Egg Whites bring in Curls

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Hair is one thing that always seems to astonish me. There are so many ways that you can do it, and different styles to wear. Not every style is for everyone but I had a friend in high school who showed me a trick that I am sharing with you today. The best part about it, is that it literally takes minutes. It is fast and easy to do when you are on the run. This is my go-to-hairstyle in a pinch.

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First you will need two eggs, a bowl, hairspray, gel, and a diffuser. These items will ensure that your hair will hold those scrunched curls longer. I do most of my hair in the shower. Since I can’t post that, wink wink, I did my hair a little bit differently. I started by grabbing the two eggs and a bowl. I cracked the egg but was careful not to let any of the yolk fall into the bowl. Look at the picture and see how the entire yolk is still in the egg. That is what you want or you may end up smelling like rotten egg! 🙂

I bring the bowl into the shower with me and place it where water wont get into the bowl. One side note is that I always brush my hair before I get into the shower so that I don’t have tangles in the way of my curls. After washing my hair, I use my fingers to run through my hair to separate my hair and make sure that I still don’t have any tangles. If I do, I fix them before moving on.

Turn off the water, and grab your bowl. Start spreading the egg whites throughout your hair. Remember to stay away from your roots as you don’t want them to look greasy. The egg whites should be put in the front, back, and sides of your hair while scrunching. I add a little gel afterward on top of the egg whites and you are pretty much done. You should already see your hair looking crimped or curly.

All of this is done in the shower. Once I leave I get a towel and wrap my hair to get out the access water. It helps me dry my hair faster and keeps the time down.

When I am ready to do my hair, the diffuser will help me keep the crimps and curls in place. This literally only takes minutes to complete.The final touch is adding a little hairspray to make sure that I don’t have too many flyaways.

The look is great and I always get lots of compliments. The best part is that from the shower to my finished hair, I am down in less than 30 minutes, and as you can tell from my photos, that is saying a lot. Good luck and I hope that you share your photos with me as well!

Lisa P.


I love my family and enjoy all of the little things. My husband is my best friend and we enjoy doing many things together. We love trips, playing games, watching movies, and hanging out with the kids. I enjoy crafting, taking pictures, and being outdoors.

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  1. Pinterest is definitely,getting my shopping list going for tomorrow! Egg ✔ gelatin ✔ I’m, going to have such beautiful hair and skin !!! Can’t 1wait to,try them!

  2. I’m African American with 3c curls and this works! Pros are that you will get super defined curls egg whites hold better than any gel I’ve used. Cons are super crunchy hair. I use Argan oil and/or olive oil flip my hair over and scrunch to help with that. Also it’s super flaky but you can use a leave in conditioner on top of it to get rid of that. Garnier has a great leave in for curly girlies. This has made my hair thicker and less frizzy.

  3. I love this idea and am NOT afraid to put egg in my hair lol! But are the curls soft? I don’t like crunch in my hair :/

  4. I hope this works with short hair – I have a chin length bob and I’m going to give this a try soon!

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