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Aren’t emojis just the most fun?! I always get excited when I discover a new one and sometimes it’s so much easier to use them than to express yourself with words – those little guys totally help you get the point across. Diva confession: we use them as we chat with each other all the time. I’m really not sure how we’d get through the day without them! We decided that since we love them so much, we could use them to pass on the love to our spouses, too. So we created a few clever, sweet, and sincere Emoji Love Notes and I think you’re seriously going to love them!

Love Notes with Cute Emojis

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We just cannot give enough love to Amanda from A-Manda Creation for helping us create these fun little masterpieces. She is fantastic and if you’re swooning over these emoji love notes like we are, you’re sure to love her Kiss Stickers and Lunchbox Notes, too!

Emoji Cards

We’ve included a couple of card-sized Emoji Loves Notes that are perfect for adding your own message. Just grab a paper cutter to cut them all out, then you can send them to your love like a postcard and add a sweet, personal message to the back.

Clever and Sweet Emoji Love Notes

If you just want to send your sweetie a quick and simple reminder that you love them, then these clever love notes are sure to make them smile! I love the first little guy that describes “Our Relationship in Emojis” – I think that’s exactly how I felt the first time I saw my husband and there just aren’t any words that express it more clearly!

Fun Emoji Love Notes

Some of the Emoji Love Notes are even just a tiny bit suggestive… wouldn’t it be fun to slip “You turn me on” to your spouse right before bed? Who knows what might happen?! {wink}

Showered with Kisses Emoji Love Note

Who wouldn’t want to be showered with kisses – chocolate or otherwise? This would be a fun one to include some of the chocolate variety as a sweet bonus!

Cute Emoji Love Notes

There are so many perfectly adorable love notes included – you’re sure to find at least one that your spouse will get a kick out of or be touched by. We’ve given you enough options that you might even want to surprise them with one each day for a couple of weeks! It doesn’t get much easier than this.

I Love You More Than...

As a sweet finale, you could attach this note to a gift filled with all the best treats!

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