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Calling all husbands! We wives, LOVE it when you plan date night, but between work, kids, and everything in between, we know it can be a little daunting. And as much as we all love the classic dinner and a movie, it’s fun to mix things up now and then, right? Right! Get ready to kick any date night dreariness to the curb because we’ve got an idea that takes out the guesswork and helps you plan the perfect date for you and your sweetheart. Best part of all, it’s quick, easy, and totally man-approved. What could be better than that?!

Helping Husbands Plan Date Night Idea #datenight #dateideas

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Before we begin, we have to give a GIANT shout out to Carisa from Messes to Memories for creating these one-of-a-kind printables that are bold, bright, and absolutely perfect! Thanks again, Carisa!

Date Night Hubby Helper Pack

Alrighty guys, you ready to go from “What should we do?” to “Happy Date Night, Honey!”?? Let’s get to the goods.

Date Night Hubby Helper Contents

Presenting the one and only Date Night Hubby Helper: a complete go-to kit made especially for you! It’s contents are packed with goodness and totally user-friendly, plus everything fits perfectly in a large manila envelope for safe keeping. Simply whip it on out whenever you need a little date night direction and you can also pin this post so you’ve got the ideas saved in an easy-to-find digital location!


  • Envelope Cover
  • How-To-Guide
  • Date Night Survey
  • Survey Results Page
  • Print & Prep Card


Date Night Hubby Helper Guide

First up: the Date Night Hubby Helper How-To Guide! This handy dandy card of awesome does a fantastic job of leading you to your perfect date. Each step is quick, simple and a whole lot of fun! Give it a read and keep it close during the planning process, referring to it as often as needed OR feel free to come back here for a step-by-step explanation.

Date Night Hubby Helper Survey

How to Plan Date Night


Complete your Date Night Survey. This special color-blocked card contains a quick and easy quiz that will lead you to the perfect type of date for you (and her!). Simply select which word or item speaks to you the most for each question, and you’re ready for the results!

Date Night Hubby Helper Survey Results


Check the Results on your Survey Results Page. Now that your quiz is complete, you’ll want to use this page to determine which type of date is best. But that’s not all. This page also includes four different date options per category so you’re armed and ready with some fabulous choices the two of you will LOVE!

Date Night Hubby Helper Print and Prep


Explore your different date night options and select one using the Print & Prep Card. Visit to explore each of your four suggested dates a little further. Select the one that gets you the most excited and fill in the information on your Print & Prep Card. All of the included date ideas have corresponding printable invitations, activities, and instructions that will make planning and prepping an absolute breeze (plus, you can always come back here to check things out, especially if you save your favorite ideas like this to Pinterest)!

Date Night Hubby Helper


Invite your wife and get ready to party! Using the corresponding printable invitation for the date of your choosing, fill out the necessary info (date, time, etc.) and leave it somewhere your sweetie is sure to find it. That’s it! You’re ready for a one-of-a-kind date night that’s packed with fun and romance. Plus the extra planning on your part will make her feel all sorts of special—an absolute win.

PS. A special note to any ladies who may be reading: help your hubby out by printing, assembling, and slipping him this fantastic idea! Then go take a bubble bath because he’s got it covered.


The inspiration for this post and printables comes from Stephanie from SC Life as a Wife! Be sure and check out her original post below. It’s simply too cute to not include and is full of fabulous ideas that are similar to those above but with a bit of a twist. Thanks again, Stephanie!
Helping Hubby Plan a Date

It’s me again, from It is always an honor to guest blog for The Dating Divas.

February 14th was coming and my husband was busy, busy with school, work, and applying to grad school. Was it really fair for me to remind him that it was his year to plan Valentine’s Day? So I thought I would help him out and this is a great idea to get husbands involved in the planning.

Help your husband plan date night.

Every day I texted him a question, “Do you like it hard or soft?”, “Do you like it hot or cold?”, “Do you like it fast or slow?”, “Do you like it wet or dry?” and so on … and every day he picked one or the other, which in the end, ended up planning our date.

Wet or Dry – {MEAL} – Alfredo or chicken fingers

Hot or Cold – {DESSERT} – pie or ice cream

Fast or Slow – {ACTIVITY} – air hockey or billiards/ laser tag or miniature golf

It was a lot of fun!  He loved the suspense…. and I loved that he was planning our romantic date!

Have fun!



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Date Night Hubby Helper

Printables Designed by Carisa @ Messes to Memories Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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  1. So cute! I know when I get excited about something my hubby does too! I think this would totally help get him on board for date night!

    1. Thanks Tara!! 😀 I LOVE how they turned out too! Cute, but with the perfect touch of ‘manly’ for the guys! 😉 <3

  2. Darling printables and SUCH a genius idea! Haha – I feel like my hubby would give me lots of *bonus points* for just pointing him in the right direction. Love this!

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