Kiss Me; I’m Irish: 3 Sexy Kissing Games for Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

“Kiss me; I’m irish” intimate kissing games

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. St. Patrick’s day typically isn’t considered one of the more sexy or romantic holidays! But, with a bit of Irish luck, I’m sure we can change your mind! We have created three fun and flirty “Kiss me; I’m Irish” kissing games for you and your spouse to play together. Don’t worry; they are guaranteed to shamrock your world!

So, grab your hunky leprechaun and pucker up! After all, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!

Enjoy these free printable "Kiss Me" kissing games for couples | The Dating Divas
Kiss me; I’m Irish printable kissing games.
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What’s included in this Kiss me date

These “Kiss Me; I’m Irish” kissing games will have you and your spouse feeling extra lucky this St. Patrick’s Day! Take a look at your included printables below, and keep reading for a closer look at how to use them. Before you kiss me goodbye, don’t forget to click the big PINK download button at the end to grab your FREE printables!

Kiss me; I'm Irish printable kissing games for spouses | The Dating Divas
Free printable “kiss me” games for St. Patrick’s Day.


Of course, we HAD to include a cute and flirty “Kiss Me!” invitation for you to slip to your sweetie. Simply fill out the time and place and leave it somewhere for your spouse to find. You could even pass it off to your sweetie and tell them, “Kiss me goodbye” as they leave for work that day! I guarantee they will be step-dancing their way to the bedroom later to see what shenanigans you have in store for them!

Invite your spouse to play a "Kiss me; I'm Irish" kissing game this St. Patrick's Day | The Dating Divas
Kiss me; I’m Irish free printable invitation.

Game #1: Lucky Word

Will you get lucky this St. Patrick’s Day? Find out with this fun and flirty Lucky Word kissing game! Here’s how it works: Each of you will pick out a lucky word without telling the other person what it is. Then, you will go about your day as usual. Then, every time your spouse uses your lucky word, you kiss them! The first person to guess the other’s lucky word, WINS!

Enjoy this kiss me; I'm Irish lucky word kissing game for couples | The Dating Divas
Kiss me; I’m Irish lucky word kissing game.

Game #2: Find the pot of gold

In the mood for a treasure hunt? Seek out the pot of gold this St. Patty’s Day… on your spouse! One of you will apply five “X’s” anywhere on your body using chocolate sauce (caramel sauce could be great, too) while the other steps out of the room. When they return, let the hunt begin!

The only rules are: “X” marks the spot 😉. Once an “X” has been found, it must be kissed off their body! Your spouse will be convinced they found a four-leaf clover with how lucky they will be feeling after this one!

Play this sexy kiss me; I'm Irish game for couples by finding the pot of gold on your spouse | The Dating Divas
Find the pot of gold during this kiss me; I’m Irish kissing game

Game #3: taste the rainbow

Are you ready to taste (and kiss 😉) the rainbow?! This fun spin on our Guess the Flavor kissing game will have you both puckering your lips and saying, “Kiss me again!” Here’s how it will go down:

One spouse will be blindfolded while the other pops a skittle into their mouth. The blindfolded spouse will start the first round by using their sense of smell to make the first flavor guess. They may even have to sneak in super close to the other’s lips without touching them! Then, they will glance at the flavors on the game card and write down a “1” in the row they think is the winner.

Next, the blindfolded spouse will then give a peck, smooch, and full-blown make-out in order to make their flavor guesses between each round. Continue until you have made it through all the flavors of skittles, numbering them 2-5 on the game card. Don’t forget to swap the blindfold to the other person for their own Taste the Rainbow experience! Unless you’ve moved onto other things (wink, wink).

Have your spouse saying, "Kiss me again" during this Taste the Rainbow kissing game for couples | The Dating Divas
Kiss me again during this Taste the Rainbow kissing game

These spicy St. Patty’s Day games will surely have your spouse saying, “Kiss me again!” It’ll also give you both a unique way to connect and have some fun together this St. Patrick’s Day.

If you’re looking for a cute gift idea to go with these fun and flirtatious “Kiss Me” games, this Shamrock Gift Basket would be the perfect addition! You could even slip the printable kissing games into the basket!

And, if you wanted some festive treats to help you refuel after your evening of kissing, check out this post on St. Patrick’s Day Treat Ideas!

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