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My FAVORITE date nights are our group couples date nights! Maybe it is the competitive side of me, but competing against other couples in date nights ideas like The Amazing Race and The Price is Right allowed me to bond with my spouse on a whole new level!

Group date nights are s0 much fun that The Dating Divas have created a way for you to easily organize a monthly couples date night group! If you are anything like me, you LOVE getting together with other couples for fun {and creative} group dates! But I sometimes feel like our group date nights are too far apart… so I fell in LOVE with the idea of organizing a monthly DATE GROUP!!! So start thinking of your favorite couples that you want to join in the fun of a group date night, and get started with your


Group Date Night Kit

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This group date idea planning pack has everything you need to organize your very own monthly couples date night group for you and your favorite couples! This amazing 14-page printable pack with 70 separate pieces was made by our creative Diva Designer Courtney at All Things Bright and Beautiful. After you get these printables, make sure to stop by her site and send her some Diva love!

This ah-mazing group date night printable pack includes:

  • Folder Cover
  • Detailed “How to” Instructions
  • Invitations
  • Assignment Reminder Cards
  • Monthly Organizational Calendar
  • Group Contact Sheet
  • Date Night Questionnaire
  • Questionnaire Answers Tally Sheet
  • Questionnaire Answers Summary Sheet
  • 1st Group Date Night Optional Activity: Get to Know You Jenga Game

All this, for just $12.97! 

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Monthly couples date night group printables

Aren’t these adorable? I LOVE the bright colors! It makes me so excited to start this!

How to Set Up Your Own Monthly Couples Date Night Group:

Great date ideas can be so easy!

Each month, get together with a group of your favorite couples to pick when you’ll each host a date night. Each couple chooses a month (or two – depending on the number of couples in your group) and “hosts” a couples date night for the entire group to enjoy!

couples date night organization materials

Pick Your Date Night Group of Couples

First things first – you need to decide which of your lucky couple friends get to be in this amazing date night group! Seriously – they will LOVE you for doing this! We recommend you choose 6 OR 12 couples to join in the fun! You can invite the couples using the darling printable “monthly date night group” invitation that not only describes how the group will work, but it invites them to their FIRST couples date night, hosted by you, the organizer!

Once you have your group invitations sent and your date night group set – you can use the group contact sheet to keep everyone organized!

couples date night invite and assignment cards

Pick Your Months!

At your first group date night, assign each couple a month or two! If you have 6 couples in your group, each pair will need to take on two months in the year (it could be fun if the wife chose one and the husband chose one!) If you have 12 couples, then each pair only takes on one date night in the year. Make sense?

Use the Monthly calendar printable to chart out who will do each month and then fill out the assignment cards for reminders for the couples! HINT: One fun ideas would be to print the assignment cards on card stock and then place magnetic tape on the back to turn them into magnets! This way, couples can easily put them on their fridge at home so it won’t get lost!

Finally, you can keep everyone organized by making date night folders using our printable folder cover and tab! It is the perfect way to keep all the papers together!

couples date night questionnaire

Pick Your Favorite Date Night Ideas

After assigning each couple their month, now you can find out what TYPES of date nights the group is interested in doing! Part of the fun of couples date nights is trying new things, but it is always good to know general needs of the group. This is a great way to find out couple’s expectations for budgets for the date nights (willing to spend or needing to keep it on the cheaper side?), if you have to take into account babysitters, any dietary restrictions and just plain preferences of activities! We even included a questionnaire tally printable and summary sheet to make summarizing all the answers quick and easy!

Game Time Date Night!

couples date night jenga game

Now it is time for the FUN at your very first group date night! You have organized how will host when, the couples have taken the survey and now it is time to PLAY! We have a GREAT date night idea to get your group started! Many of your couples may not know each other, and this is the PERFECT way to break the ice! Included in the printable pack, is your very own “Getting to Know You Jenga Game”

Jenga is a fun balancing game in which you pull out blocks from a stack and re-stack it up top. The goal: don’t knock the stack over! Now, the twist for OUR version:

couples date night jenga game questions

Simply cut out the question cards and attach them to the Jenga pieces either with tape or you can get fancy and Modge Podge! The most important thing is that the paper be as close to the block as possible. Gather your new date night couples group together and play the game as usually only THIS time they must answer the question on the block they chose before re-stacking it! Get ready for some laughter and getting to know (maybe more than you want to know) about each couple in your new date night group!

couples date night jenga game pieces

Planning Your Couples Date Night: 

As all the couples return to their home, make sure they have a copy of the Group Date Night Ideas PDF provided in the printable pack. The BEST way to send this would be via email so that they can have the digital file because . . .

. . . drum roll please . . .

amazing technology has made it possible to just CLICK on the title of the date idea and it will send you directly to the post that explains the date!!! How cool is that?

The list is comprised of tried and true group date nights that are perfect for a group date. They can use the ideas on this list to choose the date night they most want to host! Send that list to your new group members and get ready to have a BLAST with all of your friends!

Grab your Couples Date Night Kit for only $12.97! 

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I met my husband, in a beginning ballroom dance class at the age of 15. He was my first crush, my first date, and twelve years (to the day) later we married. Together we enjoy traveling the world, and, of course, going on creative dates! I am a former theatre teacher who now stays at home with a spunky little boy. I love dancing, hosting parties, photography, organizing & chocolate!

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