I Love You Because….

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I sure do love a note from my husband. I can honestly recall most of the notes he has left for me over the years.  Simple notes go a long way and can set the tone for the day.  Today’s idea is a fun way to correspond with your spouse!  You each get to take turns writing what you love about your spouse.  All you need is the free printable, a black frame and an expo marker.  Print off the printable, put it in a fabulous frame, place the frame in a place that you & your spouse will pass by often, grab an expo marker….and write the FIRST love note!

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(Don’t you just love this printable? Our printables are once again designed by the oh-so talented Aileen from Lil’ Buckaroo Designs!  Her designs never cease to amaze me!)

Check out one of our love notes….

Micah Folsom Photography
Micah Folsom Photography

Download your free printable I Love You Because…!

This will make a great present for your spouse and not break the bank! 🙂  If you want a good, but inexpensive frame check out this one and here is a dry erase marker! Easy peasy and SO cute!

And if you’ve got an anniversary coming up, check out our Anniversary Gift Guide, it is chuck full of great gift ideas to show your babe some love!

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I Love Your Because...

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    1. Kayla, I have been looking through our past files for this file in a .jpeg format and I cannot find it anywhere! It’s one of our original posts and we don’t have all the formats for it like we do with our current posts. I am still working on it though! I just wanted to let you know. Is this the best email to send it to when/if I can find it?

  1. Hey Ladies!

    I LOVE this idea! Thank you so much!
    Will be giving it to my hunny bunny for Christmas this year.

    I do have a suggestion for anyone looking to make it smaller (5×7). Instead of printing it as is…I set my printer to print 2 on a page…it then rotates it on the page…giving me a “spot on” 5×7 size!! Works well!

    Thanks again!!!

  2. Hi! This is so neat! May I have the jpeg too? Will that help me size it down for a 5×7 frame? Thanks so much! (Just joined this sight yesterday and it is AMAZING!!!) Thanks again! 🙂

  3. hey guys, I left the last comment asking for a JPEG file, if it isn’t too much trouble can I please get it before this weekend, my brothers and I want to make this for our mom so we can leave notes thanking her for all she does for us everyday.


  4. What a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for sharing…can I also get a JPEG if it isn’t too much trouble.

    Thanks in advance!

  5. LOVE this idea!!!! Just finish mine up and set it out for us to use! I am excited about it. Love you guys and all your wonderful ideas!!!!! Thanks so much!!! :o)

  6. L-O-V-E this idea! My husband leaves me more notes on it than I leave him. Best Christmas gift I have ever given him. (or me 😉 Thanks for the ideas!

  7. Love it! I was surprised that my husband warmed up to the idea, I love waking up to the love note he leaves me before he goes to work! Great way to begin my day and I leave him a love note at night before going to bed!!!

  8. I love this whole concept! Printed it, put it in an old frame and it’s been going back and forth between my husband’s night stand and mine! It is so much fun. THANK YOU for sharing!

  9. May I also have the jpeg? I’d like to enlarge it to an 8×10. Has anyone tried that? Does it turn out okay?

  10. Hi Corie, I just love this!!! Thank you for sharing! I want to make this for my husband for Valentine’s Day. Could I get the jpeg so I can print it somewhere? My printer isn’t working so well these days. Thanks a ton! ~Tia

  11. I love this!! Could you please email me the jpeg, too? Also, that frame is adorable!! Any chance you remember where its from or who makes it? Thank you for the inspiration :o)

  12. Thanks for such a cute idea! My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years and two of his three kids live with us, so sometimes we forget about US. I printed out the printable and put it in a frame and we have been using it for almost a week now, and I love it and so does he! I love getting home in the evenings and seeing what he has left for me. Thanks again!

  13. I LOVE this idea, my boyfriend leaves for work at 4:30, this would be excellent for us!
    Could you please also e-mail me the jpeg?

  14. I made this 2 days ago and it has been great! This is such an awesome way to keep the deep seeded romance alive. I’ve gotten so much inspiration off of this blog, thank you so much!

  15. I wanted to add that I bought a piece of velcro and attached one piece to the marker and one piece to the back of the frame! That way the marker wont get lost! 🙂

  16. I love your site!! I would of never thought of this!! could you please email me the jpeg?

    Thank so much! my husband will love this!!

  17. Im seriously addicted to ur site! I want to try all ur ideas but forcing myself to spread them out! at least now im set for Christmas, Valentines, Birthday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and every day!! Thank you for being so creative and sharing all ur ideas!

  18. I don’t get it, how do you write on paper and then be able to erase and rewrite with an expo marker?? Love the ideal!

    1. Hi Brandi! You place the paper in a frame behind glass. Then you write the love note on the glass, which with an EXPO would allow you to write as many notes as you want. 🙂

    Hmm.. I wish I knew how to save this as a jpeg or gif… I am wanting to print it as a 5×7

  20. This is such an AWESOME idea! I’m definitely going to make this for our home! Thank you for making our relationship with our husbands that much sweeter. 🙂

  21. This is wonderful… We have one hanging in our foyer. Every day before we leave work write a note to each other. It is a really great way to start the day… Even if it’s a reminder in a note… I love you because you pick up milk on the way home. LOL

  22. Absolutely love this!! Just in time for my hubbys bday, and just what I was looking for to do with a huge frame I have lying around! Would you be able to e-mail me the jpeg so I can enlarge it at costco? Thanks!!

      1. Thanks, Corie! I’m not sure how to send you my email. I put down my email in the required fields before sending this. Do you have access to that? I just don’t want to put it here, since it’s public.

        1. Hey Mel!

          Yes – we have access to your email address on the backend of our site. Sorry about that! 🙂 Corie will grab that & get in touch with you.

          XO, Tara

  23. super cute!! I am going to print two…one for me and one as a gift for my daughter’s preschool teacher who is getting married tomorrow….what a fun idea!! 🙂