Fear Factor Couples Dinner Party

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Fear Factor Dinner Party
fear factor party

Today we have a couples summer dinner party idea for you that is sure to create some hilarious memories with your friends! Have you ever seen the Fear Factor game show on TV? Fear Factor is a crazy show where ordinary people are forced to face their fears. There’s a variety of rounds including facing their fear of heights, water, eating something gross, reptiles, etc.. Well, we don’t have the ability to do the elaborate games they do on the show, but my husband and I managed to come up with a few DIY Fear Factor games that we thought would be perfect for a couples game night. The Fear Factor theme was quite a hit with the husbands (The grosser, the better for them, right?!), and gave them all an opportunity to show us girls just how macho they were. Ha!

WARNING: This couples night is not for the faint of heart. There will be worms, and there may be crazy pointless games just for fun! Make sure you invite friends who love to be silly, and are good sports. 🙂

The Invite:

The fabulous Leah Aldous created a fantastic Fear Factor Couples Dinner Party invite that gave an added pizazz to our themed night with our friends!

fear factor printable invite

The Game Set-up:

You can do this couples game night two different ways. You can have the couples compete as a team, with one or more couples being eliminated after each round of competition. Or you can have them compete individually, girls against girls, and guys against guys. This also gives a chance for the girls who are a bit more squeamish to sit out a round if they need to and not feel bad, and it allows you to have a small prize for each round’s winner. We packaged a bag of microwave popcorn, a theater box of candy, and a free Redbox code together to create an easy and inexpensive at-home movie date night prize. They loved them! You can also have the winning couple awarded a gift card to a restaurant. Either way would work. Just pick whichever method you think works best for your group of friends.

The Games:

Here are a couple of the games we played with our friends at our dinner party, but you can search online for “Fear Factor game” and find lots of great ideas!

Worm Transfer

fear factor party

In this game each lady is given a plastic fork, a empty paper plate, and a plate full of worms. The goal is to transfer your worms one at a time from one plate to the other. Fastest time wins! I thought it would be funny to have the guys do the same game, except they had to use their mouths. It was hilarious, but backfired on me when my husband planted a big ‘ole smooch on me right after he finished!

Hot Sauce Medley

fear factor party

The guys are always talking about their love of hot sauce and just how hot the most recent one they tasted was. In this game, each guy had six spoons, each with a different hot sauce on them. Each spoon held a successively hotter sauce. The guys each had to eat the hot sauces one at a time off the spoons in order, and then see who could go the longest without water. It was quite funny to watch their faces. I’ve never seen so many grown men cry!

fear factor party

Worm Bath

fear factor party

Another one of the games we did with the girls actually required them to touch the worms. They had to retrieve five of my son’s Lego figurines form the bottom of a cup FULL of worms in the fastest time. Some of the girls don’t have little boys, so unlike me, they are not used to handling worms, frogs, or lizards on a regular basis. My poor friend Kayce had the funniest reaction, but she did it! She faced her fear of worms!

Ice Bath

fear factor party

This was one of the most talked about games of the night! We had storage tubs filled with ice water. It was super cold, and each guy had to put one foot in a tub. Last man standing with his foot in the ice water wins. We were really surprised how long some of the guys stayed in, but in the end only one seemed to be able to take the cold!

fear factor party

After our hilarious evening, there were pictures and videos all over Facebook, and our friends are STILL talking about it! It may have been the grossest, craziest couples game night ever, but we had a blast!

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  1. No way I could do anything worm! It is not a fear, but a phobia! Why do the girls get the tough stuff? I could so do anything you had for the guys! I just have to draw the line with worms!!! Otherwise great party idea!

  2. This looks so fun. I am going to host a fear factor party next weekend. Can you tell me the other games you played. I have looked around but most of the stuff I found was for kids.


    1. Hi! So excited to hear you are hosting a Fear Factor party! We used a couple of the games off of this site – https://www.queen-of-theme-party-games.com/fear-factor-birthday-party-games.html#axzz2e2PsanBT – and this site – https://www.ehow.com/way_5445315_fear-factor-games-birthday-parties.html#page=0. Even some of the games that were geared toward kids worked well for adults too. We tried the dog food one, and the dog biscuit one, as well as had the guys eat raw eggs. It was a bit gross, but they loved it! LOL!

  3. This looks so fun I had to do a party for all of our friends. We are having it next weekend. Can you tell me the other games that you played. I have look around but most of the games I have found are for kids.


  4. It was such a fun and memorable night! Thanks for having us over. We look forward to the next group date night! Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be awesome! You are so creative and fun! Love you friend!

  5. What an incredible group date night! You are so brave… you’re right, this one isn’t for the faint of heart! I’m sure this night is one that you all will be talking about for a looong time!

  6. Wow, Angie! What an incredible group date night! You are so brave… you’re right, this one isn’t for the faint of heart! I’m sure this night is one that you all will be talking about for a looong time! 🙂

  7. Girl you have the best group dates ever!!! You need to come host a group date for me!!!! lol LOVE this idea and I need to make my friends do this! (Yes, I said make!!!) xox

  8. ANGIE!! I am seriously dying!! I love that you guys did this… although I am not sure if I could do it. LOL You go, girl!

  9. Wow Angie, you went all out for this date! Ugh, that worm transfer looks soooo nasty! I have to know though, did you eat your dinner before or after you played all these games?