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Easy DIY Gift Basket for Easter AND Mother’s Day!

This gift is as bright, cheery and smooth as the lips you’ll use them on!

Who DOESN’T love EOS chapstick!?  They are natural, organic and come in a variety of scents that smell so good you just want to take a bite out of them.  This Easter, skip the traditional Easter basket and create a darling EOS chapstick basket for a friend, neighbor or family member!

EOS Chapstick Printables

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What You’ll Need to Create This DARLING Basket:

1.  This Darling Printable Set, created by the talented Kensie Kate.

2. A Basket of Choice

3. Sticks {I used kabob sticks}

4. Styrofoam Inserts, to place inside the bucket and insert the sticks into

5. Grass, or covering of any type to cover the styrofoam inserts when you’re done

6. EOS ChapStick, of your choice…of course!

Now, you’re ready to create this original idea that friends and family are going to LOVE!  First, choose the printables you want to use for your basket! Kensie Kate helped us out by creating 16 DIFFERENT, fitted EOS printables to choose from when creating your DIY gift baskets! I can’t get enough of her adorable designs! If you want to see more of her super sweet ideas, you should take a second to check out all of her happy prints!

Easter EOS Chapstick Printables

For the Easter basket, we have 5 Easter specific printables. Also a part of this refreshing pack are 4 spring-inspired printables, including a sun, rain cloud, butterfly and rainbow, which can also be used interchangeably in the Mother’s Day basket.

Spring Printables for EOS Chapsticks

Once you’ve selected your printables, cut out the center of the printables and insert your EOS chapstick.

FREE EOS Chapstick Printables

Now, prep you basket by inserting styrofoam pieces to fit as much of the inside of the basket as possible.  Next, cut your sticks to varying lengths.  By having different lengths, it gives your printables dimension within your basket.  Lastly, adhere the sticks to the back of your printables.  I attached mine with tape to the actual card stock.  *NOTE: The EOS can make the printable heavy and it might want to twist when you insert it into the styrofoam.  Just mess with it until it does what you want…it will!


 Easter Basket Gift Idea

Gorgeous, right?!  Another great option, instead of creating an entire basket, is to throw one or two of these printables into an Easter basket.  How much will your little girl LOVE a bunny with a chapstick nose?! And what teenage girl doesn’t carry a lip balm in every one of her bags?!  *I added a cute little bow to the bunny for more personality, heehee!

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Girls

We CAN’T forget Mother’s Day?!

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it and how good will it feel to know you ALREADY have the perfect gift?!

Mother's Day Printables with EOS Chapsticks

And let’s not forget those other “mothers” in our life, including grandmas, mother-in-laws and those who have been like a mother {use the LOVE printable for them}!

Mother's Day Printables for EOS Chapsticks

Adorable, I know!  This simple DIY gift idea is probably the best idea yet!  It’s unique, thoughtful and super cute! Create your basket the same way you did for the Easter basket and, phew, you’ve just nailed two holidays with one printable pack!

Mother's Day Gift Basket EOS Chapsticks

Of course you can’t forget your hubby this Easter! Create the ULTIMATE Intimate Easter Basket, full of bedroom printables and goodies for him!

Free Download

EOS Gift Basket Tags

Printables Designed by Kensie @ Kensie Kate Exclusively for The Dating Divas



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    1. Glad you like them! You can use the non-holiday themed ones for teacher gifts or summer gifts as well! Enjoy!

  1. This gift basket is absolutely darling! I’m looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, so this seems like something that she’ll really like. She’s really into cute crafts that have to do with spring, so I’m sure that she’ll like a basket full of cute bunnies with chapstick. I think the best part about it is that I can make this myself. I’m excited to assemble this for her so that she can have a Mother’s Day to remember.

    1. Thanks Deanna! I’m so glad you like the basket and I’m sure your mom will too! It’s super easy to make and so unique! Good luck assembling your own and enjoy!