Introducing: Kristin of CdotLove!

We absolutely LOVE our amazing design girls, and we are beyond THRILLED to have Kristin of CdotLove on our team! She is absolute GENIUS and a kind soul, to boot! We love her to death and are so proud to introduce y’all to her! So without further ado, I introduce to you, Kristin!!

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Hey there! I am Kristin Clove, and I am so excited to be here today with The Dating Divas! I have been designing for myself, friends, and family for a long time, and opened my etsy shop in the end of 2012. Originally, I just wanted to earn money to go on a cruise with my husband, and since then my little business has grown bigger than I ever dreamed. My favorite thing about what I do though, is meeting some of the greatest people ever through design projects!

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A few facts about me: I love color! I CRAVE color all around me and that comes through in my designs. I need to be in light, open, airy places. I love citrus fruit. Freshly squeezed lime is my favorite smell in the entire world. I am a font-lover (there is a perfect font for every occasion!). I grew up in Wyoming, have lived in Boston, and spent most of my adult life in Utah. Mexican food = yum! I love to read. Spring is my favorite season. I hate wearing shoes, but if I must wear them, they had better be cute! Creating things is my passion. Laundry is my nemesis. Chocolate can change my mood in an instant. I have repinned almost every single fudge recipe there is on Pinterest. I am obsessed with fresh flowers. My family is everything to me. My husband, Tyrel, and I have been married for 9 years, and we have two beautiful and SPUNKY daughters – Lydia and Elsa (yes, EVERYone asks if she was named after the movie. nope, she wasn’t – she was born 2 years before it came out!). We live in a tiny town in central/ southern Utah and I am a full-time mom and part-time designer and photographer.

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I attended Utah State University (Gooo Aggies!), and graduated with a degree in Journalism, Public Relations emphasis, and a minor in Ornamental Horticulture, which basically is a fancy way of saying that I know a LOT about writing press releases, trees, flowers, plants, and weeds. My FAVORITE classes were my floral design classes, followed closely by a few courses in web design, graphic design, and landscape design. I probably should have noticed that the common thread in all of these was the DESIGN element and switched to a design track. 🙂 Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved to draw and paint and create. It makes me happy that I am able to do this for “work” now. I love designing some of the fabulous printables The Dating Divas offer on their site. I actually started working with these ladies last summer, so you may have already seen and used quite a few of the printables I have done!

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I LOVE doing custom projects – announcements, invitations, family mission statements, handouts. Send them my way! I enjoy the challenge of taking YOUR ideas(however specific or loose they may be) and creating something unique and perfect for YOU!

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You can find me blogging at: (I love offerering free printables there!)

My etsy shop is:


 and on Pinterest (where you can find links to most of the things I have done and LOTS of fudge recipes!):

I am doing a giveaway right now – one lucky WINNER will get to CHOOSE their prize!

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Enter using the rafflecopter below…

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Thank you, Kristin!! We are SO excited about your giveaway! Good luck to all our lucky readers!!

About the Author: Chrissy

I am a busy wife and Mother to three beautiful children! I was raised in California but I now call Texas home, and I love being with my family more than anything in the world! I have LOTS of different interests and love learning new things. Photography and being a wife/mommy are what make me the happiest, but water skiing on a hot summer day isn't a bad second choice!

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  1. Your designs are beautiful Kristin! As someone who graduated with a design degree, you give me hope that I can do what I really want- be a stay at home mom and design too! I loved the “because someone we love is in heaven, there is a little bit of heaven in our home” design. I love the colors!

  2. We LOOOOOVE Kristin!!! She is so talented and SO amazing to work with! Definitely one of my go-to gals when I need something designed for ME! {Like baby shower invites, party printables, etc} Love this gal! XO