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If you have kiddos, then you are NO stranger to the Elf on the Shelf! But why should the kids have ALL the fun this holiday season?! Create your very own Hubby on the Shelf and have your man find him each morning holding some valuable love coupons! {wink wink}

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  1. The amazingly crafted elf printable outfit by CdotLove.
  2. Your FAV picture of your hubby to use as the head for creating your elf.
  3. The 10 printable love coupons also created by CdotLove!
  4. Ways to set up your Hubby Elf each morning for your man to find. Here is a GREAT list of Elf on the Shelf ideas that you can use!


Then, for the 10 days leading up to Christmas, place your Hubby Elf in fun situations each morning for your man to find! Make sure to include a love coupon that he can redeem through out the holiday season!
You can choose what order to give out the coupons and there is even a blank one for you to fill out however you like!
If you love Hubby Elf, check out our Flat Hubby. Flat Hubby is GREAT for those times when your real man is away!
AND – if your family IS doing the actual Elf on the Shelf with your kiddos, check out this AWESOME list of creative ideas Julie rounded up!

We love this fun tradition so much that we created an entire printable kit to make it FUN and EASY! {We took out all the stress, and added in lots of fun!} Our Christmas Elf Kit is loaded with elf-sized printables and LOTS of ideas for making Christmas memories. We even included Parent Planning Printables to make everything super simple during the sometimes crazy holiday season. Here’s just a little sneak peek…

For ALL the deets {and to see even more pics} go check it out! 

Happy Holidays!

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7 Responses to Hubby on the Shelf

  1. I had seen so many creative ideas for the elf on the shelf on Pinterest, and I was feeling sad because my kids are all older now, and we had never had this as part of our traditions. This “hubby on a shelf” just made my day- I can’t wait to get started!

  2. This is by far the most creative husband fun I have seen in a long time. BRAVO!!!! I can’t wait to make mine and share this idea with my friends. They will love it too! Thank you!!!!

  3. This is seriously so cute! Seeing as we don’t have any kiddos I’m always looking for fun grown up ideas! Hubby on the shelf and wife” on the shelf (yes I’m making one for me too!!) will fit in perfectly with our Christmas grown up treats!!! Thanks you for sharing this darling idea! xox