Kiss me! New Year’s Eve Idea

Kiss Me Kit: New Year’s Eve Idea

Today we are sharing the most adorable New Year’s Eve idea that is guaranteed to help you get the perfect “midnight kiss” from your sweetie! It’s quick, easy, AND romantic! PLUS, it comes with darling, totally free printables! Doesn’t get much better than that!

New Year's Eve Kiss Me Kit Idea

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You can throw together this cute New Year’s Eve idea in a jiffy! Simply grab a gift bag and fill ‘er up!  Here are some suggestions of what you might include in your bag…

  • Gum: What is a “midnight kiss” without fresh breath?!
  • Pop Rocks: Add a little “spark” to your New Year’s Eve make-out sesh!
  • Candles: You know… to set the mood (WINK)!
  • Sparkling Cider: Pour some delicious cider and say “Cheers to a Sparkling New Year!”
  • Lip Balm: Trust us…you will be glad you added this later!
  • New Year’s Eve Framed Print: Put our darling New Year’s Eve printable (found below) in a frame and take a picture while holding it with your spouse!
  • Wint-O-Green Lifesavers: Did you know these actually spark in the dark when you bite them? They totally do! Try it out with your sweetie the New Year’s Eve!
  • Kissing Playlist: Make your own or check out our darling printable below!
  • Kissing Truth-Or-Dare: You will love playing this New Year’s Eve game while you wait for the clock to strike midnight!

New Years Eve Celebration Idea

Once you have decided what you want to include in your Kiss Me Kit, print off our cute New Year’s Eve printables, and cut.

(We love using this paper cutter for a quick and easy way to get our printables ready)

Kiss Me! Idea for New Year's Eve

Start by attaching our adorable New Year’s Eve Kiss Me Kit printable to the front of a gift bag!

Kiss Me Idea For New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve Snack Idea

We made sure to include a bunch of festive tags to help you decorate the items in your bag!

Midnight Mints for New Year's Eve

Attach this cute printable to a box of breath mints to create some delicious “midnight mints!” These are the perfect snack for when the clock hits 12 (WINK)!

Sparkling Cider for a Romantic New Year's Eve

Nothing says romance like Martinellis! We are totally in love with this cute printable tag designed for a delicious bottle of sparkling cider!


Cheers to the New Year Straw Flags

Sip your sparkling cider with some cute paper straws! We have even included some free printable straw toppers to add a little flare to your drinks!

New Year's Eve Kiss Me Kit Sweet Treat

Don’t forget to include something sweet in your New Year’s Eve Kiss Me Kit!

Kissing Playlist for New Years Eve

What would be a New Year’s Eve Kissing Kit without some great music to set the mood!?! You can either come up with your own songs or check out our printable playlist! We put our heads together to come up with the ULTIMATE music selection, specifically for New Year’s Eve!

New Years Eve Kiss Me Kit Chapstick

Trust us when we say you are going to want to include some lip balm in your New Year’s Eve Kiss Me Kit! Be sure to attach a cute printable tag!

New Year's Eve Idea Truth Or Dare Game

Because we are The Dating Divas and LOVE to make things fun, we also came up with a SUPER cute Truth-Or-Dare Kissing Game! This game is the perfect New Year’s idea if you are looking for a little romance as you ring in the New Year with your sweetheart!

New Year's Eve Idea: Kissing Truth or Dare

Simply adhere our cute Truth-Or-Dare printables to the bottom of some Hershey Kisses.

Truth or Dare Game for New Year's Eve

Take turns drawing kisses from a jar! Have fun together answering questions and performing dares as you await midnight!

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    1. Abigayle, we definitely have this post on our re-vamp list and I am going to add that idea in there! 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by and your great recommendation! XO

    1. Hi Jill! So glad you love this! You can see the truth or dare questions in the pdf! They are on the page titled “truth or dare kisses” and you cut out each circle and glue them to the bottom of hershey kisses. Have fun!!

  1. The Kissing playlist has Adele’s Make You Feel My Love and Norah Jones’ Come Away With Me on it twice, so it really only contains 15 songs, not 17. 🙁

  2. I love, love, love everything about this but for some reason the link won’t work for me. Your other links always work for me but this pdf doesn’t seem to. I’d love to use these for New Years.