Gift for Him: Our Love Keeps Running

Runner Gift Basket

Is your man a runner?  Or, maybe he loves to spend time at the gym?  If so, we have the PERFECT suggestion from one of our Dah-ling readers to brighten his day! Check out this fun runner gift basket!


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Margaret wrote to us and explained that her honey is a runner and participates in many races throughout the year.  Since he always manages to forget something, Margaret is planning to give him a gift basket of all the items he will need for his upcoming race relay.   — How cute is that?!

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We LOVE this idea!  Support your man as he works toward his fitness goals by surprising him with a thoughtful gift basket of exercising essentials.  The possibilities on what to include are ENDLESS and easily customizable to your hubby’s favorite sport.  You might consider things like:

  • new laces for his running shoes
  • energy drinks
  • carb friendly snacks before the race: granola bars, Clif Bars, etc…
  • a new playlist loaded onto his IPOD
  • towel for running
  • massage oils for muscle aches
  • new running socks
  • ear buds
  • water bottle
  • a little love note from YOU explaining how proud you are of him!

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 Cultivating a healthy lifestyle as a couple is so important.  We would LOVE to hear from YOU in the COMMENTS BELOW on how you accomplish this mighty task!

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  1. I LOVE this idea! My husband doesn’t like sweets and isn’t really sentimental either so this is an absolutely perfect ‘just because’ gift! I have a hard time finding perfect just because gifts for him! So thank you, he’s going to love it!