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Flirty Pizza Love Note

Sexy Pizza Love Note

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Want a SUPER quick and SUPER easy way to make your man feel totally loved?  Perfect!  I’ve got just the thing.

I got the idea from my (seriously sweet) husband, and I have to say- it’s a good one!  I was having a rough morning when my husband called from work to say, “hi.”  He could tell (probably from all the crying kids in the background) that I was feeling down and overwhelmed.  Well, being the swell guy that he is, he decided to cheer me up and stopped by on his lunch break with a surprise…

It may seem like a little thing- just a $5 Hot-N-Ready pizza he picked up from Little Caesars.  But the note he attached totally cheered me up and made my day.  “Date tonight at 7, you better be… Hot-N-Ready!”  Not only did I not have to fix lunch (a total bonus), but he had arranged for a sitter so we could escape for a little bit that night.  (And I have to say, a surprise pizza party for lunch worked wonders to cheer up my cranky little kiddos.)  That simple gesture really let me know that my husband was thinking of me and scored him some major points!!!  He could have easily just called and told me he had gotten a sitter and it still would have brightened my day.  But this took it to the next level and made me feel like a giddy teenager getting asked out to prom.  Yes- a $5 pizza can do all that.   😉

Well, it got me thinking- this idea could really work for husbands too.  My guy used this as an invite for a date, which is what most  wives want.  (Smart man!)  But wives could easily use it as an invite for something else, which is what most husbands want.  {*wink*wink*  Follow my drift?}  After all, if my husband was being thoughtful enough to think of what I wanted and needed, why not return the favor with something that I knew would especially appeal to him?  It’s important to keep the sparks flyin’ in marriage with a little flirting and fun.  And if you don’t want the fire to go out, you gotta keep blowin’ on the flames.

So I made my own little printable note, ready to be attached to a $5 Hot-N-Ready Pizza and delivered to his office…

Go ahead- make his day!  After all, what more could a guy ask for than a yummy lunch, the promise of some lovin’, and one super thoughtful wife?!  Yes- a $5 pizza can do all that.   😉

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  1. I just found your site today. This is the first idea I’ll use. You have no idea how excited I am to have found your site. I just spent a few hours last week trying to find some date ideas for my husband and I. I will be back often. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!

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