He’s All Guy

A few days ago, this sweet LOVE STORY (if I do say so myself) introduced all of you to the love of my life… Brian.  Today I want to share one way he rocks at being my man!

My hubs is definitely a “GUY” guy!  (Is your man, too?) By this I mean he is deeply invested in guy stuff like guns, hunting, fishing, etc.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m glad he’s all MAN, but around hunting season in years past, I have found myself joking with him whether he married me or his other passions (Can anyone relate?) If he’s got some free time, this beautiful place is where he wants to be.

So I guess that’s why I have been so touched by this. A couple years ago, my sweetheart started asking me to join him in a lot of his outdoor adventures, and as silly as it seems, that simple act melts my heart because to me it says, “Having you with me makes my favorite things better.” {*sigh*}

I’ve learned that just being together really is the secret to havin’ DANG FUN!

We’ve enjoyed doing things like this together so much, he now takes the initiative to arrange for our babysitters and prepare outdoor dates (complete with breakfast or dinner) 100% unprompted.  {All together now… “Awww!”}  SO FUN.  He has helped me choose my own gun and even helped me get my hunting education and license.

Every time he takes me someplace new, I feel loved that he wants me to be part of his fun not only today, but this is something we’ll be able to do together forever.

I just gotsta mention a softer side of my man, too.  Once in a while I’ll come home to this…

No contest – my absolute favorite part about this beautiful bouquet is the homemade card! He can raid my scrapbooking stuff anytime! Ohmyheck, I LOVE my hubby!

About the Author: Kiirsten

I am a vivacious diva with a passion for life and my roles as a wife, a mother, and friend.

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9 Responses to He’s All Guy

  1. He does indeed sound like a wonderful hubby, as he is just like mine. I just got my hunter's safety too and can't wait to join my husband next year for the hunts! One time my guy made me a homemade card with my scapbook stuff. I LOVED it…I think he used like 20 eyelets (even asked me how to use the crop-a-dile) on 1 card, turned out great! You guys are a very cute couple!

  2. I enjoyed reading your love story….but I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing! It makes me happy for those of you who have this! Enjoy each other! and thanks for this website!

  3. This was an amazing post! I can't help but feel though, that you get treated this way because you deserve it. The whole purpose of this website is to teach us how to be better wives, girlfriends, etc. by focusing on what our men need. By first showing your support for what he does, whether it's with you or without you, you opened his heart to be able to trust you with anything, even his manly activities. You're a perfect example of why being unselfish and loving and fun toward our mates pays off!

  4. Kiirst! This is so precious! He really, really must love you! That is to say that a man that goes out of his way to include you in his hobbies AND provides flowers? Wow, honey, you really found a good one for yourself. 😉

  5. You two are stinking adorable! Your hubby sounds quite a bit like mine. It’s totally funner to spend time together learning about each others hobbies and coming to love them yourself! Yay, for manly men!!!! xox <3