Gourmet Dinner Party Date

Gourmet Dinner Group Date Ideas

Are you and your friends serious foodies? Does the thought of a homemade gourmet dinner make your mouths water? You’ve come to the right place! Our Gourmet Dinner Party Date is the perfect way to gather friends and loved ones and share your favorite fancy foods. From printable invitations, recipe cards, food tents and more, this date idea is practically done-for-you and will help you turn an ordinary group date into a gourmet feast you’ll never forget. We’ve made the planning and guesswork seriously easy so all you need to worry about is what to bring! Let’s take a look.

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Before we jump into all this gourmet dinner party goodness, we have to give a shout-out to our own Diva Elizabeth for designing these printables for us! She’s totally helped unleash our inner chefs and we love it!

Gourmet Dinner Party Date Invitation

Gourmet Dinner Date Printables

Your printable gourmet food date pack has everything you need to create the perfect experience. Take a quick look at the following 5 items, and keep reading for even more deets.

  1. Gourmet Dinner Guide
  2. Gourmet Dinner Party Invitation
  3. Food Tents
  4. Food Rating Cards
  5. Recipe Cards

Gourmet Dinner Party Guide

Gourmet Dinner Party Date Guide

Throwing a gourmet dinner party may seem a little daunting, but we’re here to help make it easy as pie (or pasta!). Your printable gourmet dinner guide lists everything out in three simple steps. You’ll definitely want to print your guide to have on hand throughout the planning process, but feel free to take a quick peek at the steps below:

Step 1- Prep for your Gourmet Dinner Date by creating a guest list and sending the invitations. Be sure to include a recipe card with each invite as all couples will contribute a dish to share—potluck style. Each couple will record the recipe they prepared and swap them at the date!

Step 2- Set the stage for your gourmet date by utilizing candles, nice dishes, and mood music! Set the food tents in front of the coordinating dishes that are brought. Give each couple a Food Critic Card and take time to sample everyone’s specialties. Compare notes & have fun!

Step 3- Wrap up the evening by having each couple share what went into creating their specific dish. Swap recipes so everyone leaves with a different card than they came with. Challenge everyone to recreate that dish sometime during the week and report back!

Gourmet Dinner Party Date for Groups

What did we tell you?! Super simple and totally fun.

Gourmet Dinner Party Invitations

Gourmet Dinner Party Date Invite

Ready to don that chef’s hat and get everyone excited about date night? This is where your handy-dandy invites come in! These bad boys are totally on-theme and contain spots for all the important info. Their double-sided design means all you need to do is print, trim the edges and fold. Fill in the slots for “When,” “Where,” & “RSVP.” Check which item you’d like that particular couple to prepare and include the corresponding recipe card. Pop them in the mail or drop them off in-person for added flair.

Gourmet Dinner Party Date Invite Info

Gourmet Food Tents

Gourmet Dinner Party Date Food Tents

One of our favorite parts of this entire date is the idea of SHARING! In true potluck style, each couple will bring a certain menu item—either an appetizer, entree, side, or dessert. Our printable food tents will not only help set the scene but also gives you the perfect spot to set each dish.

Food Rating Cards

Gourmet Dinner Party Date Rating

What’s a gourmet meal with a little good-natured judgment? Included in your pack is a unique food rating card. Print as many as you need (one per couple!) and have everyone give each dish a rating by circling the number of stars they think it deserves. Then have them select which dish they think went above and beyond. Compare notes and announce the winner!

Gourmet Food Recipe Cards

Gourmet Dinner Party Date Recipe Card

Included with each couple’s invite is a recipe card that they’ll use to explain how they prepped their menu item. Have them bring their cards along with them to the date so everyone can take a peek at their cooking process. Then swap cards so everyone goes home with a brand new recipe to try. It’s the perfect end to a perfect group date!

Gourmet Dinner Party Date Printable Pack

What are you waiting for?! Grab your favorite foodies and have yourselves a feast like never before. Bon appetit!

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Gourmet Dinner Party Date

Printables Designed By Elizabeth Edwards Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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