Knock it Outta the Park! Baseball Date

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We are SO excited to be partnering up with Once a Month Mom today!  I’m sure you’ve all heard of Once a Month Mom, right?  If not, you are SO missing out!

Once A Month Mom helps families fill their freezers by creating monthly menus using seasonal recipes giving them more time together at the dinner table and less time in the drive-thru. No matter your dietary needs they have a menu for you: Traditional, Diet, Whole Foods, Paleo, Gluten Free Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Baby/Toddler and Mini menus are available.  You seriously need to hop on over and check their site out!

And today, we’ve teamed up with Once a Month Mom to bring you a special treat…

Dinner and a Movie!! 

Because who doesn’t love a fun date with a good movie and some delicious food?   That’s right, we’re going to hook you up with lots of fabulous ideas for your next movie date night, and Once a Month Mom is taking care of all the yummy food details for you.  Read on, because you’ve got one spectacular (already planned) date night coming your way…


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In honor of Spring Training, we decided to go with a Baseball theme!  Trust us on this- you’ll have a BALL, and it’s sure to be a HIT with the husband!

The Movie

And the good news is, there are SO many movies to choose from.  We went with Trouble with the Curve starring Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, and Justin Timberlake.  But some other baseball movies you could pick are:  Fever Pitch, Moneyball, A League of Their Own, For Love of the Game, The Rookie, Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, or The Natural.  You could even ditch the movie, flip on the TV, and watch a baseball game instead!

The Invite

To invite your MVP to your baseball date night, our fabulously talented Leah has hooked you up with the perfect printable!  Just print out the fun baseball ticket, fill in the “game day” date and “first pitch” time, then leave it for your honey to find.  To add to the presentation, you can print out this free paper box tray from Bakerella and fill it with peanuts {or cracker jacks} before adding your baseball ticket invite.


Then just grab your movie and add the fun baseball tag to let him know you wanna… Knock It Outta the Park!!!


With an invite like that, you KNOW he’ll be counting down until game day.

{Scroll to the bottom of the post to grab your free Baseball Date Night printables!}

The Date

When date night rolls around, there are several options…

Limited Time AND No Sitter?

Just put your little sluggers to bed, pop in your movie, snuggle up, and enjoy your baseball treats (courtesy of Once a Month Mom)!

Got Some Extra Time BUT No Sitter?


Game time!  Head to the backyard and practice different baseball pitch grips!  Or give these printable baseball trivia cards (from Julie’s World Series date) a shot!   Then settle in and snuggle up for your movie and snacks.

Got Extra Time AND A Sitter? 

Batter’s Up!  Head over to your local batting cages for a swingin’ time!  Then head back home for your movie and snacks.

The “After Game” Party

Your date could end right there, and I’m sure you’d have one happy hubby.  BUT if you really want to score a home run, we have a couple of sassy suggestions for an “after game party” that’s sure to be Grand Slam!   Can you imagine your hubby’s surprise when you walk out wearing this…


Yep- a DIY baseball bra and GlamSlam Shorts!  Ha ha!  It would totally make his night!  And all you need is a red paint marker to “spruce up” a pair of white shorts and a bra.  SO easy!  But you KNOW he won’t be forgetting that any time soon.

And how about some baseball chocolate covered strawberries to add to the romance?


Just dip the strawberries in white chocolate, then pipe on red candy melts.  Or if you’re fresh outta candy melts, {like I was} then just dip the tip of a knife into red food coloring and make small cuts into the chocolate coating.  Easy peasy.   Start feeding him these babies and he’ll be heading to first base before you know it.  {*wink*wink*}

And there you have it, your man’s dream date.  Some sports and some lovin’- what more could a guy want!?  Oh yea- some FOOD!

The Food

To get the “Dinner” portion of this Dinner and a Movie, head on over to Once a Month Mom right now!  You’re gonna love it!  They are hooking you up with a whole mini menu of baseball inspired foods for FREE


Doesn’t that look divine?!  Run over and snag your recipes, and be sure to leave them some Diva love!

Oh, and if your man loves sports, you might also try our Football, Soccer, and Basketball themed dates.   They’re sure to SCORE!



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Knock it Outta the Park! Baseball Date

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