Cotton Tails and Greens!


Finish your meal off with a sweet treat of Cotton Candy! OR save the printable tag and place this treat in everyone’s Easter baskets.


Now, that your bellies are full, let the fun begin!  Grab your blindfold and set up a game of Pin the Tail on the Bunny using our printable Bunny poster and tails!


Lastly, cut out the Easter bunny ears and noses (large ones designed for adults and small ones designed for kids) and take some FUN family photos!  OR, attach a small paper band on each end of the bunny ear printable and make it a hat for continuous wear!


Save the photo props and pull them out next year for a new family photo!  Keep each photo and watch your family grow throughout the years! For another great Easter day family tradition, check out the Jelly Bean Trail!

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