Dad is King for a Day: Fun Ideas for Father’s Day

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unique ideas for father’s day

Figuring out what to do for Father’s Day can feel impossible, especially when you’ve already done all the traditional ideas in years past. This year, how about an out-of-the-box idea for Father’s Day! Why not let your kids show Dad how much they love him by letting him be king for a day! We’ve got the cutest free printables for this idea, so it’s sure to be a year he won’t forget!

If you're looking for ideas for Father's day, look no further than this cute and easy idea. | The Dating Divas
Parents and kids celebrate with our unique printables with ideas for Father’s day.

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I can’t take the suspense any more, let’s get started!


Want to know one of the absolute best things to do on Father’s Day? Make him feel like a king! What better way to show how loved Dad is than showering him with love all day. We came up with some suggestions for ways to treat dad like a king. Just use this handy list, or pick and choose your favorites!

  • Breakfast in Bed – Start the day off right with breakfast in bed. There is nothing more royal than eating before you’ve even stood up for the day.
  • The Royal Throne – Decorate his favorite recliner to look truly royal for the day.
  • Foot Rubs/Back Massage – Kings need extra massages all day… from both mom and kids!
  • King of the Remote – This one is a given, right? No one else controls the remote for a full 24 hours.
  • Slippers Fetcher – Assign one child to be on slipper duty. That means Dad’s feet don’t touch the floor unless they are properly slippered — no excuses!
  • No Chores for the Day – Of COURSE kings don’t do chores. Put away that honey-do list!
  • Court Jester Kids – If Dad is the king, then kids are his court jesters. Make a fun game out of the kids doing anything Dad asks for the day. He has a crown, after all. (Did we not mention the crown yet? Oh, don’t worry, there’s a crown!)
  • Dinner Menu – Let the kids make a dinner menu and let Dad choose what everyone is going to eat — no picky complaints!
  • Game Night – Have a fun family game night and remember, kings get to cheat. If any peasants call him out on it, it’s off to the dungeons for them!
  • Alone Time – Of course, if Dad’s the king, that makes Mom the queen. Make sure the two of you get a little alone time together to end the day!
This cute gift box is the perfect addition to your things to do on Father's day. | The Dating Divas
An easy, printable gift box and crown answers the question of what to do for Father’s day.


Would it really be a Dating Divas holiday without some awesome free printables? We’ve thought of everything you’ll need for a Father’s Day that is fit for a king.

  1. Printable Crown: Simply print & cut out this crown for Dad to wear all day. Let him look as royal as he’s going to feel.
  2. Card: Use this card to introduce him to the gift idea, or just to tell him how much you love him!
  3. Gift Box: Follow the easy instructions for this box — just print, cut, fold, and tape or glue the box together. We’ve got some awesome gift ideas you can put in the box below!
Dad will love feeling like a King with this gift — no more wondering what to do on Father's day! | The Dating Divas
Fancy chocolates make the perfect filler for our easy printable gift box, one of our favorite ideas for Father’s day.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Whether you want to shower the king with gifts, or keep it simple with our printable gift box, we’ve got some fun ideas Dad is sure to love.

  • Candy – You really can’t go wrong with one (or more!) of his favorite treats.
  • Socks – Keep his feet warm and keep him feeling kingly with these socks!
  • Minimalist Wallet – This has been one my husband’s favorite gifts from years ago.
  • Car Massage Shirt – How perfect is this shirt for giving Dad a free back massage AND entertaining kids?
  • Coupon Book – This gift would be perfect for him to use all day!
  • Neck Massager Pillow – The perfect gift for a man who is supposed to be spending all day on his royal throne.

Check out our Father’s Day Gift Ideas if you still need more ideas for Father’s Day. And you can’t go wrong with our Father’s Day Printable Pack for a whole lot of ideas for things to do on Father’s Day!

Grab your family and go make the man of the house feel like a king (if only for a day)! Don’t forget your free printables below.

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Dad is King for a Day

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